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Elo J-Bunnies

As you all notice Vingle is currently doing some enhancing to the mods. As well as bring in new stuff soon. Which resulted in the Mods from Q2 continuing into Q3 without having to reapply.

As for Jay Park Community...

Thanks to Jay Badboy Park and ChaCha Sexy@$$ Malone, we have extended our love to a new label.

Bo$$ Squad will now be showing love to not only AOMG but also to H1ghr Music as well.

Sundays we will be doing introductions cards for all members of both labels until we cant go no more hahaha

Monday we will be doing Man Crush Mondays... Yeah that's right its back since there is more to love...

Tuesdays we will throwback to the good memories AOMG has made for us as well as H1ghr Music crews as well.

Wednesdays will be out 'Reaction' cards which btw I personally will keep my comments/PM open for any requests... I will post them on Wednesday and Saterdays.

Thursdays we will have MoodBoards which is something creativitily fun for all of us in bo$$ squad. All are welcome to join us... Thank you tumblr.

Friday will forever be the day we remind you the thirst is real like like how Loco and Gray did by being shirtless. >u<

Saterdays are Bo$$ Squad 'free' day were we can post whatever kind of card we want... like those fake texts that shock everyone or make you laugh...

As for my MCM...

Its currently the devil himself...

Jay BadBoy Park

He has been my inspiration since june...
and after the hell I had to go throw last week (especially weds & Thurs) my strength.

Sometimes we just need this kind of dork in our lives to keep our day sunny and bright.

❤BBMG Squad:

♣BO$$ Squad:


My Bunnies:
Oh boy! Let the Shenanigans commence!! 😂😂😁😁😰😰
yayyyyy i cant wait