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This is my part two of Korean idols/singers/rappers/groups I could find with numbers in their name. And my list goes like this:

Second Generation Idols:


Pronounced as 'ocean', this boy group has been through so many line up changes since their debut in 2000. They have even changed their music style from ballad to dance, but I'll just introduce their debut song and most recent song. (They are both ballads by the way).

5tion - More Than Word

5TION - My Valentine

Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo is one of those staple Korean Hip-Hop duos you think of when it comes to hip-hop duos (lol). I seriously love them and how much they have fun with their music and are so sincere at the same time.

Dynamic Duo - End

SS501/Double S 301

We all may know of the members of SS501/Double S 301 through seeing the members in a drama, Kim Hyun Joong in Boys Over Flower or Playful Kiss, or maybe our immense love for kpop has lead us to explore other groups. But SS501 is one of those stable groups who don't really seem to need to do too much. The five member group started back in 2005 and have been active ever since, although they are currently active with their sub-unit Double S 301.




This co-ed trio was active from 2007-2014 and kind of just fell off as far as I can tell. I think the members left the company they were with but you can still find them doing some type of solo work. We can more recently see one of the members Lee Hyun performing in a duo with 2AM Lee Changmin called Homme. Have you guys listened to them?

8eight - Without a Heart

One Day (2AM & 2PM)

Speaking of 2AM, we can't forget their brother group 2PM. These two groups debuted as One Day (because 2am to 2pm....) in 2008 and after releasing their debut single 'One Day' the groups split off into their respective time frames and became what we know of them today. 2AM performing more ballads, while 2PM performed more dance songs.

2AM 2PM -One Day

I the quality is crappy but the original has basically disappeared from the face of the other and I can't find audio for some odd reason.

2AM -This Song

2PM -10 out of 10


Now 2NE1 was my very first girl group so they hold a very special place in my heart even after their break up. I honestly don't even know how to describe them but I can say these few words as description; charismatic, quirky, fierce, and fun. That's it.



I have both versions because why not?.....


Another one of my favorite girl groups that disbanded. 4minute was basically all about breaking barriers. These girls were so much fun to listen to. I so sad there will be no new music from them.....
I almost forgot to mention the sub-unit featuring GaYoon and JiYoon.

4MINUTE - Heart to Heart

2YOON - 24/7

One Way

One Way is a R&B/ Hip-Hop group. The members were Peter, Sky, and Chancellor (formerly Chance). Chancellor left the group and is now part of Double Sidekick, a music producing and composing team as their leader and main composer. Peter and Sky have since decided to let go of the name and are now the duo 'Detour'. But the three are fluent in Korean and English and the song below was written and composed (as far as I can tell) sololy by them.

One Way - U Drag

Do you guys know any of these idols? At least the ones from the first generation or some under rated groups and solo artists you may not have heard of. Let me know in the comments below who you know and don't know and who you like or don't like.