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Hello everyone! Anna here for introductions and man am I super excited to be helping with BTOB this quarter! I'll be posting cards for our adorable (I refuse to call him anything else but adorable) maknae on Tuesdays! I hope that I can represent Sungjae and BTOB well!

~About Me~

So, I'm Annamaria but you can call me Anna, Changkyunie, or as @Helixx has been calling me, I.M. Speaking of Helixx, I want to take a second to thank her for allowing me to help with BTOB! *whispers* Thank you :]!

So, my ultimate bias just so happens to be another incredibly talented maknae named I.M in the group Monsta X. Monsta X also happens to be my ultimate group and I am absolute trash for them. Oops... Minhyuk and Wonho both just so happen to enjoy wrecking my life almost 24/7. Especially Minhyuk. The sunshines of the groups just get to me.

Some of my other favorite groups are B.I.G, Dreamcatcher, Bigflo, Up10tion, and Pentagon! I listen to a lot more groups, but these are just a few of my all time favorite groups!

This quarter I will be helping with Red Velvet, B.I.G, Pentagon, Monsta X, JJCC, possibly Dreamcatcher, and I will also be attempting to help unofficially mod for the group Imfact!

So, moving onto a separate k-entertainment, my top three k-dramas are Goblin, (even though it made me cry. Like a lot) Scarlet Hearts, and Moonlight drawn by clouds. I'm seeing a slight theme... oops. Some of my favorite dramas to watch are the ones based in the past. Another favorite drama of mine would have to be Doctors, which was actually my first k-drama.

Speaking of Goblin...

Sungjae may or may not be one of the reasons why I watched Goblin. Ok, he was at least one of the reasons why I continued to watch because I really adored his character and Goblin is what lead up to him becoming my bias. Sungjae is a really amazing actor and I am incredibly excited to be able to support him and BTOB! So, outside of kpop, I am a full time college student about to begin my first year in the nursing program up at my college! In my free time, I tend to watch a lot of youtubers play video games, watch channels like heyitsfeii and J.R.E, and music videos.

So honestly, I can't just pick one favorite song of BTOB because two of them are tied for first place.

Nice to meet you!
D-5 until the Monsta X concert here. I absolutely love BTOB and really hope they tour the state's soon.
Welcome to the land of crazies!!!! You're going to so enjoy BTOB
Welcome I.M! We're happy to have you on the team!