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due to potential language, and sensual content
Lead: Jackson Wang of Got7

You're woken after a 500 year sleep, by the blood of your long-lost love blood relative. When you come to the re-new world, you come to learn he even looks just like him. This time you refuse to lose him and do everything you can to keep him, as well as protect him, from the person that separated you both 500 years ago.
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~(Jackson POV)~

I woke up to movement, but everything was going by so fast, I would of thought I in a car, not over someone shoulder. We stop moving, as the person help me sit down on a bench. We had to be on Seoul Tower due to the scenery, but my mind knew that was impossible. I was just in JYP's studio room, with the guys. Then my memory came back, explaining everything to me.

I had a memory of my ancestor's pass after seeing the European producer. He was in the memory killing Roselyn, my ancestor's lover. Whilst my ancestor was trapped in a burning down house, watching the assault. Roselyn was cry and screaming my ancestor's name, and coughing up blood. My head was banging hard, making me hold it, while leaning against the railing.

"Shit.... what is happening..."

I spoke, as I looked around to only see Roselyn alive. I blinked a few times as I realized this was the same woman from, Old England, the cafe. The shock washed over me as I just stared at the beauty kneeling down before me. "Your... Roselyn." She smiled so warmly at me, my heart felt like it was melting.

"You should know me as Mei."

I just blinked as I recalled the memories of my ancestors calling her Mei too. "What makes you think I would know that?" I asked, curious as to what made her say that, but she just giggled cutely. "The tiger lilies, and the fact that after you and I last saw each other, we both saw the past." I knew my smile was gone this time, as I recalled having a moment with her at the cafe.

It really was starting to get stranger by even moment, ever since I found that journal in the attic. What on earth was actually happening here? Was this why my parents freaked out after they found out what I found. "Jackson, I was trying my best to keep my distance. Which was for your own safety, but Erikson has made it clear. He will never leave you alone, no matter how many times you are reborn."

The memory of her being stab came into mind, as I remember the producer name was Erik. He had this weird standard that he wouldn't work with us unless it was after sunset. I should of put two and two together sooner. I sighed heavily, before leaning back comfortably on the railing. "He attempted to kill my ancestor, so he could put you into a deep sleep.... but how did you wake up?"

Roselyn pointed at me, as I looked over at my hand to see the faint scar on my palm. She gently took hold of the healing hand and glide her tongue along the scar. I swear that had to be the hottest thing to ever happen to me. I mentally scream at the 'small brain' down below to behave itself. It listen when I noticed that the scar was gone, after she licked my hand.

I knew I had gone into shock, because what she just did, I only saw done in movies. I looked over at her. "I am only going to offer this to you once..." We locked eyes, while she held my hand firmly. I instinctly pulled her hand closer to my body, feeling the need to for validation.

"Do you want to become a vampire."

I couldn't hide my shock at all anymore, yet for some reason, I smiled. A soft sigh escape my lips, before I pulled her onto my lap. She fit in my arms perfectly, and I bet to others we looked the same age too. Though I could tell she had experience in her eyes. "Beauty, before I give you an answer, can you show me proof that you are what you are claiming?"

She just smiled and giggled, before showing me her fangs. For some reason they were shining like silver. Her fingers brush along my cheek, making my eyes lock with her own. "I will not force you to join my race, its just the only way I can protect you from him. The only advantage I have against the man, is that I can walk in the daylight."

I believe her, since our pass memory stated she wasn't strong enough to save them. "If it means I can help protect you and my families... I'll take your offer." She brush her lips against my lips. She tasted like cotton candy, and her lips so soft. Roselyn then pulled away from me, without letting go of my hands.

"Lets go than... and I'm sorry but you will have to go M.I.A for a while."

I nodded my head, before getting up, and noticing she was shorter than me. Her arms wrap around my neck, as she got closer to me. I felt her soft lips brush against my lips, before a sharp pain radiated throughout my body. I grabbed her shirt, as a gasp of pain escape past my lips. Her touch though on my neck, and fingers running through my hair.

It took my mind off the pain, though the fact that I was getting light headed did help too. Her lips pulled away, as her tongue ran along my neck. Chills ran down my spine, as I felt my solider waking up. I felt her hand touching my butt, as she cut her wrist with her own fang. She had taken my phone, to make a call, whilst pressing her wounded wrist to my lips.

I didn't hesitate, and held her arm, to drink her blood, as she called someone on my phone. She put the phone to her ear, as she looked over at me. "Hello to you to JYP... Raun, Gi-Uk here... I'm taking Jackson for his protect... He going to be joining us soon." She winked at me, before hanging up and taking her arm back from me. She wipe away the blood on my mouth, before healing her wound.

She pulls me into her arms, before we go downstairs, to be greeted by a black Bentley and two men dress like secret service. They had badges on their hips that Roselyn seem to understand the meaning of them. She turn to stand in front of me, and kissed my lips. He sweet and supple lips were the last thing I remember before my world black out and I felt my body turn cold.
Week Later

~(Roselyn POV)~


I had taken Jackson with me to Ren's hide out in Busan. He had been sleeping for three days straight. While those three days went by, his hair slowly turn from luscious brown to fluffy pearl-white. His skin color actually remain the same, which made me curious about him the special gifts that he might have develop after the change. When he woke up his eyes were a baby blue for a whole day.

I made sure his first kill was an animal, instead of human, to help him learn self control better. Its what made his eyes return to the beautiful dark chocolate brown. I told him that the sun might harm him, but since I was the one that turn him. There was a chance that he could be a day walker. He ran to the window after I told him, and expose himself to the sun.

He started dancing when the sun didn't do anything to him. He was so cute I couldn't help but smile warmly at him. I taught him all the basics you need to know information. Thanks to Hollywood, he already knew half of them. Once I knew it was a week from when I took him off grid, I turn his phone back on.

Jackson came to my side the moment it started to chirm like a singing canary. I nearly broke his phone when I saw Erik's name in a text message to Jackson. My phone was offline too so I didn't know about anything he was doing. I just didn't want Erik to interfere with Jackson's transition.

'Hello Jackson... hope you're enjoying your time with my princess... While you're playing with her in bliss, I will be taking your best friend with me. Even I need an Heir, just in case Princess gets her way.' - Erik Matthews.

A picture of Jackson's friend Mark was at the bottom of the text message. Mark was tied up and covered in blood whilst knocked out. I turn on my phone and it sang just the same. "Shouwei!" I called the guards into the apartment, before through one of the vases at the wall beside them. "How do you not tell me that Erik grabbed his friend? Ren's orders?"

Hey nodded their head, as I growl at them. Jackson grabbed my arm, to hold me back. "I'm the one that should be upset, not you." I turn to face him, and saw his eyes growling blue again. I petted his head, before resting my forehead on his own.

"Its cause this council keeps failing to info us. I don't want anything to happen to you or your love ones."

He smiled, and kiss the top of my nose. "Mei, you are too good to me." I turn to the guard, and growled at them. I then called JYP and Ren, ordering a hunt for Erik, or else I would take actions of my own. JYP didn't have to be threaten since it was one of his own.

Yet Ren did need the threat because I was starting to become fed us with her ways. It wasn't long before we got a phone call from JYP. I put it on speaker phone, and lay the phone on the table in front of Jackson. He was holding his hands together and hanging his head. Like he was praying that his friend would be okay.

"Hey Gi-Uk ssi, my men found Erik and Mark. They are still together in hiding, but there is word.. He turn Mark."

I closed my eyes and sat down on the couch. I bite my lip, drawing blood, to hold back my growl. "Text me the address of the location. I am going to free Mark, personally." JYP hummed before hanging up and sending me the address. I got up and grabbed the phone.

Jackson grabbed my arm, and stood in front of me. "I'm coming with you, that my family he has turn." His blue eyes had a tint of red, showing his anger. I pecked his lips, and took him with me outside of the hide out.

I told the guards I was returning Jackson to JYP. Though it was a lie. We were going to save Mark...

I am done listening to the useless council... I wasn't going to let Mark suffer the same faith as me.

to be continue

= ^-^ = Hope you enjoy the chapter ..... See you next tuesday for next Chapter
*She will have 3 names... Chinese - Mei Raun| English - Roselyn Hope | Korean - Gu Ki Raun
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