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I've realized its very easy when we stan Kpop to sleep on Albums (especially when you broke). Most Kpop Stans only listen to select music on Albums or only the songs they hear on varity shows or Kpop music shows but its so important to listen to all the songs we can on a Kpop album.

Just to start off some people here are some albums to not sleep on:

The Red Summer- Red Velvet

This album is a summer bump, don't sleep on it!!

Al1- Seventeen

Promise this album could make anyone slip into the diomand life if you havent already.

Cherry Bomb- NCT 127

You got to admit Cherry Bomb is really catchy (that Ablum cover tho)

Signal- Twice

This album has all kinds of hidden gemes hidden behind all those signals *laughs at my bad joke*

Winter- Akdong Musician (AKMU)

This YG Dinamic Duo came back with an absolutly amazing winter album, I still get the chills (get it) *Laughs*

I tried to give two different examples of both girl groups and boy groups, but if there is any album I missed please leave them in the comments