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Hey guys so I decided to start a Monsta X fanfic. If you want to be tagged let me know. I also post it on my wattpad. http://my.w.tt/UiNb/YffRCZvSEE
"Amethyst, come on." I turned to my youngest sibling Nina, sticking out my tongue. She was standing in the door way to my room, hands on her hips being impatient as usual. "Dad said we'll be late if you don't hurry."   "Alright. I'm coming." I laugh, pushing her teasingly as I walk past her and down the stairs. I join my dad, mom, other sister Saphir, and my older brother Niko at the bottom of the stairs. "I'm ready." Nina comes barreling past me, shoving me into Niko.   "Nina careful." Dad tells her sternly, "You owe them an apology Nina."   "It's okay Dad. It's her birthday." Niko says as he cracks a smile. "We'll let the demon child slide just for tonight." My parents just shake their heads at our nickname for our youngest sibling, and we pile into the car. We took turns choosing songs, our music tastes ranging anywhere from alternative to pop. We reach our destination after a thirty minute drive and we all hurriedly push each other out of the car. Nina had chosen to go to the fair for her birthday this year.    "What ride do you want to get on first?" I ask Nina, as we waited in line at the ticket booth.    "The Viking ship. Duh" She replies, as the booth attendant snaps the wristbands on our wrists. I laugh, The Viking ship was our favorite ride and anytime we went to a fair or amusement park with one, it was always the first ride we rode. "Let's go!" Nina laughs excitedly, the four of us link hands and take off toward the ride.    A few hours later we are leaving, laughing and teasing each other on the way home. I"m showing a music  video to my sisters on my phone, when my mom screams. I look up in time to see bright lights and suddenly the car is spinning, as we slam into the guard rail my head slams against the window. I can hear my mom crying, Nico trying to console my sisters, and I look up o see my dad is slumped over blood running down his face.   I start searching for my phone, but as I did I became light headed and my vision began to swim. Nico started helping Nina and Saphir out of the car, as they weren't able to calm down in the car. I  hear someone talking as I'm looking for my phone, I feel a hand on me and look up to see Nico. He helps me unbuckle and get out, where he makes sit off to the side with Saphir and Nina.    A woman is standing there as well, talking on the phone. Ten minutes later red and blue lights are flashing around us. A paramedic comes to check my sisters and I injuries, but when they try to help to a squad I refuse wanting to know how my parents were first. They get my parents out of the car, putting my father on a stretcher. They rush past us having to get my father to the hospital as soon as possible and I stand up, but as I do my vision blacks out and I fall.   I wake up in a bed, my siblings curled up next to each other on a small couch in the room. I see my mom in chair on the other side, "Mom." I say, and she looks up, running over to me. "Where's dad?" My question makes her start sobbing, and Nico is suddenly beside her leading her back to the chair. "Nico, where's Dad?" I ask again. Nico just shakes his head and I start crying. Later that day before I'm released I'm told what happened. A drunk driver had hit us on dad's side, sending our car spinning out of control. Our father had lost a lot of blood from his injuries and thought the hospital tried their best, they couldn't save him. Saphir and Nina only had a few minor cuts and bruises, my mom had broken an arm,  and Nico had cut his arm and had to receive stitches. I on the other hand had somehow managed to hit my head and split it open. I had staples, and they also were not sure if it would cause me problems later on down the road.   That was four years ago, and a lot had changed for us siblings since then. Mom had changed, and not for the better. A darkness had settled around us, and it seemed to follow us everywhere.  We found love in the darkness, but could we keep that spark of love alive in the darkness? Or would it swallow us whole?
I like my character so far cX Interesting!! I'm curious to see what else happens in the story~😁😁
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