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Hey Fellow A.R.M.Y❤

Im new to the (but already sooooo deep) BTS Fan Group but I would just like to say a few words!


At first I was sceptical because I had heard some songs from K-Pop groups before UNTIL I heard BTS. They had me hooked before I even realized it and now I just cant get enough!

Suga is my Little Grizzly Bear❤ (Since he can sleep for a long periodically time xD)

Jungkook I know you dont like Noonas but this Noona has the hots for you xD❤

Jin Is my Mommy Goals because he is such a sweetheart with the boys❤

JIMIN IS MY FUCKEN DADDY! He is also my Heart & Soul❤

V is My Step Daddy xD (Since I ship him so hard with Jimim❤)

RapMonster you Sweet "Innocent" Soul xD


I love BTS and I dont think it will ever go away❤

I have so many Wallpapers of them I guess I will start posting them now xD A.R.M.Y Please take care of me❤

(If you wish to be tagged in any Future BTS Cards Comment Below!)

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@AraceliJimenez Im new to K-Pop overall but my sister has been apart of the fandom for 2 years now and she's the main reason why im here lol but I've heard other groups like Got7 and EXO
6 months ago·Reply
welcome...i'm new too....and i'm stuck till now.....
6 months ago·Reply
XD Welcome too and thank you lol its so addicting huh
6 months ago
welcome to army ^.^
6 months ago·Reply
Thank you😊
6 months ago
welcome to the end of your life, enjoy ur stay, make ur self at home...cuz ur never gonna leave.
6 months ago·Reply
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@emberreynemoll Holy shit true 😂
6 months ago
WELCOME! enjoy your stay cuz you're not leaving😉
6 months ago·Reply
xD thank you I hope not to!
6 months ago