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Wassup guys!!!! So I was supposed to post this on Sunday but it slipped my mind so here you guys go today. FYI, I am not responsible for the feels this chapter may trigger. Oh and I do apologize that this chapter is shorter than normal.
You froze at you felt his lips on yours. You couldn't process in what just happened. Should you stop it? What the hell!!! He just went for it!!! Oh my.......oh his lips feel so good!! Please baby,  please don't stop! I want more!! Wait, what am I thinking?? I gotta end this, but I don't want to end it. You slowly started to relax and began to kiss him back.

You wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him closer. Your heart flutter and you start to feel butterflies in your stomach, but your mind was screaming to stop. Y/n you know you need to stop this!!! But I want this so much, I missed his touch, his feel, his scent, everything!!! Hold up, but what about what he did to you?? Are you gonna just let that fly out the window?? Oh for Pete's sake, the poor boy apologize for what happened. He wants to make it work with you. Give him another chance.

You broke the kiss and rested your forehead against his while both of you catches your breath. Jay then caressed your face and lifted your chin up to him to look him in the eyes. As you looked, you notice a look of hunger in his eyes. "I'm sorry for kissing you, but I couldn't help myself. I wanted to kiss you for so long and I do apologize if I stepped my boundaries. Y/n, I hope to...." You stopped him in his tracks and kissed him again. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer to you. Jeremiah then wrapped his arms around your waist and hoisted you up against the wall. You immediately wrap your legs around his waist and started to kiss his neck. "Baby, you know that's a weakness of mines. Keep that up and I may not be able to stop," Jay said huskily in your ear. What if I didn't want you to stop? Jay gave you a surprise look and started kissing on your ear.

You felt Jay's hands cupped your butt and you started grinding on him. You felt his hard member push up against your shorts and you instantly got wet for him. Your hands were just at the hem of his pants when you heard a knock at the door. Both of you froze at the sound. Jay quickly put you down and quickly readjusted himself. "15 minutes till you preform," a stage manager said. "Alright, thank," Jay said. I think I should get going. You rushed out the room but Jay grabbed your arm. "Princess please don't run away. I want to discuss what's happening to us. Can we talk after the show?" You looked at him and nodded your head yes, not trusting your mouth. Jay lifted your chin to give you a quick kiss and a reassuring smile and walked out.

You stood there,"said trying to process what all just happened. Did that almost happened??? OMG!!! What was I thinking???? Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!! But I want more. Fuck, what am I gonna do now???
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