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This card I am introducing you to Wanna One's Ong Seungwoo
Some facts about Ong Seungwoo
Stage Name: Ong Seung Woo.
Real Name: Ong Seung Woo.
Nickname: Ong Cheong-yi (Ong Dummy)
Position: Main dancer, sub-vocals, mood-maker.
Born: August 25th, 1995.
Nationality: Korean.
Languages: Korean.
Age: 21
Astrological Zodiac Sign: Virgo.
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig.
Height: 179cm or 5 feet 11 inches.
Weight: 63kg or 139 pounds
Label: Fantagio Entertainment
Favorite Foods: Ramyeon, pizza, spaghetti, hamburgers.
Favorite Hobbies: Playing the drums, dancing, watching movies, and listening to music.
- He was voted to debut with 984, 756 points.
- He’s been a trainee with Fantagio Entertainment for 8 months.
- He’ll be featured in a short movie called “Beginning” with Fantagio’s upcoming actor group “Surprise U”.
- He hates mosquitoes.
- He doesn’t like hot drinks.
- He hates extreme weathers, like burning hot days, or frigid cold days.
- He hates demoralizing words.