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So here it is, finally. I know I said I would post as soon as I got chapter 10 done but I got carried away and just kept writing to the end.

I am going to try to pace myself with this story. I ran through my last one too fast. I may go two chapters a week... what's today, Sunday. Okay so, Sunday and Wednesday will be post days.

Let's get started... (I'm nervous)
He had seen her around but never spoke to her. He would see her hanging around noona sometimes and later learned they were close friends. He was never one to make the first move but he wanted to speak to her even for a moment, just to get the ball rolling.

He was Kim MinSeok, Xiumin, the eldest of nine, Kpop Gods!… why was this so difficult.

He often thought about it, imagined how it would go. They would be thrown together out of the blue, like in an elevator or just in the same room, he would say something funny to ease the mood. She would laugh or maybe not and if she didn't then he would try something else. Light conversation about the weather or work.

He would shake his head, thinking that it would never happen. But it did and even though it was a bad time, he was given the opportunity to speak to her, work with her. In the end, she looked at him often. He would smile when he caught her staring and she would look away blushing. He passed her in the hall once and he bowed to her, she giggled, covering her smile, and bowed in turn. She was too cute.


Jae slipped into the booth next to him, sinking down so that no one could see her sitting next to him and nudged him playfully. He looked over and gave her a grin.

“Your younger brother and I were thinking of going out tonight, just to go out have some fun. It's been awhile since we went out.” She said quietly, “Actually I don't think we ever had a proper date but we was wondering if you'd like to go.”

“Then I don't think it'll be right for me to intrude.” He said just as quietly. His pretty little kitty eyes blinking at her.

“It's okay, It'll be fun… and ummm…” she looked around, “never mind… You need to come along.”

He laughed, “You mean like a chaperone?”

She gave him a strange look and then realized what she had said. She laughed a little, “I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it sound like that.”

He thought about it, “I don't know… I don't want to be a third wheel.”

“You won't be. I promise.” She smiled. When she smiled, it kinda scared him. She had smiled on the rooftop that night. She had turned into a different person in that moment and it had scared him. “Yes? Say yes, pleeeease…” she tried to butter him up with a sad look, pressing her hands together under her chin, her head tilted to one side. She'd learned Sehun’s pouty face routine.

He smirked a bit and then nodded. She patted his shoulder and quickly left. He drank the rest of his iced americano, wondering what they were going to do, what should he wear.

I've changed my mind, people, I'm going to post every two days. Thank you 🤗
I could kiss you right now!!
ok so loving the start, but if you are giving us only two chapters a week, they need to be longer young lady!! lmaoooo I'm mostly kidding. 90% i love me some Xiudaddy!!! Go Nari!
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:: insert Lisa Simpson dancing gif::
I wonder how Alex feels about this. Having to share Xiumin 😂😂
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Oh I'm happy Xiukitty gets a girl, hopefully. (So does that mean I can keep Suho 😉)
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Oohh, does this shed some light on Xiumin's relationship??? Please tag me in your Noona stories
Yeah. I kinda hinted on how Xiumin seemed to like Noona's friend in Caged Inside Of You. It peeked my interest and wanted explore it a little.