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i felt too bad for min ho :( what about you guys ?????
when i first saw this picture...i havent watched the ep yet, so when i saw it i thought the dad was smiling and happy, and giving his son a nice pat on the face, OH WAS I SO WRONG. but honestly the top pic of the father looked like he was happy, hahaha
hee hee...actually Kim Tan expected it, judging from the scene and was ready to take the slap as it is...finally he stood up for himself.
yeah .... you are right @suaraniMH1 he was prepare for the pat ^_ ^
honestly after i finished these latest ep, dude, kim tans father is succck a sad guy! how can he actually not tell his sons fiancées family about kim tans really mum!?! that was so sad........and then when she cried ogosh.... :'(