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Title:Fun Thoughts
Fandom: Black Butler
Word Count: 479
Ciel Phantomhive, the prestigious Earl of the Phantomhive estate and the Queen’s guard dog, has a little too much fun sometimes.

The day he turned eighteen, Lau, Sebastian, Grell, the Undertaker, and himself went to the bar at the corner of Avalon Road.

Ciel, with a slight pink to his ceeks, said to his butler, “Sebastian, why don’t we go home? It’s getting a bit dull here, I want something a little more entertaining.”

Sebastian rose an eyebrow, “Yes, of course, I shall get the carriage, my Lord.”

As they started to arrive to the pristine Phantomhive estate, Ciel started getting restless.

“Are you alright, back there, my Lord?”

“Yes, of course, why wouldn’t I be?”

Sebastian sigh, letting the young man out of the carriage, he thought, ‘An eternity with him, great….’

Ciel and Sebastian went up to the master bedroom and readied to retire for the night.
Ciel, still with a slight blush, said the Sebastian, “I wonder what you would look like undressed.”

Sebastian was taken aback by this, “I don’t think it would be wise to behave that way. Butlers should be butlers, royalty royalty. The two should never cross paths.”

Ciel didn’t want to hear that, he grabbed Sebastian’s tie and forced him to come closer, “What if it’s an order?”

“To do what you are thinking of would be unlikely. I might be putting you in harm’s way, which is against our contract.” Sebastian kept his cool, even if the brat was a virgin, he couldn’t stoop that low.

Ciel forcefully push Sebastian and they both fell to the floor. Sebastian, before thinking of himself asked, “My Lord, are you alright?”

Ciel, clearly crying, said to the servent, “I’m tired of people asking me if I’m alright, I lost the people I care about most, and I lost the love of my life, I can’t find love in any one.” Ciel ran, crying, to the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind him. He’s never done it but only if the pain got unbearable.

He took the knife out of the medicine cabinet and pause just before it got to his skin. Sebastian, sensing his master was in harm, rushed to door down. The sudden loud noise caused Ciel to chop down on his arm and he screeched in pain.

“My Lord,” Sebastian began. “Why on earth would you do such an obscene act?”

Ciel didn’t want to explain it, he drove the blade to his stomach, but Sebastian caught his wrist before it all happened. Sebastain from behind heard Ciel yell, “Stop! Let go of me! Stop!” Ciel, still crying, dropped the knife and Sebastian let go of the Earl’s wrists. Sebastian turned to face Ciel sobbing into his hands, and pulled him into a hug. They fell to the ground, Ciel cried into Sebastian’s chest as he cleaned to bloodied arm of his master’s.

Ciel fell asleep on Sebastian and was then taken back to his bedroom. But Sebastian couldn’t take Ciel off himself, then ended up sleeping side by side, Ciel’s head on Sebastian’s chest.
The next morning, the maid came in to get laundry and saw the two men sleeping together, she giggled and got the camera.
I should have read the rest of it before I said that o thought you were making lemon
@AnimeFreak484 😂, lol no but i do have a black butler lemon laying around somewhere
just a suggestion instead of ceil just asking him what he would look like undressed have some lead up tl it and have it make more sense give some kind of reason for why he would ask him something because while I was reading that it kinda just took me out of the story for being so blunt like have cell get a little throw up on him self for drinking and sebestian teles him to the bathroom and you could cpntinue from there bit you don't have to I'm not your teacher or anything