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Hello! I hope you're all ready for another chapter. I feel the need to apologize. I wanted to start posting maybe 3 a week and finish writing the story, but my stupid self decided to start playing a video game. A completely engrossing one at that. So that's where my precious time between work and sleep has been spent. I'm sorry. I'll try to do better this coming week. Well, back to the task at hand. Here's the next chapter. I know the last couple were a bit slow, but it should pick up pretty well after this. Hehehehe ;)
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Disclaimer: The events are purely fictional. While BTS is real, I don't know them personally so this is just for fun. the original picture does not belong to me, but the editing does.

Warning: May contain mild language, violence, and blood. Some allusion to mature content. Some talk of death. A little dark at the beginning.
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 10
Narrator POV
“Hello, Kang Daesung. My name is Kim Namjoon. I don’t know you, but I know you had to have been a great person, because Sam fell in love with you. And she still loves you. Few men can be so lucky in their lives as to meet an amazing woman like her. I know you took care of her very well, and I’m sure you’ve been watching her and protecting her this whole time. But… I’d like to ask your permission to be the one to take care of her now. I swear on my life to take care of her and love her as much as she deserves. I promise to protect her with everything I have. I love her very much and she loves me. And I would like for Sam to not feel guilty about it anymore. I’d like your blessing for us to have our love.”
When he finished talking, it was silent. Neither of them were expecting a response, but it almost felt like they were waiting for something.
“You have his blessing,” came a woman’s voice from the doorway of the room.
Sam jumped. Her voice was quiet when she spoke next, almost like she was scared, liked she’d been caught doing something she shouldn’t have. “Mrs. Kang?”
“I was a bit disappointed at first when I saw you here again,” Mrs. Kang said as she came in. Her husband followed. “But after hearing Mr. Kim here, I’m very happy. I was afraid you’d never move on with your life.” Sam walked to her and the two hugged. “As much as I admire the loyalty you have for my son, I’ve been waiting to see you be happy again.”
Sam hugged Mr. Kang as well. She turned to Namjoon. “These are Daesung’s parents. We were a lot closer than the typical mother and soon-to-be-daughter in-law.” She turned to the parents and stepped back next to Namjoon. Namjoon bowed politely to them. “This is Namjoon, my…”
“Boyfriend?” Mr. Kang asked.
“Y-Yes,” Sam responded quietly.
“Good. I’m happy to see that you have someone. I’ve heard the both of you say that if anything happened, the person left would have to move on. I’m glad you could keep one last promise to him.”
Sam sniffled and Namjoon held her hand tightly.
“And you, Mr. Kim,” Mrs. Kang spoke up. “This woman was like a daughter to me. I can assume that you treat her well and I’ll expect that to continue. My Daesung would give you his blessing because there was no one in the world he loved as much as Sam. She’s a smart girl and is careful with the people she chooses. Therefore, I know you have to be a good man. That’s why he would give you his blessing.
“Taking care of her, loving her, protecting her… these are what you have to do now. My son can rest easy if he knows she’s taken care of. He deserves to rest and dear Sam deserves to be free of her guilt, the guilt that made it so difficult to see her every year.” She looked to Sam. “You can come back each year, if you still want to, I won’t tell you to stop. I know that my son is not the only person you mourn here. Just promise, from now on, that your heart will longer be so heavy when you come.”
Sam nodded, tears still trickling down. She felt as though a weight had been lifted from her. She no longer had to feel guilty about moving on. It wasn’t betrayal; she wasn’t betraying Daesung and she wasn’t betraying his parents. “I promise.”
“We’ll give you a few more minutes,” Mr. Kang said and guided his wife out.
Sam used the phone on the wall to call the caretaker. He came a minute later with keys in his hand. After Sam showed him her identification, he unlocked the glass door and then stepped back. She pulled the necklace out of her pocket. Namjoon watched as she unclasped the chain and slid the ring off. She held it tightly in her fist and closed her eyes. Her lips moved as if in prayer. The bottom of the picture of her and Daesung was hidden by a few dried roses Daesung had given to Sam the day he asked her to marry him. She placed the ring at the bottom of the picture, out of the sight of any greedy eyes. Then she indicated for the caretaker to close it again. He did and left.
“Are you sure you want to do that?” Namjoon asked her.
Sam nodded. “I have to. I should’ve done it a long time ago. I was so scared to move on; so scared of forgetting. But… I’m not scared anymore.” She turned and leaned up to peck Namjoon gently on the lips. “I’m not scared anymore.”
Namjoon held her close. “I’ll always be with you, so you don’t have to be scared ever again.” They stayed long enough for Sam to transfer a kiss from lips to fingers to glass, right in front of the ultrasound picture. Goodbye hugs and handshakes were exchanged with Mr. and Mrs. Kang, perhaps for the last time, and then they left.
Namjoon took Sam back to her apartment so she could grab an overnight bag. They stayed at his apartment that night, Sam being healed enough for him to finally hold her like he wanted to. That day and the next was filled mostly with mindless movies and take-out food. The day after that was the Saturday. Sam was feeling well enough to go back to work, but it was already her scheduled weekend off.
Sam decided to cook for Namjoon since he couldn’t and she didn’t like that he’d been eating so much junk food with her. Normally, he would’ve been at one of the other guys’ places for dinner, Jin’s being his favorite, but he told them that something had happened and he couldn’t come for the last few days. The guys got annoyed that he was skipping his turn, the previous day, so they decided to see exactly what it was that was keeping him so busy. Without telling him they were coming, they snuck into his place. The aromatic smell of something delicious assaulted their noses. They immediately suspected that he’d found a new place to eat out and was selfishly keeping it for himself.
“Let’s sneak up and scare him,” Taehyung suggested, a mischievous glint in his eyes. Jungkook more than readily agreed. Jimin followed behind to make sure that their efforts didn’t result in Namjoon trying to beat their ass. The eldest ones stayed back so as not to make any extra noise. Yoongi just stayed back because he normally didn’t get involved in that anyway, but he had also been awkward around Namjoon ever since that night he’d confronted Sam. Not that he blamed Namjoon for avoiding him as well. If Sam had told him, it was probably taking a lot for Namjoon not to punch Yoongi through the wall.
The two troublemakers tiptoed toward the kitchen, careful to not attract the attention of Namjoon’s sensitive hearing. They looked at each other in surprise when they saw Namjoon in front of the stove. The angle kept them from seeing that Namjoon’s body was hiding Sam’s and the kitchen island prevented them from seeing both pairs of legs. With a confused shrug, the boys proceeded with their efforts. Namjoon reached for a spice on the counter next to the stove.
“The salt, not the sugar, you dork,” they heard Sam say. Jungkook stumbled back, making enough noise for both Sam and Namjoon to finally hear him. Namjoon and Sam turned to the sound, surprise evident on their faces.
“Why are you guys here?” Namjoon asked, obviously annoyed.
At his voice, the others rounded the corner from the hallway.
“Sneaking foo—“ Hoseok stopped when he saw the two at the stove. “Oh…”
“Hi, guys,” Sam greeted them embarrassedly. Yoongi closed his eyes and fought to keep himself under control.
“Yeah, ‘oh’. Why are you guys always breaking in?” Namjoon hadn’t seen Yoongi yet. “I swear, I’m gonna change the passcode.” Then he paused and mouthed, “Hyung?”
Hoseok nodded his head towards the edge of the partition to the kitchen, just out of sight of the two. Namjoon let go of Sam’s waist and stepped away. Jin gave him a grateful look. Yoongi took the last step to bring him into view of the two. Sam’s eyes met his and her heart stuttered painfully. She grabbed her chest and held onto the counter as a wave of dizziness spilled over her.
“Sam?” Namjoon asked with worry, grabbing her arm and shoulder to steady her. “Are you okay?”
Sam carefully nodded. “I just… got dizzy for a second. I’m fine.” Even Yoongi was surprised by her reaction.
“You should sit down.” Namjoon’s voice was full of concern.
She smiled reassuringly at him. “I’m fine. It was only a second. Let me finish cooking.”
Namjoon kept an eye on her while turning to the others. “Why’d you guys come in this time? I’m sure I don’t have any more of your games.” Namjoon noticed that Jungkook hadn’t made a move to step back any further after his initial surprised movements. He wondered if Jungkook was finally okay around her.
“We were wondering why you’d been skipping dinners, especially on your turn,” Jin said. “I guess I can see why.”
“Especially if that tastes as good as it smells,” Hoseok added.
“Actually, today’s the first day Sam’s cooked for me. We’ve been getting takeout.”
“She’s been here the whole time?” Jimin asked incredulously. Yoongi took slow, deep breaths.
“Kind of,” Namjoon answered. “She’s was going through a rough time so I’ve been with her.”
Sam didn’t turn around, but she smiled.
“Why’s she making so much food?” Taehyung asked, moving around the island to watch Sam cook. Everyone except Yoongi took a step closer, like wolves approaching their prey.
“No,” Namjoon said firmly. “She’s making extra for me to have more later when she’s not here.”
Sam giggled. “I can practically feel the gazes staring through me to the food.”
Taehyung licked his lips. “It’s smells really good, noona.”
Namjoon quickly sidestepped to put himself between them. “No. It’s my food my girlfriend’s making for me, not my friends.”
Sam turned around and put her hand on his shoulder, leaning into his ear. “I can just make you more. Or something else. It’ll give me another excuse to come over again.”
The others looked at each other with hope, their enhanced hearing allowing them to pick up her words. Namjoon's eyebrows knitted together as he weighed the options.
“Fine,” Namjoon said with a huff. High fives were exchanged.
“We need a lot of rice, though. This isn’t enough for a full meal for everyone, even with the side dishes.”
“I’ll take care of that,” Jin volunteered and walked to the pantry. As he measured out rice, the others approached the big pot on the stove. Sam snickered.
“Out!” Namjoon shooed them away. “Go wait in the living room, stop crowding her.” They grumbled as Namjoon followed them out. Jin started washing the rice.
“I like you,” Jin said suddenly. Then he quickly corrected, “Not for myself, I mean. For Namjoon. He’s been really happy. Everyone’s noticed the change in him. And as for the younger ones, they’re really warming up to you. Tae and Kookie have both asked when you’re going to hang out with us again. Though Kookie’s still shy, of course. Speak of the devil.” Right then, Jungkook came in. His eyes darted around nervously. Sam turned and the two accidentally made eye contact. Jungkook froze for a second before looking to Jin.
“Need help, hyung?” He ran to Jin’s side.
“I’m fine. Why don’t you ask Sam?”
Jungkook bit his lip then nervously approached Sam, his feet shuffling on the ground. “Ah… um, n-noona… Do you need, um, any help?”
Sam smiled. “There’s only one thing you could help me with for now.”
“S-Sure. What is it?”
“Well, I don’t trust Namjoon to give me an honest opinion because I think he would just say it’s good because I made it. Can you taste test for me?”
“Uh, y-yeah. I can, yeah.”
Sam filled a small amount of the stew into the ladle. It was hot, so she blew on it for a few seconds. She turned to Jungkook with it, her hand underneath to catch anything that dripped. Jungkook’s face turned red as Sam held the ladle up in front of him.
“Careful, it’s hot.”
He coughed nervously and leaned in. His hand tilted the ladle. It was very warm, but not too hot. Jungkook had a tentative first taste and then greedily drank the rest.
“So…?” Sam asked anxiously.
“It’s amazing, noona!” He didn’t even stuttered when he said it. “You’re really good at cooking. Better than Jinnie-hyung.”
“Yah!” Jin yelled from the sink. “Traitor.” Sam and Jungkook started laughing. Their eyes met again and Jungkook smiled. He didn’t feel afraid anymore.
Taehyung sprinted in. “I want a taste!” Namjoon was hot on his trail.
“Out! Out! Both of you,” Namjoon yelled, though not in anger. He was used to the youngsters’ playful antics.
Jungkook smiled at Sam sheepishly. “Thank you, noona.” And then he scampered off after Taehyung.
Namjoon stayed back. “It seems you’ve actually managed to capture their hearts.” He walked behind Sam and wrapped his arms around her waist. Jin rolled his eyes and drained the rice. “I’m so happy you’re fitting in.” He kissed her cheek.
“Don’t forget about Yoongi,” Jin warned them. Namjoon let out a sigh and stepped away.
A timer went off and Sam turned the oven off, just letting the fish she’d cooked stay warm. Jin set the rice to cook on the faster setting and started getting out the side dishes. Yoongi, who wanted to try to get used to being around Sam, came in to help Namjoon set the large dining table. Sam pulled out the side dishes, some of which she had made and some Namjoon bought from the store, and started dishing them onto serving dishes. When the rice finished, Jin started serving up the bowls while the others in the kitchen took the food to the table. The ones in the living room were quick to get to the table, anxiously waiting until they could start stuffing their faces. Once everything was set, they were quick to say their thanks, and then the eating commenced.
There were exclamations from everyone about the taste of the food. Sam told them about how she grew up with Granny after her parents’ death and how she learned to cook from her. And after she started living on her own, she had to cook for herself. She didn’t tell them that she cooked even when she wasn’t alone anymore, but that was because she couldn’t tell them about Daesung.
After dinner, the guys stayed to watch a movie, much to Namjoon’s chagrin. He just wanted to be alone with Sam. But when he saw how well everyone, Yoongi aside, was getting along with Sam, he changed his mind. If it helped her to fit in more with his friends, he was willing to share her time for a little bit. It also helped keep her away from any lingering depressing thoughts. When the guys left for the night, Sam had to assure Namjoon that light hugs would be okay and there was no need to growl at everyone. The last one to hug her was Yoongi. His hand barely touched her shoulders as he leaned in for the hug. He held his breath because he knew inhaling her scent would only drive him crazy.
For a second, Sam’s brain played an image of Yoongi sinking his fangs into her throat. Her heart raced; not in fear, but in anticipation. After that brief moment passed, Sam felt sick to her stomach. What the hell is wrong with me?! Why did I fantasize about Yoongi biting me again?! I love Namjoon, no doubt about it, and I don’t feel the same about Yoongi, not even close. So why did my brain screw with me like that? And worse, I know what it would mean for Yoongi to drink my blood. I don’t want to be attached to him like that. She want to crave Namjoon, only Namjoon.
Yoongi stepped away, eyes not meeting hers, no idea of what thoughts had just played through her head. He left with the others and Sam excused herself to the bathroom. She washed her face vigorously and then stared herself down in the mirror as if she could confront whatever twisted part of her brain had conjured the previous images. She couldn’t tell Namjoon. Either Namjoon would think Yoongi was doing something to her and would therefore attack his friend, or he would find himself disgusted by Sam’s aberrant thoughts. When Sam came back out to help Namjoon start washing anything, after a minute, she noticed her subconscious effort to avoid touching Namjoon. She felt dirty and, even though she knew it wasn’t possible, she was almost afraid that a touch from her would immediately notify Namjoon that she had done something wrong.
She didn’t have a choice, however, when Namjoon moved behind her, holding her in a hug and burying his face in the crook of her neck. Sam shivered pleasantly. Which made her guilt even stronger.
“I don’t like that you smell like them. Their scent is lingering on your clothes. Only your skin is free of it.”
“You know that I have to be around others at work too. Plus, you said that you liked me getting along with them.”
“Mmm,” his lips murmured against her skin. “But you don’t have to hug them.”
Sam’s eyes fluttered close as she melted into his touch. “I was trying to be comfortable with them.” She gasped when Namjoon suddenly pinched a small portion of her skin with his teeth. It wasn’t his fangs, just his teeth, but it still sent white hot fire through her veins. She unconsciously clenched her thighs together.
Namjoon noticed and smirked. But it would need to wait for longer. It was too close to that day for Sam and he didn’t want her to feel guilty about it later.
“Let’s finish the dishes and then watch a movie. Just the two of us. How’s that sound?”
Sam rested her hand on his. She bit her lip, then said, “Sound good. But are you actually gonna help me or just stand there and watch?”
Namjoon smiled and moved her away from the sink. “How about I do it and you just stand there and watch?”
“I can—“
“You cooked dinner and this is my place. I shouldn’t be letting you do all the work. Here.” With that, he steered her towards the center island and, with a squeak from Sam, carefully lifted her to sit on it. “Stay there and watch.”
After the first few dishes were washed, Sam hopped down to help him dry them.
“I said you should—“
“I like doing this with you,” Sam said. “It feels like we’re a regular couple doing regular couple things. I like it.”
“How can I say no to that?” Namjoon asked playfully and gave her a quick peck on the lips. He flicked her with water as he handed her a plate.
“Hey!” It took only a second for their cleaning to turn into a small water fight. The laughter was music to Namjoon’s ears; he absolutely loved hearing her laugh. All thoughts of that unwanted image of Yoongi were wiped from Sam’s head. All that she could think about was how much she truly loved Namjoon. When both of them were evenly soaked, along with the floor, they finally stopped and went back to the dishes.
After dishes, both of them changed into their night clothes and curled upright on the couch. Namjoon messed with his online video library to pick a movie for them. He was about to pick an action flick when Sam spoke up.
“Maybe… maybe we could do a romance? Or, no, that’s a little, for you, um, maybe a comedy?”
Namjoon was beyond surprised. They’d watched some variety shows, but not actual comedy movies. He’d kept in mind what she had said before, that she didn’t watch comedy anymore because she didn’t have a reason to laugh and didn’t watch romance because she lost her reason to believe in it. And while romances weren’t Namjoon’s cup of tea, the fact that she was suggesting it meant a lot. But it would be difficult to know which ones would be sad without looking them up.
“How about a romcom?” Namjoon asked, his fingers lightly tickling up and down her side.
Sam turned her head to him and smiled. “I’d like that.”
“Anything for my feisty,” he said as he kissed her forehead. He flipped through the movies and they picked one a minute later.
Throughout the movie, Sam would laugh and cringe along with the characters actions. Namjoon watched her more than he watched the movie. When it finished, Namjoon copied the characters in the movie and had Sam jump on his back. He carried her to the bathroom and kept her on his back while they both brushed their teeth and washed their faces. Sam laughed at the odd angles Namjoon had to turn to both help Sam and avoid getting water on himself. They giggled all the way back to bed and lay down, Namjoon spooning Sam comfortably.
The next morning, Namjoon once again saw the beautiful sight of Sam sleeping peacefully next to him. He found himself staring intently at her exposed neck and decided to get up to get himself some blood to drink.
Sam woke up to the smell of something burning. She felt behind her, her hand touching only the cold sheets. She rolled her eyes and groaned, throwing the covers off. Namjoon must be trying to cook. She slipped on her robe and slippers and quietly padded out to the kitchen. She was right. Namjoon had the stove fan on trying to get the smoke out.
“Damnit,” he cursed under his breath, still being careful to not wake Sam up. He was so distracted by his efforts that he hadn’t heard her come up behind him. He jumped slightly when arms wrapped around him.
“What are you making?” Sam teased.
“Well, they were supposed to be pancakes. But I’m not sure they can pass for actual food.”
“Let me try.” Namjoon watched Sam take over. She explained the mistakes he was making and showed him the tricks she had for cooking pancakes. By the end, Namjoon had a general grasp on it, but he wasn’t sure if he’d actually be able to do it in practice. Namjoon set the table while Sam finished up. They ate breakfast, cheesily feeding each other like they’d seen in the movie. Sam stayed a few more hours before she had to go home and get ready for work the next day. She had called work to tell them that she wouldn’t need the entire week after all.
Namjoon was reluctant to take Sam home after the days they’d had together. He wanted them to stay like they were. But he knew that reality had to hit them some time.
Sam surprised everyone at work by showing up that Monday. Areum and Meg were on the same shift when Sam came back. When Areum was confused by the satisfied expression on Meg’s face, Meg explained by telling her about Namjoon. And apparently those days with Namjoon had been enough to bring her back.
First day back, Sam was back to regular duty. The doctor had cleared her enough for her to go back to her regular work. And as long as she didn’t get involved in any more fights for a while, she’d be fine. Back on her regular route, Sam started to feel watched. She was a careful enforcer anyway, but she took extra precautions that day. After about an hour, that feeling went away and Sam dismissed it as having been off for too long. But when it happened on Tuesday as well, she was positive that something was up. But she couldn’t see anything. Either she was being unnecessarily paranoid, or someone was doing a great job of hiding themselves.
Wednesday was the same. After she got off of work, she couldn’t sleep well so she decided to go on her usual night routine. That feeling came back a block away from her apartment. No one was around, but she still felt it. She pushed through for a few more blocks before deciding that she needed to call a buddy. If the person following her didn’t know exactly where she lived, she didn’t want them to be able to follow her now. The streets were deserted and that made everything more nerve-racking.
She called Jackson, a coworker of hers who she knew was on shift. With a quiet voice and her hand on her gun, she told him, “It’s happening again. I think someone’s actually stalking me. And I think they’re following me right now.”

Okay, so picking up a bit at the end. But jeez, still not sure if I'm ready to post the next chapter. I hope it's okay. Anyway, thank you for coming and I hope to see you again on Thurs at the latest. If I manage to find time and stop playing the damn game, I might be able to update Wed like this last week. Anyhow, thank you, love ya!!!

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