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due to language, and sensual content
Lead: Gray
You come a very wealthy family, and even became a Debutante. One day you find out your parents have arrange a marriage for you. It wasn't any ordinary agreement though, they had basically sold you off to gain power and more money from a perverted old man. You ran away the night you found out and haven't looked back since. With your new identity you work at a bar as a bartender to get by, to only fall in love with one of the clubs V.I.Ps at first site.


I was able to rest long enough in the morning to be able to function in the afternoon. Luckily, Lili was at work so it really did make it easy to get ready, and go on the date with Gray. It wasn't hard to put together a casual attire, and put my hair in a side braid. Jean that were cut into distressed shorts, and white tank top, and I grabbed my pull over all black Nike sweater. I was about to go throw on my shoes, when the door open.

I looked up to see Lili coming home. She raised an eyebrow at me, as I just sat down on the ground. "Why are you looking at me like that. Am I not allow to go out for a bit? I have some actual spending money, and I wanted to get some for work." I lied through my teeth, though honestly I did need to buy actual appropriate bottoms for work.

I hung my head, to hide my face from Lili, because she could always tell when I was lying. She sat down in front of me, to try and get me to look at her. I just fidget with my shoe laces. "I want to believe that but I can see you're also hiding something else from me." The door bell rang, and we both looked up at the screen attached to the front door speaker.

Gray was standing in front of the camera, so his face was on the screen. "I told you to stay away from him." She stood up and calmly scolded me. "Am I not allow to make a judgement call on my own?" I got up as I fell like I was being yell at by my mother.

"I don't want you dating or befriending any of Jay's friends. You have no idea what Jay actually does for work. You need to actually just listen to me and send him home!"

I glared at Lili before taking a quick glance at the screen with Gray's face. "If you don't want me any where near your boyfriend's friends, though you're still with him. You're being a hypocrite right now, Lili. " She just looked at me in shock, before I slip my shoes on, and left the apartment. I couldn't stand being around her at the moment.

It was nice having someone care so much, but how could they stay they don't want me around someone's business. Yet, she was completely involved inside the business herself. Unless she was going to give an actual good reason why I couldn't be with Gray, then I wasn't going to listen to her. I had walked up to gray, right as he was about to press the button again.

"Oh? You were already coming down? I was getting concern you were backing out on me."

I just smiled warmly at him, and lace my fingers with his own. He seem to hold his breath again, like last night. Though my action made his facial expression light up. He held my hand firmly, before leading me to a car. It wasn't the same car he had last time, but I knew it was still a BMW.

Gray took me to the passenger side of the car, and open the door for me. I looked up at him, as he used our interlocked fingers to pull me closer to the open door. I couldn't hide my smile, as I got into the seat. He lean in to put my seat-belt on. I arched an eyebrow at him, earning his attention. Gray just gave me a smile, making me giggle softly.

"I can buckle my own seat-belt you know... I agree to go on a date with you, so I'm not running from you."

He just nodded his head, before closing the door, and getting in on the driver seat. "So, where to first?" Gray was checking his mirrors and buckling up, before looking over at me. "I was going to take you to this very popular but private place for Korean BBQ." I just hummed, whilst rubbing my stomach a bit.

"Is it expensive?"

Gray looked at me from the corner of his eye, since he had to pay attention to the road. "Don't worry about the expenses I got it all cover. Jay told me as much as he could about you, when I asked if you were his girlfriend's roommate." It did sound a bit creepy but I would of done the same if Lili let me. It didn't take long for us to get to the restaurant.

Lili's warning ran through my mind, while I looked over at him. "Does this dirty little secret of yours make you a bad man? Or just makes being with you dangerous?" I spoke my thoughts out loud. Gray looked over at me concern, after parking and turning off the car.

"Lili been telling you I'm no good for you, hasn't she?"

I just sighed heavily and lean back in the seat. "She said you and her boyfriend may be good men, but the secret bad deeds you do make you dangerous. She thinks its already bad enough she mixed in it, but she doesn't want me mixed in it as well." Gray join me in leaning back in his seat. He just sigh heavily and hung his head.

"I'm glad she believes I am a good man, but unlike Jay... My part in that part of business isn't that bad. Think of me like the accountant, that's how low the danger is."

I giggled at how he describe his part in the mess. "If that's so... then there is no way I can get mix up in all of it." Gray nodded his head as I slowly took hold of his right hand. "Hope you don't mind me holding you to those words. Because I don't think she going to leave me alone about liking you."

His eyes shine as he looked my way. He was even smiling so bright, it was as if I was making his day. "You like me?" I felt my face get a bit warm, warning that he was making my flush. I turn to look away for a moment, to hide my blushing. "Well I find you interesting enough to give you a chance, but so far yes you are making me like you."

I felt his hand hold mine back, before bring the back of my hand to his lips. "I am glad, now I'm not so worried you'll run away from me." A soft laugh escape my lips, as I glance over at him. "If I'm giving you a chance to spend time with me, thank of course I won't run away from you." Gray nodded, before fixing his cap, and putting on a mask.

I had almost forgotten that he was also famous for being an artist. He then got out of the car, to come open my door for me, like a true gentleman. I had free myself from the seat-belt before he could try. So when the door open, I just simply hop out of the car. He guided me out of the way, so he could close the door.

This time he took the initiative, and lace his fingers with mine. I looked at our hands before looking over at him. He just nodded for me to follow him, before taking us inside the restaurant. Gray had reserve us a private area so we could enjoy our meal in peace. As we waited for the table to me set up, I notice a that Gray kept looking at him phone.

I just ignored it since he wasn't typing away. He was still holding my hand, meaning I could easily get him to look at me. Or the other way around, since he just pulled me in closer to him. I looked up at him, to be surprised with a soft kiss in the head. Gray was getting comfortable with me by his side, and he wasn't afraid to show it. I just closed my eyes in the moment, before leaning my forehead on his shoulder.

We were guided to our private table, where the food was all set up as well. He held my hand out, to signal me to sit down first, since it was a booth. I let go of his hand, to scoot into he booth. Allowing Gray to sit beside me, and take hold of my other hand. "You had Korean BBQ before, am I wrong."

I just smiled at him, before cutting the meat and cooking some of it. He just chuckled as he watched and help me cook. The food was amazingly good, but his phone kept stealing his attention. He was even texting something on his phone. He sighed heavily, before leaning over to ear range.

"I'll be right back, someone is here and needs to talk to me."

I just simply nodded my head, before he got up from the table. I play with my food, until curiosity took over. I moved in site to see Gray talking to someone that was covered in tattoos, yet dress sharp. The man handed over some money to gray in a handshake. Wasn't hard for me to catch, since there was green in the man's right hand.

I scooted back to my original seat, the moment I saw Gray turning to come back in. "Curiosity did kill the cat, Y/N." I glance up at him to see he was playing with me, by teasing me. "You said your end wasn't that dangerous." His smile faded away, while he sat down beside me.

"That right, Its not that dangerous. I help Jay with the money part, if I'm not producing music for everyone."

He took my hands in his own, and place kisses on them both. "If you were my girl, I would do everything and anything to make sure you were not ever mix in the bad side of my job." I couldn't hide my giggle, whilst I smile warmly. "I believe you, Gray... but is that even your real name?" He grinned before pulling me in closer to him.

"Seonghwa, and I would love to hear you call me by my real name."

I could tell he wanted to kiss me, but he seem to be waiting form permission. I smile lightly before leaning in closer to kiss him on the lips. Seonghwa lean in more to deep the soft kiss, so I could see how happy he was to kiss me. I broke away slowly to look up at him. "I trust you Seonghwa and like you. But fuck up once and I'm gone."

Seonghwa's eyes brighten the moment I called him by his name finally. "Does this mean, I get another date?" I nodded my head, as he did a tiny gesture, expression his happiness.

I really did hope I wasn't going to regret trusting him...

Even my friendship with Lili was on the rocks...

Only time would tell if this was all going to work out, I just hope it did.


Hope you like the chapter see you again next Saterday for the next Chapter ^u^
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