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Who: Chase Malone x Reader
What: Angst (I'm sure Smut eventually)
Story: One happy night turns his life upside down. Business man Chase Malone must do everything he can to deal with loss, keep his business and bring back the woman he loves.


You walked out of the master bedroom the next morning in sweatpants you found in the dresser drawer. You also had on a spots bra and an over sized zipped up jacket. The smell of breakfast food like eggs and crispy bacon filled your nose. You walked out to see Chase's bare back and him in sweats as well. He was cooking on the stove, probably scrambling the eggs at the moment. You walked over feeling like this was normal. Walking in the kitchen, seeing your husband making breakfast, you smiled a little at that. It felt comforting. Then something happened, it was like a wave came over you and you could hear echos as you flashed back...

You were walking into the kitchen and Chase was cooking breakfast shirtless.

"Hey Cha Cha." you said in a slight coo but it was more playful than anything.

He turned around with a pan full of eggs and a plate of bacon to place on the island you were sitting at. He smiled at you and said,

"Hey beautiful."

He leaned over to peck your lips and you giggled grabbing a strip of bacon from the plate...

The flashback came and went with no real answers of how you were with him. It felt like a sense of deja vu. You were trying to sit down in the bar chair at the island but your flashback caught you off balance and you dropped to the floor instead.

"Owie." you groaned.

Chase stopped everything he was doing and ran to you. He scooped you up in his arms and he held you for a moment.

"Are you alright?" he asked worried.

"Yeah- yeah I just- lost my balance."

"Seems more like a faint." he said.

"I'm still here." you said.

"Yeah. I guess." he said.

He lifted you up in his arms like you were a princess and then helped you stand on your feet. He saw you trying to sit in the chair and he pulled it out to help you into it. He pushed you in and then brought you a plate. He gave you some eggs and you reached for bacon strips.

"So do I normally call you Cha Cha?" you asked.

"Are you starting to remember something?" he asked.

"Something but not enough. Sorry."

"Stop apologizing it isn't your fault."

"I know but I can sense you want me to remember."

"I do but I'm also not stupid. It's going to take more than a day for your memories to return."

"I just wish I could remember what I forgot. Maybe it would make things easier for you." you said
"Doubt it." he whispered.

You gave him a curious look and he just shook his head and turned around to put the pan back on the stove. He checked to make sure it was off and you two ate, mostly in silence. He seemed lost in his thoughts and you weren't sure what questions you should be asking next. You were still you and he accepted the parts of you that even Cody didn't like. You knew what Gloria said was true; he was a thousand times better than him but you just couldn't feel what he was feeling for you and that made you feel bad. That's what had you apologizing to him...

Chase's POV

When Y/n fell he got worried quick, he figured she may have some relapse but he wasn't sure what it would be and so he was scared that something worse was happening to her mind or body. She said she just lost balance, that was believable but then she remembered the nickname she gave him. So she was getting her memories back. He supposed the only way to really help her get them was to follow his normal routines with her. Except, his normal routines weren't so normal anymore. He cooked breakfast for her all the time; she wasn't a morning person. He always woke up first so he'd cook breakfast but she'd take over for dinner. They used to meet up on their lunch breaks but he was six months into the practice of going to the gym during his lunch break and punching out his frustrations. He had a protein shake and a power bar that pulled him through the rest of the day until he could go to dinner. Sometimes it worked out well because he had dinner with clients. The habit of calling her to tell her that he'd be home late had died away as well for the simple fact that she wasn't at home or at work to answer. She was in the hospital lost in a coma and he was just trying to ignore the festering worry, pain and anger of their situation.

When she said she wished she had all her memories to make things easier, Chase honestly considered her not remembering anything at all would be the best. Simply because of Sammy. The devastation of Sammy's death was still haunting him. He'd gotten up last night to go into Sammy's room. He put a punching bag in there to help him get it out. The room both fueled and released his anger. He missed his son's cry in the middle of the night and the way Y/n would roll over and kick him to tell him it was his turn to calm him down. This place really was a ghost house. Sammy was haunting him. It would've been worse if Y/n had died too.

He was trying to count his blessings but it was hard when his mind was wondering why the hell the drunk truck driver lived and his son died. Hadn't he done everything correct in his life, hadn't he loved Y/n the way she deserved to be loved, hadn't he taken care of Sammy well? Why did all of this happen? Six months of mourning didn't heal the wound.... it infected it. Y/n was staring out at the kitchen when he looked up. His beautiful wife, she was all his. Their wedding night he remembered declaring that she belonged to him. He remembered her response. She held up her pinky finger between their bodies,

"Promise. Together forever." she smiled at him.

Chase had a small smile at the memory. He remembered latching his pinky finger around hers and pressing his forehead to hers.

"Until death takes us." he whispered before he kissed her.

They got into a fight once, over bills and she ended up storming out of the house. He would've been fine if she had at the very least told him where she was going. He called her repeatedly and she knew he hated when she didn't answer her phone; it just made him more angry. He was in bed when she finally came home and the first thing she did was crawl into bed and force him to wrap his arm around her. She kissed his nose and said,

"I love you."

"I love you too but next time you leave and don't answer my call I'm going to spank you."

She cocked an eyebrow and said,


He couldn't help but smile and he pulled her closer.

"Where were you I was worried about you?" he had asked her.

"I was driving around. I stopped at a gas station to refill my tank then drove some more."

"I don't like you driving around late at night. Something bad could happen to you." he said breathing in her scent and he buried his nose in her neck.

"Please, you know if anything ever happened I'd be waiting on the other side for you."

"Yeah ready to cuss me out for not saving you."

She chuckled and said,

"Well you're not wrong."

They had some beautiful moments together. Their fights didn't seem to last long and they weren't frequent, they lived happily. He looked at her hard, his eyes watering up thinking about the day she told him she was pregnant. How she made jokes about not being able to drink for a long time. They were happy and when Sammy was born they were happier.

Chase quickly stood up just feeling angry again. The truth was, losing Sammy enraged him. He was powerless to it. Six months ago they were happy and coming home from vacation. Now his wife had no memory of their now dead son or even being married to him.

What the fuck did I do to deserve this?

He said in his head. What was it? Chase put his plate in the sink and walked past Y/n to go into Sammy's room. He locked the door behind him without saying a word to her. He wasn't even thinking about how that made her feel or if she was even paying attention he just started beating the hell out of his punching bad. He was still in shape, very toned and lean and it had more to do with the fact that his only outlet for all this pain was to hit something really fucking hard.

Chase was broken, there was no other way to describe it. There was this emense pressure on his shoulders. He had to get her to fall in love with him again, he had to help her get back on her feet. He had to take care of the company, he had to deal with Sammy's death. He just wanted to ignore all the bad things in his life that were happening. He wanted a time machine to tell his past self to take a different exit, show up late to Seattle, leave early or not go on the vaction at all. Anything that would've saved this life of his.

His mind was rambling off what ifs and different scenearios that could've happened had he done something different and he punched the bag harder. Sweat dripped from his forehead and arms as the repeated beating sound of his knuckles into the punching bag came again and again. He delivered one last right hook into the bag before he backed up and leaned against the wall. He wiped his face quickly trying to rid himself of any sign that he was in emotional distress. He was willing himself to be strong especially for her.

He collected himself and walked out of the room and locked the door behind him again. He saw Y/n standing by the window that led to their patio and she was just looking out at the view of Seattle that they had. Chase walked up behind her, he glanced over to see she had cleaned both their dishes out. No matter what that was still her habit. Chase wondered if her body knew what her head didn't. Was she feeling urges to do certain things like she did before. Like making the bed where she tucked in the side corners like they do at hotels. She did it like that because she used to work at a hotel but she often said that she didn't make her bed immediately after getting up. Most times she left it messy but when they moved in, as soon as she woke up she made the bed.

Her morning routine was slow and kind of long which was why every time he made breakfast everything was usually done by the time she came out. She took short showers, she spent about ten mintues in there, singing old songs but she focused on scrubbing every body part thoroughly at least three times. She brushed her teeth forever though. She loved her teeth and she would brush them until she felt absolutely no plaque on them. She often asked him if her teeth were white enough. She loved her smile and so did he but not just because she had white teeth. She had a sweetness to her smile that made a man want to take care of her. A real man at least.

Cody at one point took to putting her down everyday throughout the last half of their relationship. Not only was he emotionally abusive but he had been cheating on her with multiple women; one of them she had introduced to him because they were friends. Chase understood why Y/n wanted only a fling in the beginning. Cody was a man that she was in love with, she thought he was the one and when she realized that he wasn't it broke her heart. She didn't know what else to do or who she really was. She decided that love wasn't a real thing, it was just a word that people said and used as an excuse to get laid.

It was an up hill battle with her. At every corner he took, he had to fight the demons Cody left inside her. He helped form and shape them, he helped misguide her and Chase was the one to bring her back. He was her Hercules, completeing every task he could to come back to his woman. He was her hero. He had to be that man again but he was damaged himself and she couldn't see it because she didn't know the worst part of his damages. She didn't know about the root of the pain.

Chase was getting less sleep than usual, he had post trauma from the accident and his nightmares were only keeping him awake at night. He gave Y/n the Master bedroom to herself instead of joining her for two reasons. Right now he was a stranger to her and he didn't think it would help her any if they slept in the same bed, she might feel more uncomfortable. He also didn't want her to know about what he was experiencing in his dreams. Her smile quickly turning to headlights and their car being smashed and flipped over.

Chase placed his hands on Y/n's shoulders.

"Did we ever have a dog?" She asked.

"No we decided against it because we didn't have anyone to take care of it while we were out at work." Chase said.

She just hummed and said,

"Oh yeah you're supposed to take me to my job today right?"

She turned around to face him and he nodded.

"Okay well I'll go get dressed and I guess you should take a shower because you're kind of sweaty."

Chase nodded and kissed her forehead before walking into their bedroom to take a shower. His showers were a little longer than hers but even still he was normally faster than her when it came to getting ready. He was going to take her to work so she could get reacquainted with everything. He already decided to "work from home" so that he could help her get adjusted. He walked out of the bathroom dripping wet and steam following behind him. His towel was wrapped around his waist. He looked up to see Y/n's back facing him, she was looking at the pictures on their wall. Chase had taken down the one with him, her and Sammy in it. The frame hadn't even left a ring where it was hung. She was staring at that spot though, like there was something important about it.  Chase started to get dressed and he noticed she turned around to look at him. She hadn't gotten dressed yet, her eyes had been looking over pictures and then him. She was distracted. She had that look that he recognized. She was in deep thought and kind of spaced out but she was aware of her surroundings. She looked slightly sad.

He looked at her as he was pulling a shirt out of the drawer. He dare not go in the closet knowing what was in the far back. He had told her all of her stuff was out here anyway and the front half of their closet held her shoes and purses. Their walk in closet was huge and there was a corner she had to turn and go behind a bunch of coats and dresses she didn't even wear anymore just to find those boxes. She pushed herself off the dresser as he started putting on his baby blue button up. She walked over to him silently and her hands traveled up his shirt to come bring it around his body. She looked up at him and he felt his heart beat in that rapid motion that told him he was turned on by her big shining eyes looking at his body carefully. He swallowed cautiously and said,

"Y/n you need to go get dressed." he said in a soft whisper.

"I will." she said ignoring the hint and he knew that was on purpose.

She slowly started to button his shirt starting at the top and going slow. He found himself getting lost in her actions and didn't say anything after that. She just buttoned down until her finger grazed his belly button that caused a little hitch in his breath. She noticed it in the intensely silent room. She looked up and he saw her eyes, the way they used to be. Sex was the temptation in her head, on her lips.

"Go get dressed." he told her.

"I don't remember it as a whole, just in pieces- but you were here with me and I was crying. You kissed me and I...calmed down."

"How did you feel when I kissed you?" he asked.

"Safe I imagine but I can't be sure."

"So you're asking me to kiss you now?" he said.

"I'm trying to figure out what you did to make me fall in love with you."

"Well you trying to kiss me and make me fuck you isn't going to prove a thing. It didn't when we first hooked up. You saw me as a fun past time, when you were board and wanted sex you would agree to see me. It took a lot of patience. I wanted more and you didn't."

"What made me want more with you?" she asked.

"I tricked you." He smiled.

She laughed lightly.

"I told you before, I was sincere in my feelings for you. So to prove it I had you agree to see me for two months with no sex."

"Whoa wait are you saying I agreed to that?" She asked surprised.

"Well the deal was if you found yourself not wanting to do it anymore, you needed sex or you just weren't willing to fall in love with me you could end the deal but you had to do it before you slept with anyone else and you had to do it in person. Of course you had no problem with that it doesn't matter how small and cute you are you're still ruthless."

She giggle while cupping her hands over her mouth.

"When I told you that though I mentioned that if you did sleep with someone else before ending it with me than you would be just as bad as Cody."

She stopped giggling and looked up at him just as she had the night he made that deal with her. She looked to the ground. She seemed hesitant about her words but she finally looked up and said,

"Did I talk to you about him alot?"

"At first it pissed you off whenever I mentioned him. One night we got in a fight outside your apartment building because of it."

Her eyebrows pinched for a moment.

"Was it snowing?" she asked.

He smiled at the little detail it seemed like she remembered.

"Yeah. I walked away from you and then you came after me. You ended up making a snow ball and hitting me behind the head. We had a snow ball fight that night and I took you in your apartment to get warm. We made up very quickly. We always do." He smiled.

She had a slight tint on her cheeks as she blushed.

"I think it was because you had a really bad day and you got drunk that you finally decided to talk to me about him. Then there was one time you were waiting for me at this pub, Gloria was still dating Jay at the time and she was with him. She stepped away and Cody happened to walk in. He saw you before you saw him apparently. You two kind of got into a altercation. He just wouldn't let up on you and when I showed up I saw him grab you. He grabbed your arm, it was clear he was trying to intimedate you, he wanted to scare you but I caught him off guard and punched him. When he went to the floor I put him in a headlock and threatend if he ever touched you again he'd be six feet under."

"You should've just done it." she said slightly bitter.

"I thought about it, I was close to it but you begged me not to. So I made him apologize instead. It took a few minutes of closing off his air way before he finally gave in."

"I begged you not to?" She asked sounding astonished that she had even an inkling of compassion left for that man.

"You told me you didn't want me to get introuble because of him." he said.

She smiled again thinking that was just like her to say something like that.

"Chase you don't have to sleep with me...but I do want you to kiss me." she said.

"Every time I kiss you we sleep together. Every time." he said.

"You have better restraint than me if you can go two months without having sex. I'm you're wife right? I'm just asking you to help me get a little closer to how I felt about you. Just kiss me like you would on a normal day, kiss me like I haven't lost my memory." she said.

He looked at her for a moment judging whether or not that was the right thing to do for her at the moment. Still this was his wife, it wasn't like he was taking advantage of her he just wanted to give her some time to recover and soak in everything around her. He didn't want to trigger her to lose her memories but a part of him honestly wasn't in a hurry to to get her memories back.

He cupped her face in his big hands and slowly lowered his lips down to hers. He took her lips slowly and softly and then his tongue grazed her bottom lip. Her lips were already parting to grant him access. His tongue slipped into her mouth and the pressure he normally added to her lips came back. His lips moved hard and heavy on hers, his teeth catching her bottom lip between them and then his tongue assuming dominece in her mouth again. He was sucking on her mouth, her tongue her lips. His heart was thumping with heat rushing through his body and he pushed himself away from her.

He watched as her slightly hollowed eyes stared at the floor and her chest rose in fell in a bit of haste. Her lips were swollen and she looked a bit surprised. Her hand came to her lips and she tried to hide the little smile showing up on her face.

"I see why I chose you." she chuckled

He just shook his head with a laugh of his own.

"I think we should go." Chase announcend.

She nodded and went to go get dressed...

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