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Simon’s Perspective

Darkness. I opened my eyes to find myself surrounded by nothing but darkness. It was so dark, that I couldn’t even see my own hand in front of my face. Where the fuck am I? Slowly getting up, I place on my hands on something cold, wet and damp. What the fuck? I stand up fully and wipe what seemed to be dirt from my hands. I have come to the realization that I’m not in my own bed nor am I somewhere familiar. Or am I? Moving my hands around mindlessly around in front of me as if sensing where the right way to the door was. Slowly, step by step I moved quietly desperately looking for some kind of light. After what felt like an eternity, I finally found a small fire that seemed to have been floating in the air.

As I looked deeper it was being held by, some figure. I couldn’t quite make out who or what it was, but I followed it hoping it will lead me to the fucking exit. I’m never one to get scared but this place put a fear in me that I have never felt before. What the fuck is this place?

How do you not remember the place you created with the blood of your ‘enemies’?”
“Who’s there?” I said turning around looking to see where that voice was coming from.
“Don’t you recognize me, Simon?” said the voice.
“If I fucking remembered who you were, do you think I would be asking you?” I said. The fear that I was feeling was deepening and reaching down to my soul. Is this hell? Is this what it looks and feels like?
“Well it’s not the hell we all had in mind. This is the hell you created for us.”

Out of nowhere, torches started coming to life and one by one they all came forward. I couldn’t see their faces because the light was still dim and they kept their heads lowered. Turning in a circle I was surrounded by dark shadowy figures. It had to have been at least twenty people no hundreds of figures surrounding me.

“Do you feel uncomfortable yet?”
“No. Should I be?” I may have lied to them but deep down inside I felt more than just uncomfortable. This feeling was unfamiliar to me. There’s too many of them and I can’t take them all on myself. I tried to find an exit but I couldn’t see past them.

“I can finally see the Monster in you.”
“What Monster? I’m not a Monster.”
“Hmm… Interesting that you would say that. I’m sure everyone here would disagree.”
“Who are you?”

The figure talking finally stepped forward and revealed their identity. Holding the torch closer to their face, I felt myself slowly moving back as I saw who the face belonged to. The face had been blown open from the back and you could see through the gaping hole that was there. In a suit with the blood stains still there, I knew exactly who it was by the cuff links. It was none other than my father. The man I blasted away all those years ago to take over his business.

“You!” I said.
“Yes, me. I guess you still haven’t recognized this place have you?”
“It’s your hell. This is what will be waiting for you. We’ll be waiting for you. You fate has already been sealed.”
“My fate?”

Out of nowhere a woman resembling MJ appeared along with the image of Alexis. Why would Alexis be here? I never harmed her in any way. My mind is reeling. This is too much.

“Alexis?! Why are you here? I didn’t kill you. You’re still alive.”
“No Simon. I no longer live in that world but in this one. Your hell is now my home. You may not have killed me physically but emotionally, yes you did.”
“I never made you do anything, you didn’t already want to do. I’m not responsible for your fucking emotions.”
“NO?! You’re not? So then what about hers?” she said as she pointed towards MJ.
“MJ. Baby girl. Why are you here? You don’t belong here. You’re still alive.”
“Am I still alive?”
“What do you mean by that? Of course you are. We were just together last night.”

Without warning her face began to change. It was still hers but the light in her eyes was gone. The girlish smile she used to always wear turned into a devilish smile. It was changing and then going back to MJ face until it finally made a decision. Except the face that stayed was one that I had not seen in a long time.

“Rae?!” She didn’t even bother responding to her name. The smile faded and her eyes became dark. She slowly lifted up her right hand pointing a gun at me. Her head cocked to the side, she licked the bottom of her lip and with no hesitation she let the bullets ring out. I could feel each one hit me and travel through my body. Pure electricity and fire running through my body. My hands touched where the bullets entered and peeling them away from my body I could see blood staining my hands. I stumbled back and fell to the ground. I looked at her with a questioning look.

“Don’t look at me like that Simon. You should already know why this is happening to you.”

She got closer, raised the gun one last time and…...


I jolted awake. My mind reeling, the room spinning and the feeling of adrenaline still pumping through my body. I reached quickly for my gun and fired off four rounds towards the sounds of the gunshots. Then silence. Before getting out of bed, I remembered the damage my own body had incurred. But there were none. No blood, no bullets. Nothing. Still holding the gun, I buried my heads in my hand feeling the cold sweat pooling in my hands. What the fuck just happened? Holding the gun, I slowly walked towards the door and opened it. I saw two of my men lying on the floor. Shit! More of my men came running up the stairs with guns in hand. What the fuck are they doing here anyways?

“What the fuck are you guys doing here?”
“We came here to bring you news but then we heard gunshots and came running in. What happened?”
“Nothing. Just clean this up. But what’s so important that you come here?”
“It’s about one of the warehouses. It’s been completely destroyed. There was a huge fire that took over the whole building.”
“Fuck. How did this happen”
“Sir, the building had been accessed by Alexis and MJ. We started receiving reports of their being screams, gunshots and then the fire started.”
“What the fuck is going on…..”

And then it hit me. The dream.

I know this chapter is short and I’m sure all of you are probably like “what the fuck”. Part II of the finale is coming but this dream in particular was very interesting. Don’t ya think? Let me know what you think?

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@MelissaGarza Right! So I guess we will have to see what happens. But yea its very true, he is sensing it.
Wow! its like He's having a precognition, He's sensing what's about to happen