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SHINee member Minho recently revealed his unique technique for practicing his enunciation as an actor after enjoying a bottle of wine. On the latest episode of SBS’s “Barefoot Friends” that aired on November 17, the cast brought Kim Jung Nan’s homemade food to SHINee’s dormitory to promote healthy eating habits. Before enjoying a healthy and scrumptious homemade feast together, the “Barefoot Friends” cast took a tour of each of the rooms. In Minho’s room were an impressive display of medals. It turned out that Minho had been quite the soccer player and possessed great athletic ability. The next item that caught the crew’s attention was an engraved wine bottle. Minho explained while showing his gratitude to fans, “While I was filming a drama last year, the fans gave me this wine bottle engraved with my character’s name on it. Because it had the name engraved on it, I couldn’t bring myself to open it and drink it.” “Tae Jun” was the name of Minho’s character from the 2012 drama “To the Beautiful You.” On the other hand, Eun Ji Won discovered multiple cork stoppers and teased Minho saying, “But it looks like he drank wine?” However, Minho explained that as an actor he utilized these cork stoppers as a means of practicing his enunciation. He placed one in his mouth and then proceeded to demonstrate how he leaves it in while reading his script.