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"What happens to us after we die? The only way to find out is to see for ourselves."

This is the plot of the upcoming film, Flatliners. Starring Ellen Page and Nina Debrov, medical school students stop their hearts, revive themselves, and then come back and report what they saw.

All is well and good, until it seems like death wants them back.

This is actually a remake of the 1990 version of the film, starring Julia Roberts and Kevin Bacon.

Looks terrifying.

Its more important to live now and be there for those who need you, than worry about the afterlife... youve got plenty time for that when you cross over
Some movies.should not be remade. Watch the original and see what.you.think.
can't wait for the video
With technology and graphics. Most remakes I like as long as they don't stray to far off the original. That just is a difficult thing to make work
Saw the original back then I was a little kid. GREAT MOVIE, and now a remake, oh this should be even better....