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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x ???
Length:  2108 words
Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol
Summary: I was meant to keep you safe not to fall in love with you.

Part 8

Yoongi's Pov:

 He had seen Moon crying and once he finished performing went to get water he didn't know how heart broken he was till he saw her cry, but she lied to him, and the others. He wouldn't tell them. He'd wait till she leaves and till then he’ll ignore her.

Y/N’s Pov:

 They had just finished a job and y/n got another one knocked down. Four more till my job.

“Thanks again for showing up Y/n. You remind me of your dad. He was good at talking out the suspects too. You'll be a great boss someday.” Younge said handing you a bottle of water.

“I can't wait.” You smile taking it.

“You still on that mission for that boy group?” You nodded. “Man talk about a bunch of stuck up pricks getting their makeup done.”

 You snapped, and  the threw the bottle of water, got your pocket knife out of your boot and had it at his neck.

“Don't. You. Ever! Say. That. Again.” You moved closer. “Do you understand!”

“Yes sir! I mean ma'am!” You pulled it away and started walking to your car.

 How dare he! Judge them and not knowing who they truly are-oh… haha I did that. At least I tried! Maybe he should take this Job. Irresponsible fuck!

“Miss Moon!” You turned to find your boss. “Great work today kiddo.”

“Thanks sir.” You smiled and he gave you a hug.

“Things doing ok? You seem out of it today.” He asked as you got in your car.

“I'm fine sir. Just eager to be a boss I guess.” You said rolling down your window before closing the door.

“Don't be too eager, I know for a fact you'll get there.” You smiled and buckled up.

“Thanks sir.” He walked back allowing you to drive off. He looks out for me as if I was his daughter but if I was I'm sure he wouldn't have me in this line of work. Even my dad didn't want me taking this job with him...too bad huh?

 I got home and it was already 4:30 am. Shit! This mission lasted a hell of a lot longer then I was expecting. You grabbed your things and ran to go get your makeup done.

“Woah y/n, haven't you heard of sleep?” Daisy asked. She my best friend stylist.

“I was on a mission last night can you get rid of them? Please.” She nodded and put that weird thing that makes bags go away.

“Don't make this a habit ok we only have so much of these left you know?” You nodded your face felt refreshed and you ran to your car.

 You got there early again and decided to place everyone reconvened ideas on the boys make up on their stations. You had fixed them so they fit each and every member perfectly. That took you till about breakfast at 9:00 am.

“Moon-ah!” Jungkook ran in and gave you a hug. “Are you coming for breakfast?”

“Haha morning to you Kookie. No I'm alright, but  could you bring me some orange juice though? I'm thirsty.” He smiled and ran off. Then the other stylists came in.

“Woah is this for the guys?” Jimin’s stylist asked.

“Oh uh yeah I fixed them up for you guys to try it out on them.” You handing the three felted papers.

“Woah you drew these?” Hobi’s stylist asked. You drew three picture of each of guys from side to side and forward to help them practice adding their natural skin tone.

“Yeah these will help you practice without having to clean up the guys every time.” You explained giving them each a new makeup kit. “Most of the shades and brushes you'll need are here in case you need them. I'm sure you have most of them but it's nice just in case.”

“Moon woah thank you!” Yoongi stylist bowed and everyone followed.

“Of course. Let's get to work. Fighting!”

“Fighting!” With that they all went to work. This is why I can't wait to be a boss to be able to help people help others. Even though this is for a Kpop group I'm happy doing this.

 After a while Jungkook came back with an Apple, a granola bar and a juice box.

“Eat this ok. I'll be back with a bagel Jin hyung is fixing up. Okay?” You nodded and he left. You looked at the food and felt immediately sick to your stomach.

“Sorry Kookie.” You said throwing away the apple and granola bar. You kept the juice though you were thirsty.

 You were working on researching new ideas when you heard the stylists talking about your work.

“They really are cool.” Jin's said.

“Yeah I wish we had more clothes to choose from to match them though.” Hobi’s said.

“Yeah but they’ll still look great.” Yoongi’s said.

“That's it!” You said loudly causing them to look at you.

“That's what Moon?” Namjoon’s asked.

“We could come up with styles to match the look. I mean it's not that hard. You all could put in your input and like every other style make each boy different but also similar.” They looked at you smiling.

“That's a great idea!” Jimin’s said.

“Yeah and it'd be fun.” Hobi’s said.

“It'll be a lot of work but with Moon to help we can't go wrong.” Yoongi’s stylist walked up to you and gave you a side hug.

“Yeah!” We group hugged and I started drawing out the guy's body types so they could sketch what they would want to see and if they can't draw I'll help them on that one.

“Moon- ah! Oh.” He walked in with a plate and bowl. “Here Jin figured what I bought wouldn't be enough so he cut you some fresh mash fruit too.”

 There was a bowl filled to the top with fresh fruit and a beautiful prepare bagel, but I couldn't eat it. After I thanked Kookie and told him to thank Jin I ran to the back giving the food to a homeless man and later coming back for the plate and bowl. Might as well not waste it.

 You went back and started up with work again. You were working hard too when Jungkook came back it was about an hour later and you gave him the plate and bowl.

“Thanks again Kookie it looked a tasted delicious.” He smiled and hugged you.

“Anytime. I'll go put these back and then we'll start getting ready right?” He asked.

“Yup. Those cameras will eat you up.” He smiled and left while the others came in to get ready.

 Once Kookie came back you finished it real quick but it took you a bit longer than before. He honestly looked great and so did the others. After the interview and cleaning up the boys they decided to leave for the day you stood there and finished cleaning everyone's station then left home.

 You laid on your bed but couldn't sleep. Every time you closed your eyes you saw Yoongi. So you went back to work. But you couldn't with the Measurements of each member. So what did you do instead? You called boss and got another mission. Yup now you only need three.

 The mission ended at 1:00 am and you decided to actually go with them for drinks. You didn't get drunk but they definitely woke you up. When you got home at 3:00 you crashed but woke right up at 4:15 am. You dreamt of Yoongi. Yoongi out of all people. Why?

 After gathered all your things and went to the studio.

“Y/n! Again?” You frowned. “Remember y/n when we run out I won't be able to get rid of them.”

“I know Daisy I know.” You said and she did her job. Those dresses were really starting to piss you off. None of them even fit your style. I guess that's the point.

“It's Wednesday y/n. Monday's when you leave with them on tour. Are you sure you'll handle it?” She asked handing you your bag.

“I will. I promise.” With that you gave her a hug and took off. You were honestly doing ok.

 You showed up at Big hit and did the same thing you did yesterday. You clean had finished the guy’s body drawing and handed them out placing them on everyone's desk. You were happy.

 When they came in they had went straight to work. Kookie had came in to make sure I ate but I lied to him. I told him. I ate a big breakfast at headquarters. He believed me and we started getting them ready for their morning interview. They had interviews all week this week till they leave on tour next week.

 While the guys were on camera the girls and I finish the styles. They are amazing stylists and I'm glad I'm working with them. They even asked if I'd work on them because I have more experience...haha. Of course I had to say yes!

 I am very mad about that. I know taking these job and mission are bad for me but I needed to do something to keep Yoongi off my mind. Every time I thought of him I wanted to cry and I couldn't even look at him.

 After they finished you got a call from Younge. You took the job and left the studio at 8:30 to meet them. The mission finished at 10:00 pm and you decided to use your time to work on the guys clothes you finished everyone's at 2:00 am. You gathered all your things and went to studio.

 No one was there and took the last of eye bag remover so Daisy couldn't get mad at you. You ended up staying in your car and looking up more stuff in your laptop till 4:00 am.

“Finally get sleep?” Daisy asked hugging you after you sat down. “See everyone looks better after a good night's sleep.”

“Yeah. Oh here.” You sent her pictures of the guys new outfits.

“Woah you guys worked hard and fast. I'm proud.” You smiled.

“Yeah we're giving it to them tomorrow but I'm showing the girls today.” You said relaxing a bit.

“Speaking of any idea of a suspect yet?” She asked.

“None of them seem to be showing anything suspicious.” She sighed.

“I'll bet they try it on tour and then take off while you're in a different country.” Daisy is good at this job too.

“Which is why we're going with them.” Woah I haven’t seen the guys in while either. Hmm I'll talk to them today.

 Once you showed the girls the outfits and they put them away you ran to the cafeteria to find the guys and sat at a table alone they ate but you didn't you couldn't.

“Woah are you working that big mission tonight then?” Hyungsik asked.

“Oh yeah we're doing it too it supposed to be really important and big.” Seo Joon added.

“Most definitely. Once I finish this mission this will be my last. I'm so excited!” You let them finish eating and you went back to work and then left early with the guys for the mission. It lasted pretty much all night. It was someone from North Korea and they need a hell of a lot of back up.

 When you showed up to Daisy the next morning though. Yikes.

“Y/N! I can't. You'll have to tell the boys you slept heavy or something...because this is bad Y/n.” You sighed.  

“I know…” you knew what you were doing but didn't know how to stop it. It's Friday come Sunday it'll be a full week you've been doing this...a full week you didn't have Yoongi.

“Y/n, have you been eating?” Damn Daisy.

“Yes I'm fine. I have been sleep. I slept at least two hours last night.” She gave you a concerned smile.

“Take care of yourself y/n. For me ok?” You nodded. “Good now go get to work.

 You showed up and did the same thing you've been doing all week. The boys had their last interview late tonight and you were helping the other stylist running around to help with the clothes when someone yanked your arm.

“What in the hell are you fucking doing to yourself Moon!”

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