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The dorm was quiet, everyone was out, well just about everyone. Chen came walking into the room as Xiumin was getting ready.

“Annyeonghaseyo chingu hyung… are you going out?” He asked.

Xiumin nodded before pulling his shirt on over his head. “What are you doing? Are you here alone?”

“I am. I was waiting for you but it's okay if you're going out.” He said with a kind smile. But his eyes said he was disappointed.

Xiumin didn't like leaving him like that, “What were you waiting for me for?”

Chen shrugged, “Its nothing. I just wanted to go see a movie with you is all.” He stretched across his bed. “So where you going?”

“You know, I don't have any idea. I was asked to go along… maybe I can cancel.”

Chen's lips ducked, thinking about it, “no, there's always tomorrow.”

“Are you sure?” He sat on the bed as he pulled his shoes on, “I feel like I'm leaving you behind.”

Chen rolled over next to him, propping himself up on an elbow. He reached up and pushed Xiumin’s bangs off to the side, Xiumin shook his head making his bangs fall back in place. They both chuckled at the same time. It was Chen’s little secret thing to do, brush his bangs and Kim Minseok was putty in his hands.

“Alright, I'm cancelling. Besides I really didn't want to go.” He said looking at his friend. “I would rather go see a movie with you than be a third wheel.” He reached into his pocket and was about to dial SeHun when the tall maknae showed up.

“Hyung, are you ready?”

“I was just going to call you. I'm not going to go.”

“But why?” SeHun looked at Chen, Chen just smiled. His narrow eyes becoming more narrow as he looked at the both of them. “You have to come.”

“Well, can Jongdae come along? I don't want to leave him alone. No one is here to keep him company.”

SeHun seemed to think about it, “Yeah, I guess that would be okay. Let's go, little hyungs” he raced out of the room.

Chen jumped up and grabbed his jacket. He helped Xiumin put his on. They followed their youngest maknae out to his car.

They got in the backseat together. SeHun looked back at them. “Hyungs, one of you needs to sit up here with me. I don't want to feel like the chauffeur.”

Xiumin shrugged and smiled, “SeHun-ssi, onward!” He waved his hand giving the command to drive. SeHun rolled his eyes and started the car.

They pulled up to an apartment building. The two sitting in back looked out the window at the building, then looked at one another. It looked familiar and then they both remembered.

“Isn’t this…” Chen pointed, “Isn't this LuHan’s old place?” He asked looking at Xiumin but Xiumin was staring at SeHun. SeHun glanced back at them before he honked his horn. He could feel his eldest hyung’s eyes burning into the back of his head. SeHun honked again. Xiumin looked at Chen and smiled.

“Oh! Noona!” Xiumin said seeing her come out the front. She jumped in the front seat. Then she whipped around looking at Chen.

“Hello Jongdae” She looked at SeHun, giving him that what-the-hell look.

“I told him to come along. No one was at the dorm and we didn't want him left alone.” SeHun said.

“Ahhh, well okay, more the merrier.” She crawled into the backseat, sitting between them.

SeHun reached out to stop her before running his fingers through his hair frustrated, “Jagiyaaaa don't be crawling around like that…”

She wrinkled her nose at SeHun, “Hush. I want to visit with Jongdae, I feel like I haven't spoken to him in a long time.”

Chen laughed, Xiumin waved his hand again at the maknae, “Onward SeHun-ssi”

SeHun rolled his eyes and started driving.

Cute~ I'll keep Chen company 😂