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A little bit about me....
Hello, lovelies! I decided that not a lot of people know me or know about me, I'm actually very reclusive irl, but I'm very much outgoing on the interwebs! I love getting to know people and tend to love absolutely everyone!

I guess I should start with the basics...
I'm just going to go off a chart thing I found off of Pintest!

Hi, My name is Megan E. Jennaway.
I was born in Edinbrugh, Scotland.
I currently reside in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.
My birthday is on October 27, 2000.
I am 16 years old.
I work for King Hill Ice Skating Rink.
I am Single and living with my parents.
There are 10 People in my family.
They are my biological mom and dad, my step mom and step dad, my 2 step brother, and my biological brother and my 2 biological sisters.
My [biological] father is a sales rep, my [step father] is an owner of a thrift shop, my [biological] mom is a deli manager at Harris Teeter, my [step mom] is an accounts payable for Tar Heel Tobacco.
My hobbies include dancing, singing, drawing, writing, reading, theater, and taking care of my many pets!
My favourite sport is between figure skating and vollyball.
In my free time, I also like to watch anime, scroll through Tumblr. and Instagram, and procrastinate on writing my novel series.
I don't like liers, backstabbers, people who don't respect things like gender, sexuality or music equality, and most importantly people who don't give people any chances.
My favourite food is Potatoes with melted cheese and homegrown herbs.
My favourite drink it between grape crush and irn brw.
My favourite day of the week is wednesday because it means I only have two more days of school.
My favourite singer (or band) is Currently between BTS and NightWish.
I like fantasy, action, and some romance movies.
My favourite place is My bedroom because I feel safe and I can escape my responsibilities.
I like traveling because It gives me a chance to show off to people.
The most beautiful place in my [birth] place is Roslin Castle.
I study English because my school forces me to.
I hope to get to know you guys better as well!!!
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