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Kyla Writes Letter To Fans After Body Shaming

Remember a while back when Kyla was getting bullied for her perfectly normal body?

If you don't you can see my card here.

Well, she has a message for us - not her haters, but her supporters.

Her brother tweeted this yesterday, from Kyla.
I just want to thank everyone for all of the kind messages <3 I can't lie, there have been times where I have felt like giving up and going home. However, I remember that there are more people who support me rather than be against me. I promise to continue on this journey despite the hate (?) and continue to push through. Thanks to your support, I feel like I'll now be able to break down(?) barriers and build a castle. I love you all <3 - Kyla

Kyla Fighting!

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2 months ago·Reply
she's amazing.
2 months ago·Reply
I remember hearing about this and thinking it was so ridiculous like seriously she is so beautiful
2 months ago·Reply
This is getting old, body shaming someone who has a perfect body? Kyla is not fat, she just looks fine af. I barely know Pristin but she's obviously not fat and she's perfect the way she is, I love her legs, she might become my bias. This body shaming stuff is getting old, these people need to stop body shaming everybody like, knock it off I mean come' on, don't y'all have something better to do like oh I don't know, staying in your own business and not being an asscrown to other people when you're obviously just jealous. Like if you're going to body shame, body shame yourself. ....too far? Well I'm glad Kyla is standing up for it, more idols need to put these people or "fans" in there place like Key and Heechul and Amber do.
2 months ago·Reply
her body is legit perfect and is so stunning I rely wish ppl would see that, I'm glad she isn't giving up!! Kyla fightiiing!!!!
2 months ago·Reply