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This SCARED Cop Picking Up a Turtle is Hilarious!

Now, turtles aren’t really known for being dangerous, but snapping turtles won't hesitate to take one of your fingers off!

Which would probably explain the caution that a Westmoreland police officer was exercising while attempting to pick up this stray turtle so that it could be returned to the nearby lake.

The cop, who wants to place the turtle into a box so that he can be carried to safety, is so jittery and scared to hold the amphibian, and keeps jumping every time the animal so much as moves a leg.

Watch it on Facebook here! Sorry, I couldn't find it on YouTube!

His reaction and the crowd around him is SO FUNNY!

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In case anyone is wondering why he's skittish around a turtle...
4 months ago·Reply
I think snapping turtles have 1 of the strongest bites in the world... so yeah id be a little afraid too!
4 months ago·Reply
True Top 10 actually
4 months ago
Its a reptile Not an amphibian
4 months ago·Reply
i found it
4 months ago·Reply
i found how josuke will be once he's a police officer
4 months ago·Reply