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We are writers want to make our stories not so boring. That's why we need to take some crisis time in the story we wrote. We do not want it just flow and flat. So what is crisis time mean? It is where first character stand in the egde of the problem and the reader think there are not any doors out, there is any way to get out from the problem. It's mean we've succes to confusing the reader. They may think the story end now, but actually it's still going no matter what. They must expecting miracle happen, but after all it is just a very stong willing from the character to hold on on the problem and struggling until the end. It'll thouch every person with heart. We can't just kill the character and story end. There is a very tiny boundary between live and dead. So we must find the boundary. We can call it a very tense time. Many book and film have it. So I remember a book I read, first book of Harry Potter. When Voldemort want a green stone from Harry Potter's pocket and Harry try to escape from him. When the viewer felt give up on it and let Harry to give up on the stone or someone would come to save him. But it's not the end of the story. We blinding them from the ending. So problem solving is hiding on the character that the reader or viewer didn't know about it. It's also called the power of writer. I'ill give another example. There is a baby that separate from his mom in the mall. Mom was just realizing it a couple time after it and the baby has crawl pretty far. Mom started to finding and everyone were helping, the baby was on the egde of the building. It was the five floor and no one saw yet. The baby has climbing the restraint and smiling too happy about hisself. From distance the mom see it, but it's actually too imposibble to reach the baby with run. What's happen next? There is an information that the writer did not show. We likely give the reader no option except one, but actually there are many options that the writer hide. The baby's diaper hook by nail that comes out. Or there is a person one floor right under it, throw his bag so the baby fall in the other way. We can give the caracther lose again and again until the reader too weak to read and decide to rise their hand sign of surrender. We just help them to believe again in miracle. It was the greatest ending for the story.