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Its the first day of the teaser and theories already coming out of the woodwork! lol

I do want to highlight on the new logo style they've chosen. A lot of things they have said in the past and activity's as in their fifth anniversary!

The flower blooms when its 4/5 yrs old and exo just celebrated their 5th anniversary, does that mean they are blossoming???? Oh please pretty boys blossom!

As for the tattoo baekhyun is sporting the symbolism is for betrayal, so if he's viewed as a spy, so does this mean its gonna come out in the next MV??? any relation???

Okay I'm done speculating. Does anyone else have interesting theories or speculate anything???

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please tag me!
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the amount of the leaf on each logos of leave....something fishy in there.....
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i live in Hawaii where we have that plant and blooms all year long.
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Both EXO and BTS is giving me a headache with all these theories they're throwing towards fans left and right. LIKE GIVE ME A BREAK!!! MY BRAIN CAN'T TAKE IT!!! TT
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