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The Trans Pacific Partnership is a free trade agreement with small countries in Asia. Right now countries like Brunei and Singapore are involved. The United States is negotiating to join, but... Congressional concern over the TPP has been building for some time but it boiled over last week in two letters from members of both parties in the House of Representatives. The first letter came last Tuesday from 22 Republicans in the House of Representatives, many of them—such as Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN)—identified with the Tea Party. In the letter, the representatives announced their opposition to giving the president Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority, which officially ended in 2007.
will this help our relations with china? since i know we had been trying to block them from joining
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Probably makes no diference, china had expressed only tepid interest in the tpp
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toilet paper paper???
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you down with tpp yeah you know me
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