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So You Want to Be a Carat?

No, not carrot...
*looks at DK*

, Carat - like a diamond - like... slip into the diamond life.
Get it? :D So let's start from the very very beginning!
TheEnlightment, there's 13 members so why are they called Seventeen?
Well kiddos... the real reason is there were 17 members in the past, before their debut...
But Doyoon, Mingming, Dongjin and Samuel didn't make it or left.
So now, the reason is
13 members plus 3 units plus one family = Seventeen. Cheesy? Yes. Adorable? Also yes.

What is this about the 3 units, you ask? Let's do the introductions of the members! It's easier to remember their names in units anyway! Just a tip.

So first we have:

Vocal Unit

Left to Right: Seungkwan, Joshua, Woozi, DK, and Jeonghan

The vocal unit is in charge of... well, vocals! Most of Seventeen can sing pretty well, even the other units (with a few exceptions *giggles*) but the vocal line is known for those voices that blow you away. The high notes, the notes that last three years, the soft voices that make the song so emotional your mom asks you why you're sobbing into your ramyeon. That's these boys. Here are a few examples of their talents:
Did I go a bit overboard? I just fall for their voices every time! Forgive me.

So, each unit has a leader. Vocal unit's leader is:

Woozi! Real Name: Lee Jihoon

Birthday: November 22, 1996

He's tiny, but he's a man!

Woozi is one of the more mature members of Seventeen, and one of the oldest! Another thing, Seventeen produces a lot of their own songs and it's mostly because of this guy. He's all about the music.

Because of his personality and looks, you might think... "He reminds me of someone... but who?" Well maybe you're thinking of:

Yes, it's striking. But please, don't forget that they're two different people and amazing in their own ways. :)

Moving on to the next member!

The 'mom' of the group:

Jeonghan! Real Name: Yoon Jeonghan Birthday: October 4, 1995

He's not the mom cause of the hair!

Actually his hair isn't that long anymore...

I miss it. He's the mom because of this:

He's pretty well known for having a pleasantly high voice, and being well... pretty.

He's a spoiled princess,


and overall amazing!

Please love Jeonghannie as much as the rest of the members.

Now, there's a member full of so much sass it seems almost impossible. Yes, it's:

Seungkwan! Real Name : Boo Seungkwan

Birthday: January 16, 1998

My boooo! He's my personal bias. Let me tell you why!

He's adorable!

He's a diva!

He's strong. Seungkwan gets a lot of hate from Korean Carats because he's not as skinny and his personality is considered rude and annoying in their culture... but he's still confident and glowing!

Please love this small Boo as much as he loves his mom.

Now you might have heard... there's a horse in Seventeen. This is the truth! Here he is:

It's DK! Or Dokyeom. Real Name: Lee Seokmin

Birthday: February 18, 1997

There's a reason Jeonghan calls him his fool...

He's a little unaware sometimes and he loves to fool around. Apart from being a horse, he's also a beagle!

One of the best reasons to love DK in my opinion, is that he's the mood setter a lot of the time. He loves to laugh and smile, and it makes you happy to see him!

Now, the last member of the vocal unit to introduce! He has a familiar name to some of us, doesn't he?

Joshua! Real (Korean) Name: Hong Jisoo

Birthday: December 30, 1995

He's from California, so yep - he's fluent in English!

Another thing he's well known for... is his innocence and love for his religion. One of his nicknames is Jisoos.

He's like a second mom, maybe an aunt? He's always telling the kiddos to behave.

He's a kind soul, but he's also pretty sassy...

Gosh this took forever, I just have so much to say about ma bois! That's just the vocal unit! I might have to make a part 2 ;; please bear with me.

Next we have Hip Hop Unit!

Left to right: Wonwoo, Vernon, S.Coups, and Mingyu

The leader of the hip hop unit and all of Seventeen:

S.Coups! Real Name: Choi Seungcheol

Birthday: August 8, 1995

He's the dad of the group, the admirable leader, and Mr. Not Trying to Be Sexy but Just Is Sexy.

Let me show you. S.Coups as father:

SCoups as leader:

And... the proof of the sexiness (buckle in ladies and gents):

Somebody get me a lawyer, I'm suing him for emotional distress! ... on to the next member *eyes SCoups suspiciously* stay in your lane boi, stay in your lane

Next we have, a true emo. The poor boy had his smile stolen somehow, it's:

Wonwoo! Real Name: Jeon Wonwoo

Birthday: July 17, 1996

TheEnlightment! He's SMILING in that photo!

Yeah? To be honest, I've never agreed with "Emo Wonwoo" stans. Wonwoo is a total cutie, he's just a little slow with expressing emotion sometime. But he smiles ALL the time!

Our Wonwoo just has intense eyes, so when he has a neutral face - he looks sad or angry.

It's not his fault! I think it makes him look more manly and attractive, and it makes times he smiles that much more charming! Wonwoo is kind of a quiet guy, but he still loves to mess around as much as the rest of them.

Ah now we have Mr. Pretty Boy and He Knows It:

Mingyu! Real Name: Kim Mingyu

Birthday: April 6, 1997

Mingyu likes to put on a show, and he also loves to laugh. He's often the center of attention.

In case you didn't guess, he's one of the visuals of the group. Just look at that face, and he's super tall too! But don't worry, he's not arrogant. He's just confident. He's a sweetheart just like all the other boys. :)

Finally in the hip hop unit, we have Meme King:

Vernon! Real (Korean) Name: Choi Hansol

Birthday: February 18, 1998

He's from New York, and his mom from Florida, so he is also fluent in English!

Doesn't he also remind you of someone?

TheEnlightment! He's so handsome, how could he possibly be a meme king!? Watch and learn, friends.

Ah yes, Vernon memes. My fave snack. Really though, he's actually... kinda cool. He brings a new variety to the group, and his swag.

Okay! Another unit down. Last one, and then we can get into the MV's and songs and maybe some ships? :3

Performance unit! ... this one is gonna be a doozy. Hold on to your hearts and underwear.

The leader of this unit is none other than 10:10 member:

Hoshi! Real Name: Kwon Soonyoung

Birthday: June 15, 1996

Why is he called 10:10 member?

Isn't that cute? Another iconic saying about our good ole Hoshi:

Alright, alright. Let's get serious. This boy is really quite something, he's the choreographer of most of their amazing dances!

Give him a hand! Hoshi (as well as all of the performance unit, ... all of Seventeen, let's be honest) is also known for being pretty sexy.

Heol! That's a spicy meatball.

Next we have, Meme Prince:

Jun! Real (Chinese) Name: Wen Junhui

Birthday: June 10, 1996

Obviously he's part of the amazing China line.

He's beautiful. One of the visuals of the group.

But yes, he is also a meme:

Oh by the way, China line does martial arts. (: :)

So who else is in China line? Well actually it's just two members. Jun and Mr. Looks Like a Cinnamon Roll but Will Actually Cut You:

The8! Real (Chinese) Name: Xu Minghao

Birthday: November 7, 1997

But TheEnlightment! He looks like a puppy! He has ramyeon for hair! How could he be dangerous?

o _ o I'm warning you...

What do you mean go boom boom? MINE EXPLODED! Oh, is that what you meant then? Cool. Hey, you know this guy can use nunchucks?

He really did that.

Here's some China line appreciation, cause I love this song so much.

So, is it over? Can I take off my helmet and pads now? WHAT!? No. There's one more member, you silly geese. Who could forget Jeonghan's baby? Michael Jackson's biggest fan? It's:

Dino! Real Name: Lee Chan

Birthday: February 11, 1999

He's younger than me, he really is a baby.

But don't underestimate. He can show his manliness too! This boy is kind of like Hoshi's son to me, they're both amazing dancers! Dino also helps with choreographies after all!

He surely is a cutie!

Alright, I wish I could introduce them more in depth but I don't really know what else to say without writing books! It's like treasures you find when you get into a group anyway, all for you to discover yourself hmm?

But let me give you a 'little' help. You should definitely watch One Fine Day and Seventeen Project to really get to know these guys! You won't regret it, the shows are a lot of fun. I'll leave some links.

Now! FOR THE MUSIC! I'll put the debut and title tracks down below, and then a few of my fave songs from the albums. At the very end, I'll put a few performances that have been blowing my mind lately! Are you ready kids?

The Debut:

Title Tracks and Side Projects:

Favorite Non-Title Tracks:

Amazing Performances:

Fun Fanmade Videos: Shit Seventeen Says and Funny Moments Part 1 Shit Seventeen Says and Funny Moments Part 2

I suppose, for now... this is the most I can do for you. Be free, discover your love for Seventeen at your own pace now. Good luck~

Tagged Fam:

You did an awesome job on this card. I think you did Seventeen proud as well as the fandom. You've created a great resource for new and soon to be new Carats.
I'm so happy! I was hoping this card could get people started or more into the group.
I'm not a Carat, just a casual observer who enjoys a few songs but has been hesitant about jumping into the fandom because my heart can't handle that right now. But, this was a really awesome guide you put together. I think you achieved what you set out to do and did it in a very effectual way. I'm sure this will help a lot of people get into Seventeen.
*offers tissue*
@TheEnlightment thanks🤤
YES HOSHI STANS!!! plz love him a lot :3
This has to be the best blog I have ever seen! I haven't gotten into Seventeen as I was overwhelmed by the number if members and just couldn't keep it all straight. This is so helpful. I sure wish someone (you maybe?!?) would do one for EXO. Thanks for sharing your love for them and taking the time to do this. 😄
I can try to do one for EXO sometime in the future! I'm so glad this was helpful to people, that's what I was aiming for. Thank you for checking out and liking the card 😆
this is awesome!!! I've been wanting to get more into seventeen but I haven't really known where to start! xD and Wonwoo and I share a birthday!! that's really cool!
I'm glad I was able to help you get started! they're a wonderful group and hey it's always awesome to find out you have the same birthday as an idol!
Yes!!! thank you!! and yes!!
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