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GUYS GO VOTE!!!! RIGHT NOW BTS HAS 75% OF THE VOTES!!! I am not a sports person but if they perform I will watch it for the first time ever.
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Fuck as much as I LOVE the idea of BTS Performing at the Super Bowl our babies are going to receive so much hate not just from the Racists but Football lovers who dont even know who they are. Old guys watch the Superbowl more and I would hate to hear and see so many hate comments from those people just because they dont know who BTS is. If they get to perform GREAT! But I just hope the assholes here in Merica dont tear my babies faith and beautiful souls apart💔
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*sobs even more thanks to the nice gesture* waaaaaaaaahhhhhhgg ㅠ-ㅠ
3 months ago
I think it would be so cool if they did perform but I think that the superbowl shouldn't be there exposure to a new audience. They would get to much hate from the crazy people at the game. But I don't know this is what I think.
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i agree....
3 months ago
Just so everyone can know, it takes 5 votes for every .01% and when it gets to a new tenths place is goes up by 1. so once it gets to 77.4% it'll take 6 votes for every .01%.... (im a nerd)
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I'm not sure its up to Billboard to decide who performs...so this is probably just a poll for the fun of it :) (of course I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this poll isn't going to decide who performs XD)
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makes sense
3 months ago
why do i have a feeling that something bad is about to happen?
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sameee here.... i got a bad gut here
3 months ago
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