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Okay, I'm gonna be 100% honest. ;-; I am not a Jin stan. (which is why I used 'to' instead of 'of' in the title.)

Sorry if I dissapoint anyone!!

(So this card, and probably more to come, may be a bit different since they are not coming directly from a Jin stan.

The Team was missing a Jin rep and I was recently asked to fill the spot by the team.)

But I do understand how Jin stans feel! So this is a card based on why you should stan.

Why You Should Stan Jin:

- His face is beautiful ❀
- Other than looks, he's and underrated member that needs appreciated more!
- Dad jokes! His jokes are so bad that they're good! XD Each one makes me laugh, even if I don't understand it.
- Windshield Wiper Laugh ❀❀❀ Its perfect
- He's a goof! XD
- Traffic Dance! (Obviously best dancer in BTS )

The Hardest Part You'll Face Stanning Jin:

- Not as many lines as other members
- When he talks bad about himself (rarely, but still exists)
- Not a lot of screen time
- Antis who give hate because "he's not important" (bish square up I freaking dare you)

My Favorite Thing About Jin:

Some would say their favorite thing about Jin are his looks, well I agree that he is handsome, but thats not my favorite part about him. ^^
My favorite part is his sense of humor!! His jokes crack me up for no reason and I'll adore his jokes until the end of time. XD
(Yes I know some of these aren't his actual jokes, but I dont understand Korean jokes, so memes are keeping me satisfied.)

First Bias:

Okay, once again, I'm being completely honest with these. XD My first bias may be a surprise, but oh well!
My first bias was... (drum roll please)
*drum roll*........


Yes, this adorable member was my very first bias!! It was so long ago though.
I have no idea why!! But his badass attitude and the blonde hair he had back then reeled me in!! He also has a baby face, and I'm weak. ❀❀ ΰ²₯⌣ΰ²₯

Current Bias:

Yep... You guessed it. (probably not I dont effing know)


Tae has been my bias for as long as I can remember. ❀❀❀ He's flipping adorable, his voice sends chills down my spine, and he's just a great person!!! Very handsome! ❀

Bias Wrecker:

Honestly, I have a tie for bias wrecker going on between the two oldest, Jin and Suga...
But if I ABSOLUTELY had to choose one!!

IT'D BE JIN (Sorry Yoongi... ❀)

Basically all of the information above explains it. XD

Thank you for those who have read this far!! Like I said, my card may(?) be a bit different from the rest of the teams, but that still doesn't mean I won't try my best!! ❀❀❀

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