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The day has finally come for this wonderful man's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Heechul!!! Now I bring you my scenario.
You finish facetiming Heechul, for his birthday. You hear him say let's go get breakfast! You are excited, to be getting breakfast with him on his birthday. You ask him where, and you look at the phone. You see the guy behind him. Then the phone goes dead, you realize he was talking to him and not you.
You are waiting to greet Heechul for his birthday after the concert. You go to his dressing room. You come closer to him and you hear him say beautiful! You think he is talking about you and reply, thank you. Only to realize he was talking a selfie of himself and was talking about his picture.

Well I hope you enjoyed these scenarios. Happ Birthday Heechul! I hope you had a wonderful day!

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Great Scenarios! 😊
Thank you!