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-main character's POV-

The air rushed against the wind shield of my car as I drove to my new house. The car, black as the darkening night sky, sped down the highway with the mud brown cardboard boxes in the truck bouncing every time I would hit a rock or take a turn. I really didn't car much for it though. There really wasn't anything in there that was that breakable and I didn't have a lot of personal items, except for my dolls. I rested my hand on my head, huffing a sigh, and sorrow covering my face. The back highway I was driving on was smooth as glass, and there was no one around, so I didn't need to worry about knocking into another car with one hand on the wheel. As my eyes stayed plastered on the road ahead of me I could see the bright yellow, orange, and red leaves of the fall trees. My mom would always tell me that fall was her favorite season because she loved the different colors of leaves, and I guess I inherited that love from her. The colors on the tall trees decorated the street like little ornaments and it made me feel as if I could escape the cruel world that I live in now.

It was an hour into the drive when my phone blinked, telling me that I had gotten a notification from my grandma. I scolded at the bright screen to the side of me and didn't pick it up. I despised the very thing that had ruined my life and rarely ever did it now, unless it was absolutely necessary. Ignoring the text, I felt the air from my heater brush my hair in my face and I lifted up my head to take it out of my eyes.

When I did finally arrive at my destination I welcomed the warm air of fall on my skin as I literally jumped off my car seat and ran into my grandma's arms who was waiting for me at the front door. I crushed her in a hug, and said hello.

"I'm sorry I texted you while you were driving. I thought you would get lost." Her soft voice spoke.

"It's fine." I said back, breaking apart. My grandma nodded and looked to see my car sitting a few feet away.

"your grandpa will help carry your things while I get dinner going if you want." She told me, forcing a smiling and turning around to call for her husband. I knew that the passing of my mother was just as hard on her as it was on me; however, the only thing different between us was that she forced herself to smile while I choose not too. I quickly shook my head, not wanting to cause my grandparents anymore pain physically or mentally.

"I can do it." I said, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I don't have that much things with me." My grandma looked at my with sad eyes and nodded, turning back and walking into the house.

I sighed to myself as I was left alone and watched the door slam shut, with my grandma's feet shuffling fading away with it. The wind blew around me and I turned around to head back into my car, tucking my hair behind my ear before picking up the first box. It was heavy, but it was nothing I couldn't handle.

After three trips to my car I decided to put away my belonging, since I didn't want to have my stuff laying around in boxes for eternity. I immediately cut open the cardboard with a box cutter my grandpa had given me, the new box smell engulfing my nose making me turn away for a minute before turning back.

I quietly put away my clothes on the hangers I had brought and stuffed them in the closet. There wasn't much personal items so those didn't take long to store away, and I mindless placed them where ever there was space. However, the things I didn't mindless place away were my dolls. I didn't want to risk losing them so I set them carefully on my bed, sighing to myself in accomplishment when I was completely done. I let my eyes down cast, looking at all of them again, after looking around the room, frowning a little and feeling my hands. Something suddenly didn't feel right..... Their skin had felt slightly different than when I packed them away. It felt a little rougher and I could of sworn their skin was a slightly different color. I reached down with my hand and felt Suga's face again and narrowed my eyes, confirming my thoughts.

Weird.... I thought suspiciously. My butt hit the bed as I sat down and picked up another dolls as I set Suga down. My small hand ruffling Jungkook's hair wondering if anything had changed about it as well, but to my astonishment it still felt fake.

Why does their skin feel different then? I asked myself, but before I could think of an answer I heard my grandmas voice call up to me.

"Sumi!" My grandma's voice rang through the air as she called me down for what I knew would be dinner. I turned away from the life less figures and soon the quiet thumping of my feet covered their ears.

By the time I got back upstairs the night sky was painted in black with the stars sprinkling the night. I was tired from the long drive and immediately changed into my pajamas and fell into my bed. I knew it wasn't too late, but I wanted to sleep. I pulled the covers over myself, making a crinkling sound as I adjusted to a comfortable sleeping position. I turned to my side, but immediately hit one of of the dolls in the face. Ouch! I thought. I immediately sat up a little, rubbing my head, and quickly looking at the doll making sure I hadn't broken it. It was Jungkook, and he was fine. As I held him I quickly looked around, making sure I could fall back down and not crush one. My eyes scanned and found Suga, Jimin, Jin and V on the ground, probably caused from me moving the sheets, and I could see they were fine as well. Jimin, and Rap Monster were on my bed all okay. I sighed again and fell back into the sheets, curling up into a ball and hugging the Jungkook doll to my chest.

As the dark light pours into my from through the window, and as I'm curled into a ball, my mind thinks back about the days which led up to this night. My arms tightened around Jungkook as my mind forces me to recall the day when I was pulled out of school to run to the hospital. I had waited in the waiting room for hours praying that my mom would be okay and since then so much had happened. I had moved schools, was out a mom, and switched homes. I quietly laid there and hugged my doll tighter knowing that school for me would be starting again in two days. I didn't want to go, but it was what my mom would of wanted. I sighed again and shut my eyes tight, waiting for myself to fall asleep, but so much was going around in my head that I didn't fall asleep for another hour.




As the next morning woke the harsh sunlight streamed into my bedroom hitting my eyes and woke me up. I scrunched up my eyes shut and nuzzling deeper in my sheets, not wanting to wake up. The sheets felt really warm and it made me want to stay in them forever. However, as I did I found my breath bounce back at me after hitting something in front of me. I frowned my eye brows and lifted my hand to take the object out of the way, knowing full well it wasn't a pillow. My hand felt the softness of cotton which only confused me more.

What the hell? I thought groggily. Didn't I put away all my clothes?

I moved my hands left and right running my fingers gently in the fabric, ready to throw it somewhere on the floor. Quickly, though, I realized that there was something behind the fabric, and I came to the realization that someone was actually wearing the shirt. It was clear as my hands touched the toughness of a toned chest. My groggily eyes shut open in a heart beat and I pushed away immediately. The arms that were lethargically hanging around my waist thrown off, simultaneously as the guy's eyes shot open hearing my scream. My body knocked into another person as I was trying to get away, and I only screamed again.

The guy laying in front of me yelled in shock at my second scream and bolted out of the bed.

"Who are you!" He yelled, stumbling back. His legs almost giving out when the touched the ground, but he quickly centered himself as his breathing came in short bursts and as his eyes portrayed nothing but utter shock. I opened my face to scream again, but was interrupted when six new voices came through my ears.

"Jungkook!" One of the new voice rang out as a male stood up frantically from the floor.

"We're alive!" another voice yelled excitedly, getting up as well.

"What the hell!" another voiced angirly, standing up from my bed.

"Hoseok get off of me." yet another said, snarking back to another, pushing a guy off him.

"How did we get here?" Someone asked curiously. I looked at them, not believing my eyes, and looked at my bed and the floor, where they had come from.

The voices of the seven guys frantically talking to each other and asking questions to each other was too much and instead of escaping I soon found myself yelling above their voices.

"Shut up!" I hollared, glaring at them. Their eyes darted to my standing form, and many of them looked at me surprised, like they were realizing that someone else was in the room.

"Who are you?" One of them asked, his dimples clear as he talked. I scoffed and glared at them even more.

"Who am I?" I asked, not believing what I was hearing. They were in my house and they were asking who I was? I stood there and crossed my arms, displeased, and as we stared at each other I scrunched up my eyebrows, noticing that they looked really weirdly similar to my dolls.

"Please don't tweet this. We don't need ARMY's flooding the area." The one that had told the one named Hoseok, which was weird because he looked just like J-Hope, to get off of him said. His hair was jet black, and looked like strangely like Suga; he held this aura around him, intimidating me a little. I shook my head to get my nervousness under control and narrowed my eyes at the Suga look-a-like.

"ARMY's? why would the army come here? Are you guys criminals?" I asked and a second later eyed my phone on the table.

Maybe staying here wasn't the best option..... I thought.

I slowly started to shuffle over, ready to dial 911 as quick as I could when one of the guys grabbed my wrist.

"We're not criminals." He said harshly, pulling me back to where I was standing a few seconds ago.

He looks just like Jungkook.... I thought, eyeing him down. The Jungkook look-a-like let go of my wrist and moved back to where he was standing before.

"Well, then who are you?" I said, looking at all them harshly.

"We're BTS." A Jin-look-a-like said simply, like that was enough to clearly state who they were and what they were doing in my house. But, as I momentarily didn't believe them, I remembered the name of the group my dolls were modeled after and widened my eyes.

"you're BTS?" I said, shocked.

"You've heard about us?" The Jin look-a-like asked happily, smiling a me.

"um ya," I said, looking at all of them. "My mom." I almost choked on the word. "She told me that you guys were the most popular boy band in her day." I said, beginning to point as each one of them in a row. "You're Jhope, Jin, Rap Monster, V, Jimin, Suga and, and, Jungkook." My voice sounded a little bit more sad than I wanted to, but it was still hard for me to talk about my mom with people, but I didn't want to seem like I was weak in front of these mysterious people who claimed to be BTS. All the guys just looked at me utterly confused and I wondered why. I was certain I had gotten their names right.

"Hey are you alright?" Jungkook asked me, concern written on his face, walking a little towards me. "You look really sad."

His hand extended outward to rest on my shoulder, but I lightly pushed it out of the way, knowing full well never to let a stranger touch you, and trying to dart around the question. The Jungkook-look-alike looked a little hurt, but backed off.

"I even have your dolls, here I'll show-" but as I was about to finish my sentence I realized that my dolls were no where to be seen as I looked over to my sheets and the ground surrounding it. I scrunched up my eyebrows and began to quickly run around my bed, flipping the sheets up and down.

"Where are they?" I mumbled, my voice becoming louder as I continued to search. The seven boys watched me silently as I got on the ground and looked beneath my bed, and eventually one of them spoke, their curiosity getting the best of them.

"What are you looking for?" Rap Monster asked me awkwardly, watching my head disappear underneath the sheets again.

"The BTS dolls that my... mom...gave me. It's the only thing I have left of her, so I need to find them. Can you help me look, they basically look like you. I think you're even wearing the same clothes too..." I said, my heart racing.

There was no way I could of lost them. I had them when I went to sleep last night! I thought nervously.

"Um, I think you have bigger things going on right now." Suga said, his hands slightly pointing to all of them. He looked surprised that I would prioritize looking for my lost items than the seven mysterious guys in my room right now. I narrowed my eyes.

"I've had those dolls for nineteen years and they're really important to me. I'm not going to lose them." I said angrily back. "If you guys have nothing to do here you can let yourselves out."

The seven guys only starred back at me a little taken back by my words, but soon I saw them look at each other a little confused, but I was so engrossed in finding my dolls I didn't really give it much thought.

"um, did you say your mom got you our dolls nineteen years ago?" Suga said curiously. I looked at him, noticing that his skin pale white like snow and nodded, and continued searching.

"That's impossible. We haven't been active for that long." He said, his eyes scrunched up.

"Well, that's when the person who gave them to me said you guys were the most popular..... I guess they made dolls to commemorate you after you guys went missing. " I said casually, looking under my bed under my bed again.

Damn it. Suga, Jimin, Jin and V should be down here I thought cursing again. It took another second and looking into the darkness under my bed to let the realization to what I said set in, and when it did I froze, dead in my tracks. My skin turned white, and I darted my eyes to the seven guys standing only a few feet away from me.

That's right. They're supposed to be missing.... Why the hell would they here then.....I continued to glance at the guys to my side and saw how their bodies completely stiffed as their faces looked like they were drained of all blood.

"What do you mean we're died?" Suga asked me terrified, but I only stood up.

They're not BTS I thought finally.

"Who are you guys?" I asked, my eyes raised "really that is." I said looking a them harshly, disregarding the Suga's look-a-like question. "You can't be BTS."

The seven mysterious guys standing looked at me their eyes widen in disbelief, taken back yet again.

"What are you talking about? Yes we are. We never died, because the last thing I remember is passing out." Suga said, his eyes scrunched up in confusion. I narrowed my eyes at them.

"Then are you implying then that I kidnapped you?" I said, angry that they would even suggest it. I had been through enough shit this past week, and someone accusing me of kidnapping was the last straw.

"You're insane if you think I would do that. I don't even know you people." I told them angrily as I balled my hands into fists and gritted my teeth.

"Woah woah. Lets not fight. Suga isn't implying anything it's just what we last remember." Rap Monster said quickly, but I only glared at him. "We just want to know what going on here too." Rap Monster said and I watched the others nod. I looked at them for another minute, contemplating what to do before backing down. I didn't know what was going on either or why they had suddenly appeared in my room. so maybe if I keep talking to them I'll find out.

"Okay." I said quickly. "What's the last thing you remember?" I asked, releasing my hands from my tight hold.

Who was the last one to pass out?" Rap Monster asked curiously. Jungkook's hand rose up.

"I was." He said, stepping a little in front of everyone.

"Tell her what happened then, since you were awake the longest." Rap Monster said, and Jungkook nodded confidently, his eyes darting towards me.

"Well we were in this really old looking house, and we were all looking for a tire because we had a flat. I remember the house had dolls hanging from the shelves and they all looked really life like. The house itself was creepy with cobb webs hanging every where and it was a complete mess inside. I remember Jimin breaking one and he started to freak out because he started to here these voices entering his head and soon after he passed out. All of us rushed over then heard this really creeping lady's voice and then we all started to pass out and the next thing we knew we're here." Jungkook said, ending his story. I looked over at him and nodded.

"Okay." I said slowly. Although the story sounds a little weird that voices would suddenly appear into someone's head because of a broken doll, I'll just have to believe it I thought "and you're sure that you don't know what you guys were doing for those nineteen years?" I asked curiously, folding my arms in. They all nodded and I sighed to myself.

"Well I can't deny that all of you all look identical to BTS from 2017 and if what you told me was true then you have to be the missing BTS members...." I said finally, looking them all over to confirm my words. It doesn't look like they were relieved to see me believe their lie if they were telling one, so their story must have some truth to it, and the way they look compared to a picture my mother showed me a while back.... I can't deny it I thought. They look like them, but something didn't add up to me. If they truly are the true BTS members then wouldn't they of looked older by now? They all look really young for people who should be in their thirties. After another second looking at them I couldn't take it anymore and had to ask.

"Why don't you guys look older?" I said, looking at them suspiciously. BTS looked at each other and everything was completely quiet for a good solid second before they all started to freak out, literally almost jumping out of their skin.

"You're right!" V said looking at his youthful skin glow. 'if it's 2036, then we should look older." V said. I saw Jin immediately take out his phone and used the reflection to look at his face.

"This doesn't make sense." He mumbled dumbfounded as he raised his hand and pulled his bangs back. I only stood there peering at them as I tried to figure this weird problem out, and as they all continued to stand there looking at themselves for a few minutes my eyes wondered to Rap Monster. He, as I stared at him, was the only one that didn't look completely stunned as he looked at himself.

Maybe he's to shocked? I thought

However, as Rap Monsters's eyes locked on the screen in front of him it actually looked like he was thinking of something really hard. It didn't take more than another minute for him to raise his eyes in shock finally and as I curiously looked at him he turned his head to look straight at me. "I think I can answer why you can't find your dolls." He said quickly.

"You can?" I asked surprised, my hopes rising. I had momentarily forgotten about them, and now that I was reminded on them I suddenly got really nervous. I heard Rap Monster breath and swallow a lump in his throat before he continued.

"I know this is going to sound really bizarre, but hear me out." He said, and I only nodded. Namjoon took another breath. "it's because they're standing right in front of you. We're your dolls." He said.

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