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Please read!!!

This is not my content, this is a blog from ARMY Amino!

(Note: I had to type all this out since Amino doesn't allow copy & paste... I HAD IT ALL TYPED AND I ACCIDENTALLY CLOSED THE APP!! I could have just forgotten about it... but I really wanted to post this... So I spent another hour typing it out... Thank you if you're reading!)

I have gotten permission from the creator to post the blogs info on Vingle.

I will not be changing any information! Only presentation!

I will be using the same pictures and info on the blog.

↑↑↑ Credit to the creator! ↑↑↑

Please go check out the blog as well!



('Common Characteristics' section is the creators opinions, the rest is by fact)

β™‘ Jin β™‘

Their Anthem(s):
-I Need U

Popular Ships:
#1: NamJin
#2: JinKook

- Flying Kisses
- Window Wiper Laugh
- Dad Jokes

Common Characteristics:

-Great sense of humor
-Just really, really soft
-Wrecked by his beautiful voice and hardworking attitude

-Can't stop staring at his handsome face
-Done with BigHit because, give him lines!
-Protective mama bears because Jin is precious and

β™‘ Suga β™‘

Their Anthem(s):
-First Love

Popular Ships:
#1: YoonMin
#2: Sope/YoonSeok

-Gummy Yoongi
-Sleepy Yoongi

Common Characteristics:

-Savage as hell
-Honestly sweet as suga
-Quiet and thoughtful
-Still shook from AGUST D mixtape let's be real
-"He's not lazy he's tired because he works so damn hard!"(don't fight me on this he deserves his rest without people calling him lazy)
-Infired by passionate rapping

β™‘ Jimin β™‘

Their Anthem(s):
-Tony Montana
-We Don't Talk Anymore cover

Popular Ships:
#1: YoonMin
#2: JiKook
#3: VMin

-Mochi moments,

-Lip bites & tongue slips

-Hair flips

Common Characteristics:

-So supportive, seriously wow
-Feeling attacked by the Jibooty
-Mesmerized because holy fluff that dancing
-Trying to deduce the science behind how someone so adorable can become so sexy in 0.01 seconds
-Will keep up the #jiminyouareperfect tag until the end of time because this lil Mochi needs to be protected and supported ok?!

β™‘ J-Hope β™‘

Their Anthem(s):
-One Verse
-Boy Meets Evil
-Blood Sweat & Tears

Popular Ships:
#1: Sope/YoonSeok
#2: V-Hope

-Forehead Hobi
-Ab slip from Boy Meets Evil
-Infectious happiness

Common Characteristics:

-Blind from looking at the sun all the time
-Smiley little fluff
-Probably hypnotized by dancing skill
-Waiting more or less patiently for Hobi's mixtape to drop
-Some of the most extra BTS stans tbh
-Have heart palpitations when Hobi is upset, because whO MADE THE SUNSHINE CRY? WHY?

β™‘ Jungkook β™‘

Their Anthem(s):
-Nothing Like Us cover
(pretty much any of his covers are amazing tbh)

Popular Ships:
#1: TaeKook
#2: JiKook
(let's not start ship wars please)

-Bunny Kookie
-Coconut hair
-Muscle Kook

Common Characteristics:

-Goofy troublemakers
-Still denying that Bangtan's baby is growing up
-Deciphering the formula for Golden Maknae's many talents
-Constantly attacked by rude body rolls/hip thrusts
-Misunderstood because they love it when he sings yet also realize that he gets a lot of lines, but it's not his fault so don't take it out on him please

β™‘ V β™‘

Their Anthem(s):
-Any of the Cyphers

Popular Ships:
#1: Taekook
#2: VMin
#3: V-Hope

-Boxy smile
-More lip bites/tongue slips
-Adorkable Tae

Common Characteristics:

-Aegyo to end lives
-Always appreciate bandana Tae
-Still can’t predict what their lovably strange boy will do next
-Hwarang probably killed them (Addixtion: same fam...)
-Gucci fangirls & fanboys
-May be a bit strange but honestly they’re just as precious as our Taehyungie so please don’t bully them or him


β™‘ Rap Monster β™‘

Their Anthem(s):
-Do You

Popular Ships:
#1: NamJin
#2: Kookie Monster
(Addixtion: I never heard this ship, but now I ship it a bit because of the name. ΰ²₯⌣ΰ²₯)
#3: NamMin

-English speakeu
-Dance Monster

Common Characteristics:

-#KimDaily is fashion goals
-Praying for BTS' & Rap Mons safety because he's the God of Destruction
-Insanely patient
-Feel 100% desrespected by his rapping skills
-Not as pure as you might think
-Leader Defense Squad, he is NOT a visual hole (are people who say this blind?) and NO ONE would be a better leader for BTS, fight me on this I dare you

β™‘ BTS (Unbiased Stans/ ARMY's In General) β™‘

Their Anthem(s):
-Pretty much every song

Popular Ships:
-Everyone, they luxury cruise that ish

-Bangtan playing together
-All the fancams
-Supportive Bangtan

Common Characteristics:

-Constantly attacked by all 7 members (seriously pray for them)
-Creators of memes
-Nervous balls of feels because so many ships
-#StanBTSStanTalent is their mantra
-Literally an ARMY of support for BTS

-Still growing, and a very loving family of people who just want to support our boys together.


I hope you liked it! One last thing though ARMYs, please remember that no matter who you stan, BTS wouldn't be BTS if any of the members were left out. Each of them is valuable and precious so please remember to support and love them all!

I think the creator did a wonderful job organizing this!

Bangtan's ARMY Taglist:


So accurate on these!!!!
Suga stan here and you're completely right about me! Im Sh00k
This is spot on!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful post from Amino for us Vinglers!!!
It's no problem! ^^ I tried my best not to lose my mind retyping it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
All of these hit me xD (still trying to convince myself that most of them are only wreckers)
As a JHope Stan, I most definitely agree.
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