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Hello Royal Family! Today I bring you OneJunn in the color of the rainbow. That is our theme, members in the color of the rainbow! Let's us began...
Don't worry OneJun, we are not reallying going to paint you as a rainbow, just your clothes. I will show you in different clothes in colors of the rainbow. Let's began with red..
Now to orange....

Here come yellow....
Now is Blue, .....
Indigo, the hardest color to find.....
And for the final color of the rainbow......Purple!

We have now seen OneJunn in the color of the rainbow. I hope you enjoyed! I will see you next week, until then, stay Royal!

Royal squad
@MelissaGarza -our leader
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OneJunn looks good in red and blue 😍
5 months ago·Reply
He looks great in anything. Lol
5 months ago