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Hello fellow Vinglers! Here is my next oneshot suggested by @AridaysRamirez She suggested Jeonghan of Seventeen! Enjoy!
Warning! Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
You were at the park, strolling through the trees and gardens when you find a bench and rest your feet. You sit there a while as you wait for Jeonghan to meet you for your date. Jeonghan enters the park as he walks around the park to find you. He goes through the trees and gardens and sees you sitting on the bench. He walks over to you as he places his arm on your shoulders and kisses your cheek. "Ready girl?" He asks. "Yeah! Let's go!" You reply. You both walk hand in hand out of the park to the closest cafe as you both order drinks and sit at a table by the window. You stare at him in awe as you admire the angel that sits in front of you. You sip on your drink as he drinks his drink and he notices you staring at him as he blushes and breaks down in front of you. "What?!" He says. "Oh nothing. Just admiring you." You reply. He smiles dimly as you keep staring at him and finish your drink. "Let's finish our drinks somewhere else. Shall we?" He said standing up as he grabbed his drink and your hand. "We shall." You reply. You both finish your drinks as you both went to an entertainment place with an arcade and a karaoke bar. It was a long walk across the street but eventually you both made it and managed to finish your drinks as well when you both found a trash can and threw out your drinks. You both walked in the place as he found some of his favorite games. "I'll teach you how to play this if you let me." He said. "I'll let you." You replied. He stood behind you as he walked you through the game step by step until eventually you were familiar with it. You were enjoying game so much you were even confident to beat him at it. "Wow (r/n), you really like that game don't you?" Jeonghan asked you. "I do! Really!!" You replied. "I might even beat you at it!" You said. "You're on!" Jeonghan retorted. "Winner gets to make a wish and the loser has to make it come true." You said. "Deal!" He replied. He set up the game for two players. "Best 2 out of 3!" He said. "Okay." You said. You both were playing the game real hard, determined to win. You won the first round as he reset the game. You both were ferocious again when you failed to make a move which gave him a chance to bust your butt as he won the second round and reset to the final round. You were determined to beat him as you played until your head was spinning, as you stumbled towards a bench next to the candy shop as you lie down with your hand on your head. Jeonghan made his final moves and won the game. "Woo! I won! Now you have to grant my wish!" Jeonghan said as he was happy that he won, but when he turned his head towards the bench, he saw you lying on the bench as he ran over and caressed your hair. "(R/n), are you okay?! What happened?!" Jeonghan asked you worried to death. "I'm fine, it's just my head is spinning and I have a really bad headache." You said. "We're going home okay?!" Jeonghan said. You nodded in response as he picked you up and carried you home. Once you both got back to his dorm, he laid you down on his bed. "You still have to grant my wish." Jeonghan said in a voice so deep it made you purr. "What is your wish?" You ask him as if you wanted him real badly! "My wish is to make love to you." He said as he kissed your neck. "Wish granted." You said as you were enjoying him kissing you as he undid your front button flannel exposing you in a camisol with a built in bra. He removed your flannel and threw it on the floor as he slid off your camisol as he trailed his kisses between your boobs and squeezed them and rubbed your nips smooth. He continued down your chest to your belly button as he sucked it up which caused a sharp inhale of your body. He kissed below your belly button as he undid your short denim shorts. He pulled them down slowly as he gripped the hem of your panties and threw them to the side. He then began to eat you out as you roll your head back in ecstasy. You stroke his long hair as you hold his head in the palms of your hands and moan softly for him. He gripped your thighs as he licked your labia both inside and out, sucking up all of your juices until you were completely dry as he massaged your nest with his tongue by pressing down hard inside you. His tongue found your hole as he poked it up inside and licked your juices as you leaked yourself out for him as you were so wet for him as he sucked up all your juices and pressed his tongue against your insides licking all over massaging you everywhere as your walls closed in on him as they squeezed his tongue which made him pull out his tongue and breathe. He then crawled on the bed towards you as you moved back in the bed until you at the wall. He kissed you eagerly with force as you kissed back, sucking his teeth as he was sucking your lips. You slid your hands under his shirt rubbing his back until he threw it off of him and it fell to the floor beside the bed. He kissed your neck, ear, shoulders, face and lips. You pushed his pants off with your feet until his butt was exposed. He undid his pants and pushed them off his legs and kicked them off the bed with his briefs. He moved his hips to match your rhythm of moving as you buck your hips into his as he rubbed his rock hard rod in between your inner labia until you reached a high but once you came down you flipped him over and rubbed your nest on his crotch. Lips locked and never separated, you both were wanting each other real badly as he had a straight face as you kissed his neck. As you were rubbing yourself on him, he was really liking you doing this routine as he groped your butt which made you freeze in position as your hands were on his arms and you rested your head on his shoulder until he threw you back on the bed and slammed his rock hard rod into your hole as your jaw dropped at how far he was inside of you. You groped his butt cheeks as he hit your sweet spot repetitively as you were in so much pain yet it felt like pleasure as he was inside you completely. He kissed your neck as he thrusts and rocks his pelvic bone on yours as he continued to ride you to the limit. He was slow and steady at first but then he sped up gradually until he was shaking like a blender which made you hook your legs on his back and push him down on you and pull him closer to you until his energy came crashing down. Then you took over where he left off and you pounced in him, bounced your pelvis on his crotch and banged him like a drum as you rocked your nest on him, matching his trusts, imitating his actions on you as you sped up gradually like him, quickly picking up your speed and rubbing yourself on top of him like a shaking machine. Your head began to spin again as your headache came back as you fell on his left side and rested your head on the pillow as he pulled out his erection from your hole and pulled you close to him, kissing your head until you fell asleep in his arms. The next day you were both asleep in his bed, nude like birds, under the bedsheets, when suddenly, the door bell rings and he rises slowly, slipping on a robe, and he walks toward the front door to answer it. "Thanks hyung!" His roommate Jihun said as he and his friends rushed in his dorm to play video games. He went back to his bed only to find that you were not in the bed. You gathered your clothes, went to the bathroom, as you showered off the germs on his bed. However you forgot to lock the door so Jeonghan took off his robe and found you in his bathroom taking a shower as he came up from behind you and kissed you. "Good morning (r/n)." He said in your ear. You turn around, place your arms on his shoulders and stare at him. "Good morning Jeonghan." You replied. You stand on the balls of your feet as you kiss him and he kisses you back, gropes your butt and you jump on him as you hook your thighs on his hips and his kiss grows deep. You stand on your feet again as he turns you around and enters you from behind. You moan from the pain as he humps you up and down, groping your boobs, squeezing them smooth and giving you sexual pleasure as you try to keep yourself from falling as your hands were on the wall as the floor was slippery. He kissed your neck and rubbed your buns with his fingers as you throw your head back as he pecked your lips, nose, and forehead and then returned to kissing your neck. One hand was rubbing your buns and the other was holding you by the chest. "Argh! I'm gonna cum! You better be ready boy!" You let out of you. "Me too, let's cum together." He said seducing you real good. He made his thrusts into you until you both came and felt the orgasms of each other as well as yourselves. Once you both came down from the high, he quickly pulled out of you in a snap as you both could hear the pop of his hard erected rock as you fell forward and he fell back. You both chuckled at that sudden sexual moment as you both got up, washed each other, got out of the shower, and crawled back in bed as you sucked on his rock hard rod. You licked all over and kinked it as it made him curve his back as you linked him in all directions possible and you squeezed his hard rod and you poked your tongue up between his black cherries as you lick his insides as well as the cherries as you sucked them as well until they slowed down and grew numb. You rested your head back down on the pillow as you dried yourself with the towels. Jeonghan helped out as he dried himself as well. You both fell asleep once again as his roommate was playing video games with his friends. To be continued...
I hope you all enjoyed! If you want more oneshots, please comment an idol and
I will write one for you. Also, if you want another part for this, let me know!