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GUYS GO VOTE!!!! RIGHT NOW BTS HAS 75% OF THE VOTES!!! I am not a sports person but if they perform I will watch it for the first time ever.
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No.... bad idea. Football needs white or traditional singers because (yes I am stereotyping football fans, I acknowledge that not everyone is this way) the fans have a tendency to be racists or hateful to new ideas. BTS would just lead to more "it sucks because it's not English" crap and "get those goddam Chinese women off my tv" comments
@SarahHibbs You missed my point and went a whole other direction. ALSO Selena was a BILINGUAL Singer who made songs in both languages. If she ever got to perform what Language do you think she would end up singing? Im not saying that its not ok to perform her. (In the USA) but at the SUPERBOWL because most of the football fans are OLDER WHITE MEN WHO DONT KNOW ABOUT A BEAUTIFUL BOY GROUP NAMED BTS WHO ONLY SING IN KOREAN WITH VERY FEW SPECKS OF ENGLISH (AND JAPANESE XD) Also the BBMA is an inte
@SarahHibbs I was just stating my opinion as well and I wamted you to see why it wouldn't work im sorry if I made you mad I just wanted you to understand.
@DevonBurbidge Yes thank you for understanding the whole people are going to be racist thing T-T its so sad tho
All of y'all make some good points. Thinking about it though, how many older people at home actually pay attention to the half time show? I only ask because I have never seen the super bowl and never really cared to. Recently, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and artists in that genre have been performing so I wonder how many of the viewers who are older actually pay attention to the halftime performances by people our(ish) generation listen to. If the older generations do listen to lady gaga then hey more power to em. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, it was just a thought. whether or not this poll was for fun I was just glad that our boys was considered for something like this.
All I want is for BTS to be able to go back to Billboard Music Awards and be able to perform. There they will be surrounded by people who love music for what it is. BTS at a halftime show would be great, but as others have pointed out, the Super Bowl isn't full of young teen/adults which would love what they see immediately.