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안녕하세요 fellow Vinglers.
So K-Pop is a trap that I am happy to be in.
MultiFandom Girl (Noona to most of my biases) been in the game a good 3 years (since May-ish 2014)
Just popped by to tell that I'm no good at writing my feelings for Kpop and believe I'm better at emoting it visually.
I have a YouTube Channel some of you know of, I go by my Real Name (the name I'm under on most of my social media) so it should be easy to find me.
Elisha 입니다, your favorite blue eyed, green eyed, black girl. Also your favorite Kpop, K-World trainee, just a trainee.
There are plenty of reasons why I haven't been active on here and there but I'm making an effort for both.
So please forgive and understand the incomplete stories and the inactivity on my part for commentary on your masterpieces.
But if you come across this please give a Fellow KPopper some support.

Today is #AnotherDayToDoBetter I'll do better, you do Better.