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[RUMOR] CL To Be Black Eyed Peas Vocalist?
Okay lets get a few things straight:
1. Fergie never officially left the BEP but she isn't performing with them
2. BEP are set to make a comeback soon
3. BEP are having lots of different female vocalists perform in Fergie's place during their shows
4. is a huge supporter of Kpop, specifically 2NE1/CL

this is a rumor posted by naver entertainment (where most kpop news is first broken) but the reporter doesnt really back up his claims, just his suspicions.

So, it seems that people are thinking CL will take Fergie's place - though its unclear whether its just for one performance or if its a more permanent gig (like, will she be part of the comeback or just part of the live shows)

It seems like we'll find out closer to the MTV Music Awards in August when BEP will be making their comeback!

Personally, I'd LOVE IT.

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I love CL and the Black Eyed Peas so I hope so! I also noticed that CL kinda looks like Yoongi from BTS(was looking at a BTS post before this XD)
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Omg time for Min Yoonji to make a comeback馃槀
4 months ago
She probably won't "join" BEP but I can definitely see them collabing.
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so I love CL and Black Eyed Peas. I would love them to collab however I don't expect her to join the. she's breaking out as a solo artist I don't see her stopping to join them
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@szewwy @BabydollBre i would just loooove to see that sass she's bring to their older songs i grew up with hahaha
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4 months ago
I love cl but i could see them collabing
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