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Why Does Baekhyun Have A Mullet?

and an even better question...why don't I hate it?

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he's business in the front and party in the back type of person... but in all seriousness who ever was their stylist for the comeback needs a time out and to think about what they did
4 months ago·Reply
I hate the mullet hair style but it's so bad that it's kinda sexy? Lol I think im just in shock right now.
4 months ago·Reply
the thing is will he brake your achy baeky heart
4 months ago·Reply
OMG I literally LOL'd @ that
4 months ago
I'm sorry but I absolutely hate his mullet, Baekhyun is my number one bias and I love him so much and I will sell my soul for him but I absolutely hate his mullet, so so much...
4 months ago·Reply
Lol I was thinking the same thing "why a mullet and why is he able to pull it off?!"
4 months ago·Reply
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