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Hey guys! I'm Hannah and I'm a Rap Monster stan! I sing it loud and proud. This man deserves every ounce of love.
Rap Monster was my first ever UB with my first ever UB wrecker being Jooheon from Monsta X. I don't have a bias wrecker in BTS because I always say that nobody can wreck my Rap Monster, but Jooheon has come the closest and earned his spot as my UB wrecker. He wasn't my first bias in BTS however. J-Hope was, with Rap Monster being my bias wrecker. Things changed when I was looking for wallpapers of my biases to use on my computer. I had already saved some to use of U-Kwon from Block B, but when I started to look for J-Hope I started thinking about maybe using one of Rap Monster. So I just did a simple Google search of him. Little did I know that I had flung myself deep into the rabbit hole. He was so stunning and I couldn't help myself from scrolling through Google for a while. It wasn't just that time either. I ended up doing it every now and then. I wouldn't admit that I had changed my bias at the beginning. I find this amusing because when I was picking my bias in the first place I was trying not to pick Rap Monster at all.
[Sorry for the novel.]
Originally I started to bias Rap Monster because of his looks. Of course, since stanning him, I have added much much more than that to why I love Rap Monster so much. Just to name a few...
♡ His Attractiveness
♡ His Brain
♡ His Cuteness
♡ His Dancing
♡ His Dimples
♡ His Kindness
♡ His Rapping & Songwriting Skills
Literally Every Possible Thing About Him
It can be hard to stan this beauty.
It's easy to adore Rap Monster, but there are some things you need to be ready to deal with if you stan him.
♡ His Awkwardness [or his adorableness]
♡ His Dance Skills [the best dancer in BTS]
♡ Secondhand Embarrassment From Him [I try not to thing about predebut]
♡ His Heart-Stopping Smile [order a life alert]
It's so much fun to stan this piece of art.
Can I just make it easy on myself and say that I love everything about stanning Rap Monster? It's always uplifting when I find out something new about him. Or when he updates us on something. Or when he's on vlive. Or when he speaks English for us. This man's existence is a breath of fresh air and he makes me so happy.


Thank you for listening to my rambles♡
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hohoho....namjoon....i finger hearteu u too.....
This is so adorable! 😍😍