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Who: Chase Malone x Reader
What: Angst (I'm sure Smut eventually)
Story: One happy night turns his life upside down. Business man Chase Malone must do everything he can to deal with loss, keep his business and bring back the woman he loves.

Chase's POV

She had quickly gotten adjusted to her job again. However, Chase was annoyed that now she had to go and re-work her way up to her old position. She was out for six months plus she had no memory of her clients, Co-workers or boss. They had given all her clients to other employees and her old office was now someone else's. She said she was fine with it but Chase knew how hard she worked the first time just to get to that position. It wasn't like she was going back to her entry level job, in a technical sense it was still her same position but she had more work, less clients, now she was re-establishing everything over again. He just felt like it was a little unfair but the business didn't stop just because she was out of it. The same for his business. He was in the middle of a financial crisis, at least with his American office. While Jay was bringing in profits from the Korean business, it became apparent that the American company was missing money. Chase was still trying to determine whether or not it was because of an error in the system, they weren't making enough profit or because someone was stealing from them.

It was just one frustrating move after another.

It was fall now and Y/n had her hat and scarf on that he bought her last winter. It was colder than it normally was for early fall. She had been back home for two months and she asked if they could make the same deal they had before. Two months without sex. She wanted to keep all the same conditions though which kind of worried him. She was asking if things didn't work could she leave him. A big part of him wanted to say no but it was more important that she found herself being able to love him again.

They were talking about work and he was in the middle of trying to remind her of the time they went to the circus and the Elephant sprayed her with water. She was soaking wet from head to toe. She didn't remember but she laughed at the memory he shared.

They were just walking past a little cafe that served the best French roast Coffee in Seattle. She loved the place but didn't even glance at it as they passed by. People were outside sitting at the tables talking amongst themselves while Y/n had her arm wrapped around his. A large eighteen wheeler came traveling down the road and Y/n's eyes found the headlights before she ducked and fell to the ground like it was a reflex of fear.

"Y/n!" Chase started worried.

He quickly knelt down to get to her. Her hand was on her head like she was in pain. She groaned on the ground and Chase lifted her up while cradling her head.

"Are you alright baby?" he asked.

She had tears brimming her eyes and she snaked her arms around his neck to hold him tight. She seemed scared and he wondered what she remembered. Did the truck passing by restart the memory of their accident. Was she aware of Sammy's death now? Chase picked her up in his arms and carried her over to a public bench where they could sit. She snaked her arms around him more.

"What did you remember?" he asked.

She had her face buried in his chest; her voice muffled against his shirt so he couldn't make out what she said.

"Y/n look at me." he told her.

She finally looked up and said,

"Up till now I've been having fragments come back. Little moments that don't seem significant, like brushing my teeth in the morning or watching you drive off for work. This is the first time a memory hit me this hard." she said softly looking up at him.

She released his neck and sat up on the bench on her own so she could wipe her eyes.

"I remember laughing and calling you an ass. I remember turning my head and seeing the truck lights and the car flipping and spinning and glass shattering and then my head.... I hit my head and...nothing." she said.

"That's it?" he asked.

She blinked and looked up at him,

"What do you mean, that's it?" She said almost offended but clearly more curious.

"Nothing I just thought there was more you'd remember. Like that we were coming back from vacation." he said.

In truth, he was worried she remembered Sammy but he expected a different reaction with the realization that their nine month old was killed in a car crash. She just shook her head and sighed,

"I felt afraid like my life was flashing before me eyes."

"I tried to get out of the way Y/n. He was just moving too fast." he said.

She looked at him with pinched eyebrows.

"Why are you talking to me like that?" she said hurt.

"Like what?"

"Like I'm blaming you for what happened." she said.

He looked at her for a moment feeling as though maybe he should've been blamed for not living up to his promises and taking care of her and Samuel. He didn't say anything he just looked away and she let out a short scoff.

"I'm not blaming you for not saving me Chase. There's nothing you could do." she said.

"It doesn't fix things though. Your memory is still gone. It may never come back completely."

"Then let's stop living in the past Cha Cha. If my memory doesn't come back it won't change the fact that I'm married to you and that at one point we were in love. Let's just focus on our relationship." she said.

He looked at her and sighed. He stared at the ground for a moment and she looked at him upset. She got up and started to walk away. Chase jumped up and went after her. He caught her by her arm and she stopped to look at him.

"Y/n I'm sorry okay. I'm not mad at you it's just this entire situation. It's just hard for me." He said.

"I know it is. It's hard for me too but I need you to work with me rather than leave me in the dark. I don't really know what's going on in your mind but you keep pushing me away only to pull me back in. This isn't the first time you've gotten irritated and I didn't blame you for anything-"

"I never said you did."

"You didn't have to Chase it was in your voice. Look, I'm just asking you to forget about the damn accident. Forget about the things I can't remember and just- make new memories with me. We may not be able to go back to the way we were but we can at least start a new chapter in our lives."

As right as she was, to Chase that new chapter still said that Sammy wouldn't be apart of it. Their sweet little son. The reason he got aggrivated in the first place was because of how powerless he was to save him; he was still upset about the driver surviving. He was in jail now, Chase saw to that. He fought with ever tooth and nail to make sure he was behind bars. Every time he thought of that man's face he hated him a little more. When Y/n said she was scared, it just made him realize how useless he was to her too. She was scared and he couldn't provide her any real comfort. Everything was annoying him but she was all he had left of his family and he loved her with every breath in his body.

He just wasn't dealing with his pain...

He got Y/n home and she took to the Master bedroom to changed into something more comfortable, at least that's how she put it. Jay ended up calling Chase up to see how he and Y/n were doing. He told him that she hadn't recovered her memories yet and only just recently remembered the crash. It still didn't seem like she knew about Sammy which he was grateful for. Jay knew how much Chase was dealing with but he liked to check in on him to tell him about his business in Seoul. Their move was cancelled after the accident, he just couldn't afford to go back and forth from one place to the other. He had to focus on Y/n, as far as work went she was doing well with it but it wasn't like their relationship was back to where it was. Chase was concerned he'd lose his wife.

"Hey man look, I'm back in Seattle in a couple of days. Maybe we should restage your first date." Jay suggested over the phone.

"What do you mean re-stage our first date?" Chase asked.

"Well I can call Gloria and maybe you can stay at my hotel for the night. We can go to the same club we went to then go out and eat at the same resturant. We can make it like it's your first time meeting again. You two met because Gloria wanted to double on Valentines day remember." Jay said.

"Well how are we going to get the whole Valentine's theme set up?" Chase said.

"Leave that to me." Jay chuckled over the phone.

"That sounds suspicious. Anyway, how do you know Gloria will agree to pretend to be sickeningly in love with you like she was back then. From what I remember you two had a tough break up."

"Yeah but we've still been talking, besides she'd do anything for Y/n. I was consoling her while she was in the hospital. I think, as long as I make it clear to her that it's not a trick for us to get back together but to help you, she'll agree to it." Jay said.

Chase decided to trust him and let Jay take care of everything while he decided to focus on something else. He went into Sammy's room to start his personal work out, venting his demons into the punching bag but he left the door unlocked this time. Y/n was still locked up in the Master bedroom.

Y/n's POV

You knew there was something going on with Chase. Something was weighing heavy on his mind and you knew he loved you more than anything but there was something keeping you from believing that he was truly there for you. You just felt like there was something he was hiding, there was always a moment where you mentioned memory fragments coming back but it was really just flashes of smiling and normal everyday routines. You didn't know what time in the past five years those memories were coming from or the context around them. Sometimes if he told you a story about what you guys did in the past you got a few little jolts and pieced together what he was saying because of the memory but it wasn't like it was back. It was like a sense of knowing it happened just not having the complete details.

You wanted to describe it too him but you weren't sure you could. You wanted to be in love with him so badly. After what Cody did to you, finding out that Cha Cha was the one you gave your heart to and that he earned it made you feel much better about being in the house with him but you still didn't know if things could be fixed. You couldn't put your finger on it but there was just something inside your heart that you knew was missing and you had no idea what it was. You thought agreeing to the same deal that you two orginally made would help you figure it out and he did his best to make sure that you were in falling in love with him but there was just a big problem that you believed he wasn't seeing.

Chase knew everything about you and because of your memory loss you knew nothing about him.

So you were at a disadvantage but so was he. He didn't need to learn anything about you and you almost didn't feel the need to explain certain things to him because you knew he already knew it about you. You weren't sure how you could get him to break the habit of using a "cheat sheet" for the lack of a better term and just pretend to get to know you again. Maybe if you two could do that then you 'd be able to fall more in love with him again and get back to the way you two used to be.

You walked out of the bedroom to go into the living room. Chase said he'd watch a movie with you. He said that you could pick it but you didn't know what you wanted to watch. You were caught between watching a comedy or a slasher movie, like Saw or something. You tend to talk through scary movies though. You couldn't remember if he hated that or didn't care.

You heard the familiar sound of fists hitting a punching bag. The sound was distinct in the otherwise quiet home and you walked over to lean against the wall and listen to him. You could hear the sound of his breath huffing and puffing as his fist beat into the bag. You walked over closer to the door to listen more. You wondered what it was that he was trying to get out. There would be moments he'd just get so aggrivated he walked into the room and just started beating the hell out of the bag. What was he holding in all the time?

You twisted the nob slowly and hoped that you wouldn't make so much noise that he'd see you. You cracked the door open and saw him sweating with tape around his fists. He was just beating the bag up. His knuckles were scuffed once because he decided to just go in there without any tape. Apparently, he had run out and because you didn't want him to hurt himself you bought him more. He didn't talk about it much but he thanked you for the gift and kissed you on the top of the head.

You felt your heart kind of swell. You wanted to know what was making him so angry. You wanted to know what was making him so aggressive in such random moments. Did it have something to do with Cody? With you? With himself? You were kind of left in the dark and you didn't like that. You wanted him to trust you enough to talk to you about it. Isn't that what a married couple is supposed to do? Talk about things and deal with their issues together rather than separately.

Soon it was your phone ringing in your pocket that ratted you out to Chase. His head snapped seeing you watching him and you jumped back startled. You hurried away from the door and answered your phone. You went into the kitchen.

"Hello?" You answered.

"Hey baby cakes. What are you up to?" Gloria answered happily.

"Um.. Nothing I was just about to sit down and watch a movie."

"Ugh boring. I swear your married life took all the party out of you." she joked.

You gave a faint smile even if she couldn't see it. You looked up seeing Chase walk in from behind the wall of the hallway. You saw him with a towel around his neck and he walked slowly. You averted your eyes feeling embarrassed for watching him. Like you were a child caught watching a rated R movie knowing damn well you shouldn't have been watching it in the first place. You turned to the window that looked out at the patio.

"No, I don't really think that's what took it out of me." You said lightly.

"True Chase is a bit of a party boy himself. Still anytime I could drag your ass out to the club you two were the first to leave to get a lil sumthin' sumthin' on if you know what I mean and I think you do."

"You're so gross." you chuckled.

"Yes I am La La and that's why you love me. Anyway, I was going to stop by and drop off something but if you're at home relaxing I can- Oh hold on girl someone's calling me." Gloria said.

You stayed silent but you heard her say,

"Why the hell is Jay calling me? Hey Y/n, I'll call you back tomorrow okay. Wanna meet for lunch?" she asked.

"Sure I'll ask Cha Cha if he doesn't mind."

"Okay baby talk to you later." She said.

She hung up the phone band you felt Chase's hands crawl up your arms softly making you shiver even though your body warmed to his touch. He peppered light kissed on your shoulder and between your neck drawing soft little mewls from your lips.

"Ask me what baby girl?" He whispered.

A strange coil greeted your stomach. You wanted him, you liked the way he was trailing his kisses up your neck. You shivered in his touch and your eyes rolled back forgetting what you were supposed to say.

"Ch- Chase." You whispered while letting out a softer moan.

"Yes baby?" He said right behind your ear and you shuddered.

You quickly pulled away, taking in a deep breath to calm down but your pressed your legs together knowing you wanted some friction. You bit your lip looking at his sweaty body glistening in your kitchen light. You swallowed and stayed where he was standing with a smile on his face. You looked to the hallway for a moment, reminding yourself of what you really wanted to know.

"Um Gloria wants to have lunch tomorrow. Do you mind if I go?" you asked.

"We always have lunch together." he said.

"Well then come with us." You said.

He sighed and nodded,

"Yeah okay."

"What are you training for?" you asked.

Chase looked at you confused.

"Every time you go in that room you punch that bag like it has to die. Why are you in there all the time?" You asked.

"I'm not in there all the time."

"Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I come to see you but you're in that room. The door's always locked but I can hear you in there just punching away like a mad man. What's going on?" You asked.

He stepped up to you and kissed your forehead.

"Don't worry about it. Just, don't go in that room okay."

"Why, what are you dealing with that I don't know about?" You asked.

Chase looked you in the eye for a second. His gaze was a bit hard but he broke the stare to look away and sniff. He placed down his glass that he had grabbed at some point, you weren't even paying attention to when he grabbed it. You stood there wondering if he'd tell you even a little bit of what was going on with him.

He turned around and walked over to you.

"I love you and for right now that's all I need you to know. Can you just accept that?" he said.

He raised his hand to lift your chin so that you'd look up at him. You just nodded and he lowered his lips onto yours. You felt your tongues roll over each other and a moan escaped your lips.

"Can we?" you breathed.

"Yeah, I need my baby girl." he said cupping your face.

He kissed you harder and walked you back towards the Master bedroom.
He kicked the door closed behind you two as he pushed you past the threshold. You started to try and pull off your shirt and he grabbed your hands making you stop. He sat you down on the edge of the bed and then climbed over your lap. He leaned down to make you lay back on the bed and your hands came to his shoulders. You felt your head hit the bed softly while his lips ghosted over yours and to your neck. The feeling of his tongue on your neck made you moan out loud in surprise. That was your favorite spot though.

You bit your lips and your hand went up to tangle in his short hair as he moved down your body slowly. He came off the bed looking down at your now flushed face and your heated body wanting him desparately. You had been wanting him for two months you were going a little crazy not being able to sleep with him but you could kiss him in such dirty ways. He grabbed the trim of your sweatpants and pulled them down along with your panties. He knelt down and opened your legs wider. You felt blood rush to your core. You were getting wet just from him kissing you and stripping you.

You saw him come close to your heat like he was going to lick you or even kiss you. His tongue provided a quick short lick onto your senstive nub and you whined like you were begging for more. His eyes were lustfully dark and they were staring up at you from between your legs. You bit the back of your finger trying to keep from begging him to hurry. He was driving you nuts. He was blowing lightly on your clit to make it twitch. You licked your lips and gripped onto the bed.

"Chase please."

"Shush." he said.

He kissed along your inner thighs and you laid back on the bed. Your legs came up but he pushed them down flat so you were spread wide open. He licked up your folds slowly but it granted him a long aching moan. Your body was heated and wanting more. He licked you slowly but, with each lick he granted your folds, the more pressure that built inside of you. Your core burned for more. He moaned as he started licking you more. You could hear the wet slurps of his kisses on your heat that had you moaning more and rocking your hips up as best as you could into his face. Your hand went to the back of his head to push him in more even though you were whispering,

"Stop, stop, I'm close."

He didn't stop he just kept licking you. His lips clapsed around your clit making you scream and your back arch off the bed. He moved so that his fingers could reach your mouth. He looked up for a second and said,


It was a command your mouth was already ready for. You took his fingers between your lips and let your tongue roll around his two digits while his lips continued to attack your clit. He was sucking hard and letting his mouth pop off of it before allowing his tongue to circle around it in a furious manner. He finally pulled his fingers out of you once they were wet enough and proceeded to stick his middle finger inside your slit. You moaned loud and unashamed at the amount of pleasure you were feeling from just his lips. Your body shivered for a second just adding to the pleasure.

"Oh-fuck. Oh my god. Yes." You moaned throwing your head back into the bed.

You kept riding up into his face while he inserted his second finger in you and started to curl them up.

"Cha Cha, you're- gonna make me- cum." You whined.

You bit your lip trying to hide higher pitched moans that were just giving away how close you were and how much you loved it. He sucked harder and his fingers fucked you faster. Your legs started to shiver.

"Hmmmm, ahhh." He made moaning noises on your heat.

The vibrations from his hum did it. You gripped the sheets and screamed your orgasam on his fingers. You were panting and shivering from the intense orgasam. His fingers didn't stop, they just slowed and he kept licking you.

"Cha Cha." You whined.

"Mmmm." he hummed again.

He lapped up your juices and then went back to your over sensitive clit. Your legs shook already chasing the amazing feeling that kind of hurt but felt so fucking good at the same time. The way he sucked on your clit like he was trying to pull it off of you had your head spinning. Your nipples were hard and you sat up for a second to look at him. You were in a haven at the moment.

"You're so fucking wet baby." Chase smiled before going back down on you.

He removed his fingers to push his tongue inside of you. Your hips started to squirm and he gripped them to hold you down but close to his face.

"Chase. Chase. Oh my fucking- god! Please- Please just fuck me." You whined.

He shook his head and drew his lips back over your clit. Your legs pulled up close to your body and you had one hand on his head and the other holdng onto your knee. Your nipples wanted attention; you wanted to feel him inside you and he was just teasing you. You felt the pressure of another orgasam building again.

"Chase, please. Please I'm gonna cum again."

"Hold it." He smiled.

Tears stung your eyes and you rolled them back to continue marveling in his tongue's magic. You cursed finding yourself in need of that second orgasm. Your heat closed around his fingers more and it was like at the sudden tightness he decided to pull away. He stood up and licked his fingers with a smile. He hovered over you for a moment to give you a long kiss. You could taste yourself on his mouth and you loved it even more. It was so dirty and so hot at the same time. So erotic that you were panting heavily after the kiss. He took you by the hands and made you sit up on the bed. He pulled your shirt off above your head and tossed it to the side and then unclasped your bra. Once you were before him, completely naked, he pulled down his sweatpants to reveal blue and white checkered boxers.

You looked up at him knowing what he wanted you to do. He stepped closer and you reached for his waist to pull his boxers down and take him out of his pants. You licked your lips seeing how incredibly hard he was. Your tingling heat only warmed up more but you still had to endure the loss of your second orgasm. Your mouth opened up to release your tongue. You licked his tip slowly and playfully; he released a gurttled moan from his throat which only turned you on more. Your hand slid between your thighs and you pushed two of your own fingers inside of yourself.

Your tongue circled around the head of his dick and then you opened it more to take him to the back of your throat. You started allowing your tongue to coat his length in saliva and then your hand began to spread it around as your mouth went back to his tip.

"Fuck! I forgot how much I loved your mouth." He groaned.

His hips began to rock into your mouth a little more to pick up the pace. His hand was on one side of your face bringing you on his dick while he fucked your mouth. He groaned deeper and you knew he felt amazing and he was almost ready to come. He suddenly pulled out of your mouth and pushed you back. There was a feral growl that escaped his lips and he didn't hesistate to climb over you to devour your lips in a heavy wet kiss. His knee kicked your legs open and you removed your fingers from your heat. He moaned on your lips and you did the same making your own music in the bedroom. He found your entrance and while continuing the kiss he started to push into you. He started to ride into your body making your arms wrap around his neck as he did.

"I fucking love this tight little hole." He said mid thrust.

"Fuck Cha Cha. It's- - so good." you shivered.

Your legs wrapped around his body and he started fucking you faster.

"You're my little slut aren't you baby girl?" he said against your lips.

"Yes." you said breathelss.

He pushed into your core harder. He kissed you with the same type of heat and his tongue roamed and dominated over yours. More pressure built to the point you felt your second orgasam coming again.

"I'm gonna cum. Fuck." You groaned rolling your eyes in the back of your head.

Chase pulled out of you and turned you around quickly. You pulled your torso up off the bed but he slammed so hard into you from behind that you screamed and your body went back down to the matress. He moved roughly but you loved it, how fast his hips snapped into yours. Your hand came to your clit drawing fast circles on it as you moaned out loud. You cursed and whined as you felt your body reaching another high and you were ready to achieve it. You closed around Chase more and he loved every bit of it. He pulled you up from the bed and snapped his hips against you with his hand wrapped around your throat. He squeezed hard enough to make you light headed but you loved the sensation; it was bringing you in deeper. You were a moaning mess and you could feel his hips go off rhythm so he was getting closer. You turned your head and wrapped your arm around to his head to kiss him. You kissed him as deep as you could and you heard the wet smack of his kiss pop off the walls and into your ears.

"Chase I'm cum- I'm cumming." You said jerking against his body feeling it coming closer and closer.

He let you go back down to the bed and he snapped into you harder and harder until the coil in your stomach broke. You screamed out into the room feeling higher than the first time and this one made you feel so fucking good. Like your spirit left your body kind of high. You were moaning for minutes not being able to do anything else while he continued to move in you. Two more groans and you could feel him jerk in you and his ribbons filled you up. You dropped to the bed completely and rolled over on your side while panting.

"God I missed you." Chase breathed.

"You're amazing." you muttered impressed but your eyes started to close.

You felt a gentle kiss on your forehead and then sleep over took you....

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