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2PM member Taecyeon recently announced that he will be hosting a special Christmas party along with his character OKCAT. Taecyeon created the popular hand-drawn character and launched his own business of OKCAT plushies and more. Taecyeon kicked off the launching event for the OKCAT brand on October 11 and started selling OKCAT products on October 14. Some of his OKCAT products can be browsed through Soompi Shop. Taecyeon announced through JYP Entertainment’s official social networking sites, “Taecyeon and his character ‘OKCAT’ will be hosting, ‘OKCAT’s Lonely Christmas’ party on December 25.” JYP Entertainment representatives added, “Taecyeon and OKCAT will be spending quality time with fans at this event. He will also be revealing OKCAT’s theme song that he penned and composed himself, as well as have the opportunity to talk with fans. He has been preparing for an exciting and fun event.” More details and information will be given regarding the event and purchase of tickets, so be sure to stay tuned!