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You falling asleep on them.

Sik-k-He was on the phone with a friend but as soon as you start dozing off he ends the call and decides to text so that he doesn't disturb your sleep.
G-soul- He's the one that saw you getting sleepy. You won't admit you're tired so he subtlety pulls your head down to his lap while he serenades you to sleep.
Jay- He likes to Fuck around too much. He'll see you dozing off and when he realizes you're asleep on his lap he'll lift you up and take you to bed but he's gonna try to see just how asleep you are by placing kisses on your sweet spots. If you stir he'll keep going but if you're knocked out he'll leave you alone for the night. Just be prepared in the morning lol.
Ssam D- He thinks you're adorable when you fall asleep on his lap. He pets your head and just admires how gentle and innocent you look.
Duckie- He's too damn lazy to lift you up and take you to bed so instead he gently lifts your head to escape from under you and he gives you the whole couch while he sits/lies on the floor playing games on his phone.
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i still pick simon xD
always love this stuff!
Thank you
I seriously love these little excerpts of yours. And I could totally picture the guys doing this if I were in a real relationship with either of them. Or maybe that's just my hopeful imagination......
lol thank you so much
I freaking love it.. Sik K and Simon are soo damn sweet. of course! Bahahahaha @BabydollBre you and Jay lol
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@BabydollBre Omg this woman! I have no words for you lol. omg
bith be getting slapped if trys to wake me when I'm exhausted. "Jay, remove thy mouth from thy body before I remove thy mouth from thy faceth". lol, jk anyways I love this card. Especially since I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere if I'm comfortable enough.
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oh gawd my brain!