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Who: Chase Malone x Reader
What: Angst (I'm sure Smut eventually)
Story: One happy night turns his life upside down. Business man Chase Malone must do everything he can to deal with loss, keep his business and bring back the woman he loves.

Chase's POV

Chase sat up straight in shock. He didn't understand, after six months in hell? After everything that had happened- she didn't know him? He looked at her clearly hurt while she looked at him more confused. The door to her room opened up and her Doctor stepped in.

"Mr.Malone, good you're here. I wanted to talk to you." he said motioning for him to come out of the room. Chase followed looking back at his still frail wife.

"What's going on, why can't she remember me?" he said.

"She has amnesia. From what we gathered anything that happened between January seventh of 2012 up until now, she has no memory of." the doctor said.

Chase and Y/n met in February that year. That's why she didn't remember him. They had been together for five years. They dated for two and a half and their engagement was a year long because of personal issues with her family. They were in their first year of marriage when she got pregnant. All of it, everything they had been through, the fights, the dates, the proposal all of it was just out of her head. She couldn't remember him because to her they had never met. That just added more fuel in the burning furnace. He wasn't angry at her just angry at the situation. When he thought the light was starting to shine, it was really just so he could see the new obstacles in his way.

"Well how long does this last?"

"We can't say. In some cases, it's temporary in other cases it's permanent. When you take her home, try and surround her with people that she's met before. Show her your house and places you went to eat anything that will rejog her memory. Don't ask her too many questions though, the more she has to think about it the harder it'll be for her. It's possible she will remember you Chase." the doctor said placing a hand on his shoulder to give him some reassurance.

Chase nodded.

"When can I take her home?"

"Well all of her injuries have healed. She's responsive, I'd say she can go home tomorrow. We just want to keep her over night for observation just incase anything else should happen."

Chase nodded and the doctor led him back into Y/n's room. The doctor stopped at the foot of Y/n's bed and said,

"Y/n, I'm going to ask you a few questions okay?"

She nodded.

"Do you know this man?" he asked

She looked over to Chase and Chase looked at her with begging eyes. In his head, he was praying that she would remember him. He needed her to remember him but after staring for a while she shook her head and said,


"This man is your husband Y/n." the doctor said.

"My husband? No, no I can't be married." she said.

Chase sat down beside her bed and took her hand gently in his. He raised it so she'd see the ring.

"You told me that three months into dating. We got engaged in early 2015. You almost broke it off but I convinced you to stay." He said.

She gave him a little smile and said,


"Well first," Chase lifted his hand and brushed some hair behind her ear so he could see her face more clearly.

"I kissed you and I took you back to our little apartment. I pulled out something I had been holding onto for our wedding day but I knew you needed to see it."

"What was it?" she asked.

He looked at her a little heart broken. He gave her a soft smile and kissed the back of her knuckles,

"You don't remember?" he asked sadly.

She shook her head. It was as if none of it was ringing a bell.

"It was your mother's necklace. The dove that her mother gave her when she got married." he answered.

She smiled,

"She let you have that?"

"She knew I loved you and you loved me."

"Is any of this ringing a bell Y/n?" the Doctor asked.

She sighed,

"I'm sorry but no."

"Do you at the very least remember what happened to you?" the doctor asked.

She looked at him trying to remember something. He was digging for something, to see if she remembered anything but her mind was just wiped of five years of her life. She looked distressed and shook her head. The sweet little smile disappeared into her sad frustration at not knowing what put her in the hospital for six months. Then something came over him and he realized that five years of her life was wiped from her head, not just of their dates, their engagement, their marriage... He wasn't the only thing that had been swept from her mind.

Sammy was gone too.

There was a moment where his heart leapt and he stood up suddenly. She looked up at him and he grabbed the doctor again. He closed the door behind them after pulling him out of the room,

"Does she know about Sammy? Does she know she has a son?" he asked almost panicked.

The doctor shook his head,

"That's something we were hesitant on sharing. We're not entirely sure how she'll take the news. We're kind of nervous of how she'll take it. The loss of a child can be too traumatic for her right now. We don't want to trigger something in her mind that could be harmful."

Chase nodded,

"Good I don't want her knowing about him. It nearly destroyed me when I found out and I have all my memories. I don't know how she'll take it. I don't want to find out." he said.

The doctor agreed. Chase decided to stay for another hour before he was called back into his office. He wanted to stay but she wasn't remembering, that was probably as damaging to him as it was her. She was asking him questions, like how he proposed and how long they dated before they were engaged. He only shared so much with her. She asked about kids mainly because along side of being opposed to marriage she originally didn't want children either. She was young though. She had decided a lot of things in her life based off of one heart break that ended in disaster. What started between them was just supposed to be a fling. Valentine's Day was just coming up and they were kind of pushed together because of Jay. He knew her a little because she was friends with a girl he was seeing at the time and they wanted to double on Valentine's day. The thing was, they actually liked each other. She played hard to get for a while but he was crazy about her so he didn't give up.

The part of him that knew the Y/n he fell in love with knew that she would break down if she found out about Sammy. He knew she'd feel twice as bad as he felt when he found out. He just couldn't let her know. He only kissed her forehead before leaving. He wanted to really kiss her, he hoped that would spark a memory but he could tell it wasn't the time. Feeling her lips against his again might make him hurt her by accident, he knew the pressure of his lips coming down on hers would drive him crazy and she didn't remember how he kissed. How his lips over took hers like he was eating her up and drinking her essence.

She would be coming home tomorrow, she'd be back with him again. He was so happy she woke up. He was so broken that she wasn't all there. She was back to the girl she was before they met. They were married but she wasn't his wife. They weren't parents anymore. He felt lost and now he had to be responsible enough to get them both on the right path. He wanted to save them both but he had no idea how. More than anything he just wanted her home.


You knew that Chase was hiding something from you just by the way he took the doctor out of the room. There were moments when he was talking to you about his proposal and the way he convinced you to move in with him when you two were dating that his eyes sparkled but other questions produced sadness in his eyes when you asked him. You honestly didn't remember him. You remembered being upset about your last break up. Chase was a handsome guy, you could see what would make you attracted to him but you weren't exactly sure what you were supposed to feel for him.

You felt bad because you knew he wanted you to remember, he wanted you to remember him but he was asking you to be in love with a perfect stranger. You weren't sure you could do that. You weren't even sure you really wanted to go home with him. He told you he'd pick you up tomorrow so that he could take you home but you remembered your little apartment you shared with Gloria. It was closer to the west end of Seattle, you were all the way across town. There was a phone in the hospital room and you grabbed it. You remembered Gloria's phone number, unfortunately you voice was a bit weak from not having talked in six months.

"Hello?" Her usual voice greeted your ears.

You smiled feeling happy that at the very least the number you remembered was still hers.

"Hey Glo. It's me. Y/n." You said in a weak voice.

"Oh my god." She said in disbelief.

"You're awake! You're awake baby cakes! I'm so happy, oh my goodness. Wait a minute does Chase know?" She asked.

You were kind of thrown back. Sure, you both had matching wedding bands and he had a picture of you in his wallet he showed you when he was there but it was kind of weird to you that Gloria was confirming this relationship as well. It was just so foreign to you, you weren't even sure what was going on. You sighed into the phone,

"Um. Yeah Glo but there's a little problem." You said.

"What's that hun?" she asked.

"Glo I don't know who he is?"

She laughed almost like it was a joke that wasn't really funny but she was laughing to be polite. Then her voice came back over the phone and she finally realized that you weren't joking around.

"Wait you're telling me you don't remember the love of your life?" she said in disbelief.

You chuckled,

"No I remember the jackass I thought was the love of my life."

"Okay but La La, you and Cody have been broken up for like six years. Five years ago around Valentine's day I forced you to go on a double date with me. I was dating that guy Jay Park. You remember him right?"

"No sorry." You said.

"This is fucking ridiculous. Y/n you met Chase because of us. He chased you around like a sprung puppy dog. That man did everything he could to get your attention Chase is crazy about you. How can this happen? Did you see him?" She asked.

"Yeah but- I just didn't- feel anything." You said.

"Good lord woman you're going to destroy that man if you tell him that. So you don't remember him or Jay or Sammy?" she asked.

"I haven't met Sammy or Jay yet so I'm gonna say no."

There was a slight hitch in her voice and suddenly her voice got a little more sad.

"Y/n he loves you and you were so in love with him."

"That's nice Glo but I just-"

"No listen to me baby cakes. That man fixed everything that Cody ever did wrong. He is ten thousand times better than Cody and he would drown trying to save your life compared to Cody who would just let you go. I need you to listen to me La La. He's going to do everything he can to make you love him again. You need to try. I can't believe out of all the people you forgot the one man that ruined you is all you remember. Why do you remember me?" she asked.

"I can't remember anything that happened from five years ago up to now." you said.

"Five years? Goddamn well that makes since why you don't remember the others. It make sense why you're still angry about Cody."

"No I'm not still angry about him. I just don't feel anything right now. I think I'm just kind of soaking everything in. The doctor said I need to be around places I usually go and see people I've known for a while. He hopes it'll rejog my memory."

"Honestly honey right now all I'm interested in is you remembering Chase. I'll come visit you tomorrow okay hun?" she said.

"You know where I live?" you asked.

"Yeah baby. I'll call Chase and let him know." she said.

She said her goodbyes and then hung up the phone...

Chase came and picked you up from the hospital just as he said he would. He lifted you up like you were a feather and carried you to the car. The doctors made you schedule a check up in two weeks to see if you were okay. If something went wrong or you were in any pain you were supposed to come back. Chase turned on the radio and played it lowly. You smiled at the song that came on.

"I love this station." you said.

He gave a small smile,

"Yeah I know. When we were dating , everytime you got into the car you automatically turned to this station. We had a little argument about it, you ended up winning."

You looked up at him.

"Sorry." you said.

"About what?"

"For not remembering you."

"That's not our fault. If anyone should be apologizing it should be the drunken asshole that did this to you." Chase said.

His hands gripped the steering wheel tighter, now showing he was angry. His jaw tightened for a moment and then he seemed to realize that he was getting too angry. He kind of looked at you for a second and then looked back at the road. He sighed and turned up the radio just a little more. You felt bad for him and you felt even worse for not remembering him. You turned your head to look out the window as a familiar country song came on.

Baby you a song you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise. Down a back road blowin’ stop signs through the middle every little farm town with you.

You started singing along with the song and you started getting into it a little. You turned up the radio a little more chuckling as you danced in the passenger seat. You chuckled,

"No matter how old this song is it always comes on this station."

He chuckled and you noticed the way his ear perked up when he did. You laughed seeing that.

"You know your ears perk up when you smile." you said

"You told me that on our first date." He chuckled.

You smiled and sat back for a moment.

"So is this your car or our car?" you asked.

"You had this rule if we chose it together than it was our car if it was bought on our own it belonged to the one who bought it. In your terms, it's my car." He smiled.

You nodded,

"Makes sense. Sounds like me."

"You drive it all the time though. We had three cars the other one got totaled. I mostly use this for business though."

You opened the glove compartment to see what was in it just out of curiousty when you saw a pink bullet vibrator and the remote. You smirked and looked over to Chase.

"Business huh?"

He laughed.

"One time we had to go to this business dinner all the way across town. It took like three hours to get there because of traffic. Well earlier that day you told me that you bought something for us to have fun with and I had no idea you had snuck it into the car in your purse. We were probably on the road for a good fourty five minutes before you got board and asked me if I would do you a favor. I thought you were going to ask me to pull over but instead, while we're sitting at a red light mind you, you start to lift up your dress and take off your panties in the seat. You're just giggling at my reaction because I'm thinking what the hell is this woman doing,"

You laughed at that. He was getting a little more animated in his story and he seemed more relaxed than he was moments ago. He was smiling but still looking at the road as he drove, he was even being careful to look at both sides of the road as he passed an intersection.

"I was thinking, okay cool you want me to finger you that'll be fun but you thought it would be so cute to hang your black lace panties on my mirror. I started wondering if you drank before getting in the car. Then you went in your purse and you pulled out that and you handed me the remote. We're still in stand still traffic so I turn to look at you and you're playing with yourself with one hand while pushing the vibrator between your lips to get it wet. Except, you like to fucking tease the hell out of me so you lean over and kiss me so that we can both make it wet. Once you got what you wanted you push it inside of you and you make me start the vibrator. You just start moaning and grabbing your breast through your dress and I'm just enjoying the show. Traffic starts and I just start trying to fuck with you by going at super speed then quickly turning it to low and I can tell you're getting frustrated with me. It was funny for a second until you decided to reach over and pull my junk out of my dress pants. So we're in this dead lock, both of us are trying not to cum but we're both completely fucked out and I just can't help but think, if I'm not inside her soon I'll explode. So I pull over at a gast station and it through you off at first. You thought I was upset at you because I kind of stuffed myself back into my pants and I stormed out of the car. I got on your side of the car and I pulled you out and led you to the bathroom. You tried protesting because you had a nice dress on and didn't want to get it dirty in the gas station bathroom but I was horny and I wanted you. We ended up fucking in the bathroom, I made you scream so loud the manager came banging on the bathroom door telling us that we couldn't do that but I didn't stop until we both came."

You felt your heart racing at his story and you were getting a little wet from it. It was honestly something that you would've done so you believed him. You smiled and put the toy back into the glove compartment.

"You should've payed him off." you said.

"I did. Three hundred bucks in cash and I told him he could ring it up however he liked or keep it for himself. I didn't care."

"What happened to my panties?" You chuckled.

"I took them off my mirror when we arrived at the venue."

"Wait you let them stay up there the whole time?" You laughed.

"Yup. Guess where I put them?"

He looked at you with a smirk a and you narrowed your eyes on him.

"Your pocket?"

"Yes I did. You just shrugged and said-"

"Who needs panties anyway." you finished his sentence.

He looked to you a little shocked.

"Don't get excited, I don't remember it I just know myself. It's something I would say especially if I get what I want I like to act like nothing really bothers me." you said.

"Yeah, I know. It took me months to get you to just settle down with me. I wanted you to be my girlfriend so bad. The most you'd do was meet up with me to have sex. The guy before me- he messed you up pretty good."

You looked at him and then out the window. Yeah that you remembered, Cody had destoryed your heart and made you believe that any man that said they were good were liars. You were wondering what it was that made you believe Chase? There was a little warmth in your body, not in the sexual sense but like a sense of comfort. You wanted to like Chase the way he obviously was in love with you. You twirled your wedding band around on your finger.

"Gloria said that you fixed everything that he did to me. How?" You asked softly.

"I loved you. I was a gentlemen and it took time to prove it to you but I think in your heart even you knew the difference between me and that asshole. I think that was the reason you said yes to me when I proposed. You were still young back then but I think you could tell after such a devastaing heart break what fake love was and what real love was. I did everything in my power to show you that I really loved you." he said.

"What if I can't tell the difference this time? What if my memory doesn't come back? I'll just be sharing a house with a stranger." you said.

"You fell in love with me once I can make you fall in love with me again. I can't lose you Y/n. It breaks my heart you don't remember what we had. I have so many great memories with you, I wish you could remember them. I love you so much and when we got married I said for better or for worse I was always going to be with you. I was always going to fight for you. I would never let you forget how much I loved you."

"How much do you love me?"

"To infinity and beyond." he replied with a smile.

You laughed behind your hands adoring that he used buzz lightyear's catch phrase. Toy story is one of your favorite Pixar movies. Chase got you two home and led you to your bedroom. He thought it would be better to give you space when you went to bed later on that night so he let you take the master bedroom while he took your guest bedroom. He kissed your forehead and told you, you could come get him if you needed anything. The big bedroom felt lonely but the things that surrounded you were definetly that of a married couples bedroom. On the night stand was a picture of you and him, you were in your wedding dress and he was in his suit. He looked handsome and he was smiling as big as you were. You two looked...


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