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You are You

I listen to my friends talk about people on the come up. How if they just stayed friends with them things would be different, and they're right. I hear them talk about this girl that they had a thing with became a super model, and fucked somebody famous. Going on about the what if's, and the coulda' shoulda's. Reminiscing about so and so doing such and such, but to be honest I'd rather leave things the way that they are. If we're being honest it makes me feel better that I helped make that person who they are today because if I had done it differently I could have stopped somebody from being who they are. I love me for me and you for you because I'll always be me and you'll always be you, and no one can change that. So when I hear my friends talk about someone they knew getting big, I tell them be happy because you're part of the reason that made them, them.
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