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Hello all. I just want to throw out a couple of spoilers because I want to see how well a couple of new shows to crunchyroll are going to follow their manga. The reason why I am doing this is because there have been multiple times that I have read a series up to the latest chapter only to just find out that it just now is getting an anime , and some which I didn't think would get one are some how getting a series. I just want to throw this out there .So I suggest that you don't read any further if you don't want things to be ruined for you if you are planning on watching the following. .. Elegant Yokai Apartment, knights and magic ,and a centaur's life.

Elegant Yokai Apartment
Now don't quote me on the order this happens because I haven't read it in a couple of weeks, but the main character eventually leaves the apartments, comes back and has his power unlocked as a magician and comes in contact wit a magic book.

Knights and magic.
The mc eventually beats a boss monster and as his reward gets to design and build his own knight machine.

A centaur's life.
They eventually introduce a race called the antarcticans and one is an exchange student. They also introduce mermaids.


My first girlfriend is a gal.
There is a love rival who is kind of a childhood friend. ..