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I just passed my 4 year mark here in Korea, and wanted to share some of the things tht shocked me a bit about Korean culture.

This isn't saying that these things are wrong, I'm just saying they're different from what I'm used to :)

1. Sitting Outside of Hospitals

This is still a weird one to me. There are lots of small hospitals in Seoul and its pretty common to see people in their hospital gowns with their IVs still in their arms chilling outside a convenience store smoking and drinking. There's one near my home so I see it all the time!!

2. Dressing Down for the Office

I'm used to people wearing comfy shoes to go to the office then changing into nicer clothes, but here people try to look fancy on the street and then put on comfy shoes in the office. So funny!

3. So Many Questions!

Its really common in Korean culture to ask what you're eating or if you've eaten, but the amount of questions was actually really shocking to me when I first got here!

4. Clubbing Culture

Most people FINISH clubbing at 9am-11am. So, when I'm getting out of bed people are just finishing their night out! Then there is also a lot of throw up on the ground thanks to people drinking waaaay too much

5. Motorbikes on the Sidewalk

This is just plain dangerous. The amount of road laws that are broken every day here drives me craaaazy!

I go into much more detail in the video if you'd like a look! Have you ever experienced culture shock!?

oh man the motorbikes are crazy in Korea! I decided that if I ever needed to go to the hospital I would just call McDonald's 배달 to take me because they drive so crazy I'd get there so much faster than if I was in an ambulance ㅋㅋ
the motorbikes go everywhere XD I've been to China and Hong Kong.. never been to Korea, but I can imagine 😂