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So i was thinking about all the bts ships and ARMY? am i missing something? am i wrong? tell me if so

So thats the diagram i drew, and am i missing anyone, i know it a little confusing but please forgive me

And those are the ship names, forgive me if i did anything wrong
I feel like there is a new pairing EVERYDAY hahahah :D
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I made more notes of the notable ships. Given that there could be 49+ ships within BTS, here are the most common ships that I made note of. BTS ships Jin-NamJin, Sin, Jinkook, Jinmin Suga-Sope, Yoonhyung Hoseok-HoNam Namjoon-Nammin, VMon, KookieMonster Jimin-JiKook, VMin V-VKook
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Damn, Jimin a ho
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@MaggieHolm wow... Thank u
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You're welcome!
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