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Aloha Ohana

Ok here is my unofficial intro as Up10tion MOD this quarter i know kinda late. also an intro to my Honey10 support team

there is the team.

Wooshin & Wei = B Hwanhee & Sunyoul = Jazzy Xiao & Kogyeol = me Kuhn & Jinhoo = Aimee Bit-to & Gyujin = Kenya Whole Group = John Whole Group = Melissa
For this quarter i will try to be more active on posting. I will try to make more fun stuff. i will try my best to do as much as i can for them. i may use others ideas as themes for what ever hope thats ok. i just want to show as much love for them as possible thank u.
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Thank you for letting me show some love for Up10tion 😊