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BloodLines (D:TUS Book 1)
What's up guys! So, after a long though I've decided to turn Till Our Last Breath into something completely different and make it a series. It took me a lot of contemplating for me to get things straight with this series, I basically started it after school ended, and I've changed a lot of the plot line since then. So more about BloodLines; Its centered mostly around BTS and the main OC Jieun, but Exo are highly featured characters through out the book. BTS and Exo will be featured through out the series, with the appearance of other kpop idols, none of which I can reveal because thats too many spoilers. BloodLines is Book 1 of my Daegu: The Underworld series, which is a Wattpad only series. I am will to make it a Vingle series as well, but only if you guys want it to be. If you do want this to be on Vingle, all I ask is that you comment below with the thumbs up emoji, in doing so I will also add you to the taglist for the series. On to tag lists, I'll only be using all my tag lists once for this card, if you want to be tagged in any further updates on BloodLines, you will need to comment below. Now after reading all that, I'm not going to leave you guys hanging, I'm going to include a feature from the book of you will just continue scrolling further. Thank you!

BloodLines ( D:TUS Book 1) Excerpt
"Princess, the minute you walked into our territory you were no longer free. As I laid my eyes on you for the first time, I knew I had to protect you from this evil world. If you would just let me, I might not be a night in shining armor, but I'll be your gangster."

In a society split in half, worth determined by money and greed, Kim Jieun is one of the only people left in the world that hasn't been corrupted by the amount one is worth. Pure to her soul, Jieun does all the good she can while still trying to keep up with her education. One fateful night, after leaving the animal shelter, she happens to hear a distant cry, not sounding like the cry of an animal, and begins to panic. Immediately seeking out the pained individual, she steps over a boundary........a boundary she never knew was there. After that fateful day, Jieuns life became something out of an action movie. Will she make it out alive or will society have its way afterall?

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