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Scarlet University Chapter 6

*Taehyung's Perspective*

I open my eyes to a grass field that seem stretch on forever. I looked around but everything looked the same and I couldn't see anything else but the grass field. "Hello! Is anybody there!" I shouted but sadly I heard nothing but the echo of my voice. Where am I? I thought to myself as I tried walking around to see if there's a way out. A loud ringing sound started buzzing in my ears and put my hands over my ears to block it out. Unfortunately it didn't work as the ring got even louder and it started to hurt my ears. The ringing stopped but now replaced with a soft spoken voice.

"No matter how much you run, he will find you and make you submit to him" was what the soft voice said. "I'm sorry Taehyung please don't hate him, he really is a good person" The soft voice begged and sounded like they were going to cry. With that the soft voice vanished and I felt a pain in my neck. "YOU WILL SUBMIT" a different voice shouted at me. This voice had Authority to it and the pain in my neck grow even more. I cried this is too much to handle and all I want is for it to stop. "You can never escape me Taehyung" the same Authority voice said. "Please don't hate Taehyung its not his fault..." The soft voice returned "please give him a chance Taehyung... Please your the only one who can help him..." The soft voice cried.

I woke up from my dream and I could feel tears coming down my face. "What was that?" I said as I wiped away my tears and looked at the clock. 6:00am was what I read and I couldn't remember when I feel asleep but I feel fully rested. As I got up from my bed I immediately saw Jimin and Jungkook sleep on the floor. I stare at them and question why were they there but I didn't feel like fighting with any of them. I went to my closet and grabbed some clothes. I headed to my bathroom bringing my clothes with me. I sat them down on the corner and closed the bathroom door. I took my shirt off and that when I notice a tattoo on my neck. I stared at it in the mirror with complete shock and I touch the tattoo with my hand gently.

That's when everything from yesterday came back to me and felt tears streaming down my face. I slowly fell to the floor crying my eyes out and I didn't notice the soft knocking on the bathroom door. "Taehyung are okay?" Jimin asked but couldn't respond to him and I just continue to cry. I heard the bathroom door unlocked and swung open. I look up to see Jungkook with a butter knife which is what I guessed he used to open the door. Jungkook stared at me then looked at my tattoo and I wasn't sure if I was imagining things but his flicked to red then back to brown.

Jimin came from behind Jungkook and walked over to me. He hugged me to clam me down and I hugged him back and cried into his shoulder. I heard footsteps running towards my room and a few seconds later Chanyeol and Baekhyun were behind Jungkook. "Tae are you okay?" Baekhyun asked worriedly and I stare at him with teary eyes not sure what to say. "I-I don't know" I said and they all stared at me. I manage to get up from the bathroom floor and looked in the mirror again. I took a deep breathe and turn towards the others "I'm going to take a shower so could you guys please leave my bathroom" I asked. They all nodded their head and left the bathroom. I sighed and got in the shower. Once I was finished with the shower, I got dressed and I could feel that today is going to be hell.

*Hoseok Perspective*

I was up early than usual and I wasn't tired either. I guess the angel kid's blood is like a energy drink I thought to myself. I walked up to the mirror and checked out my attire. Once I was done with that I headed out of my room to be stop by one of butlers. "Young Master I am to infom you that your parents will be visiting this weekend" he said with a bow. I let out a sigh and walked away from him. I headed out the house and to my baby girl "alright sweetheart I'm going to take you out again" I said as I got in my car and started her up. I started driving to the University and of course I was speeding. I arrived at the university in five minutes and parked my baby girl in between Namjoon and Yoongi hyungs cars.

I got out of my car and was surprise that Yoongi hyung and Namjoon weren't here. I realize that it was Wednesday and I knew exactly where they were. I teleported to the Culinary Arts building and I immediately saw Yoongi hyung laying beside the door. "He is in there again isn't he?" I asked Yoongi hyung while sighing. "Its Wednesday where else would he be?" Yoongi hyung said annoyed. "You wanna watch him act stupid in front of that senior?" I asked with devilish grin. Yoongi hyung had the same grin and we both teleported behind a corner. We peeked out to watch Namjoon talk to the senior and we could how hard he was trying to act cool.

"He such a swagless vampire its not even funny" Yoongi hyung said as he watches and shakes his head at Namjoon failing. "I don't understand why namjoon doesn't force him to be his" I said annoyed at how terrible he is failing with the senior. "Because he is stupid and says that he wants to win his heart over to him and that you can force people to love you" Yoongi hyung said with more annoyance. I swear this man is the smartest being on this campus but he is dumbest when it comes to that senior.

"I don't think I can watch this anymore" I said as I watch Namjoon laughing at the senior's dad joke like it was the funniest thing in the world. "let's mess with him" Yoongi hyung said and I nodded my head. We casually walk up to them "hey nams who's the cute guy you are talking" I asked putting on my most charming face on. Namjoon glares at us as we stand next to him. grab the senior's hand and kissed the back of it "the name is Hoseok" I said with the most charming smile. I could feel Namjoon glaring daggers at me as the senior blushed at what I did. "M-My name is Kim Seokjin but everything calls me Jin" Jin said still blushing.

"I'm yoongi" Yoongi hyung said as grabbed Jin's other hand and kissed the back of it. The poor senior was blushing a lot and Namjoon had enough with us. "Don't you guys have some else to be at?" Namjoon asked with annoyance. We laugh at Namjoon and the senior was starring at us like we lost our minds. "See ya around cutie" I said as I walked away. "Yeah see you later hot stuff" Yoongi hyung said as he joins me and the last where heard was Namjoon yelling at us. Me and Yoongi laughed as we carry on with our day. I was hoping to run into the angel kid so I can get so more blood from him. Man he's blood is addicting I thought to myself as we headed to the Music Production building.

As we were about to walk into the building I could sense angel kid was close and I could feel a thirst for his blood. "Hoseok your eyes are red like glowing red" Yoongi hyung said as he stare at my eyes and I could take it anymore. I teleported to the angel kid and grabbed him then teleported to the roof of the Music Production building. I pinned him to wall and stared at him as licked my lips. He stares back at me and could sense how terrified he was. I moved his headed to expose his neck and I didn't waste a second as sunk my fangs into his neck. The angel kid let a yelp and I could feel his body trembling.

I stared drinking his blood and I swear his blood tasted so sweet. I notices he started to feel arouse from me drinking his blood and could help but smirk. As long as doesn't disobey me I can make him enjoy this. I decide to stop or he was going to pass out and I like my lips as move my face in front of his. I stared at him studying his facial features and I went to kissed him but I got interrupted. "What the hell you want?" I said sounding pissed off. "Sorry to interrupt your little moment here but if you don't give the angel kid back to his friends the Dean is going to report you to your parents" Namjoon said and I just growled in frustration.

"Fine" I said as I let the angel kid go but some reason he just stood. Both Yoongi hyung and Namjoon stare at the angel confused. "M-My name is T-Taehyung not a-angel k-kid" Taehyung stuttered. We just all laugh at him and I couldn't believe this kid. "Well Taehyung go before I get in trouble or I'll punish you" I said starring directly at him. Taehyung eyes widen and ran away into the building. "Damn Hoseok we could sense your arousal in other building" Yoongi said as he made a disgusted face. "Then why don't you make cotton candy boy yours then?" I said knowing that if he did that he would know why I'm so fucking aroused by Taehyung.

"I'll make him mine" Yoongi hyung growled at me and I laughed. "Has channi paid you yet?" I asked Namjoon as we headed back inside the building. "He already paid me about half today and said he will give me the rest next week" Namjoon. "Wow I guess we scared Channie pretty good then" I said with amazement. "damn how the hell did Chanyeol get that many blood bag so quickly?" Yoongi hyung asked. "Chanyeol dad just so happens to work a blood clinic" Namjoon said. We headed to class even though we are already late. Once we arrived and took our seats, I just wanted this leason to end already. As we waited for class to end I could stop think about Taehyung. I wonder what he is doing right now and I hope I can play with him so more. This year is going to be really fun I thought to myself.
A/N: I hoped you guys enjoyed chapter 6 of Scarlet University and I hope you will leave some feedback for me!

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Wow. TaeTae is really going through some things. Can't wait for the next chapter.
good as always babe, I'm proud of you
poor Tae Tae
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