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it's been previously stated that lee has never beaten neji, so as much as I hate it, it has to go to neji
Rock Lee would've won "What good are your eyes if your body can't keep up"
What good is you speed and power if your body can handle the stress.
@HansSmith @AllieGrabowski Well don't forget Gaara's sand naturally protected him without him doing anything where's Neji needs to consciously activate rotation and everything else
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Your also forgetting neji has all ready fought against Hinata. Rock Lee was the last to go. So neji now knows about the weights. Also the did not allow Naruto to used the nine tail fox. Kyuubi help him out he even said it to him at the very last fight of the anime. Also Naruto could not used Kyuubi Chakra at the 2nd exam do to it still being seal and the five seal that Orochimaru have put on him at the forest of death. He was able to used it after Jiraiya took the five seal away. So no one knew it was unsealed and neji got carried away as well and let his guard down. If Kyuubi didn't help him Naruto would have lost that fight as well
Neji was unaware of the 8 gates and the weights he wore
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